I Am Calling for Regime Change in Russia AND America.

This is my response to “Joe Biden Is Calling for Regime Change in Russia, And This Time It Isn’t a Gaffe.” -by Tom O’Connor, Newsweek, 4/4/22 at 2:42 PM EDT.


US President Biden has in effect called for regime change re: Russian Federation President Putin. I have considered doing this for some time since the invasion of Ukraine as there did not seem to be any other solution to ending the violence.

But further, regime change in the USA? As a solution to our problems including violence, self violence, and other urgent problems we do not seem to be able to solve. e.g. climate change, threat to democracy (Trumpism), election reform, immigration

I have quite some time ago called for a military coup d’etat. Assuming it led to fair and representative elections. Specifically Top Six/Level the Playing Field.

I have said this before: The UNITED STATES has never held fair and representative elections, due to Duverger’s Law.

So we now have two failed states; The Russian Federation, remnants of The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, and The UNITED STATES of America. Incidentally they possess about 90% of the nuclear weapons in the world. Many times more than required to create a nuclear winter and destroy what we call civilization, most if not all people.

There is a possible solution. If their respective militaries take over the failed governments and instituted certain reforms, we might salvage the situation. Clearly both would have to conduct fair and representative elections. ASAP.

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Open Letter to The European People-European Union- and The Russian People- Russian Federation.

What are you thinking? What are you doing? In Ukraine?

There must never again be a war in Europe.

Because when Europeans make war, they make World War.

There must never be a Third World War.

And this would be a European war. Ukraine and Russia are European. True, in the far eastern parts of Europe, but European nonetheless. Europe being a peninsula. A rather large peninsula. Its eastern boundary not clearly defined or understood. But further east would clearly be in Asia. Unless Eurasia is to be considered one area. I do not think so.

The simple, most logical, objectively rational solution to this situation would be for BOTH Ukraine and Russia to join the European Union AND NATO! Absurd? I do not think so.

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Open Letter to Cooper Hospital, Camden City, Camden County, New Jersey. BDS Boycott?

Affidavit: I hereby declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct. Note: The following post on my blog rwm4prez2012 dot wordpress dot com may be subsequently edited with additions and/or corrections. Robert W. Milnes 12/1/2021.

To whom it may concern at Cooper Hospital,

This post on my blog is in response to a letter dated November 30, 2017. Sent by Certified and Regular Mail. Signed by: Dan Hyman, DO, Division Head, Internal Medicine, Stephen Trzeciak, MD, Interim Chief of Medicine, Pam Ladu, Executive Director, Primary Care & Psychiatry Services. I believe these three signatories are Jewish but I am not certain.

The letter basically removed me as a patient for Primary Care.

I hereby request-demand- to be reinstated as a patient for Primary Care.

My past Primary Care Physicians included: Jenny Melli, MD at 3 Cooper Plaza, Camden City, Katherine Penberthy, MD presently at Cooper Physicians, Gloucester City, Anna Headley, MD also at 3 Cooper Plaza. Also Diane Barton, MD (deceased) at Cooper Physicians, Cherry Hill. I believe she was Jewish but I am not certain.

If I am reinstated I would accept either of these physicians. I have no complaint with them. Or another to be decided. I have no preference male or female. I would prefer the Gloucester City office but 3 Cooper Plaza would be acceptable. There are other nearby Cooper Physicians e.g. Cherry Hill or Haddon Heights. I would not accept a Jewish Primary Care Physician.

Background: Since being removed I have failed to go to another hospital system e.g. Virtua Health in Camden City as recommended in the letter. I dreaded the difficulties of a new Primary and new location. Also I suspected this was an attack against me and my health and healthcare by Israel, the Mossad and Jewish Americans. To go to another Primary and location would not prevent another such attack.

I am a declared candidate for President of the UNITED STATES since 2004. This is my sixth election cycle. I have sought the nomination of the Libertarian, Boston Tea and most recently the Green party. They do not generally support Israel. On the other hand the Democratic and Republican parties zealously support Israel. Therefore Israel has a motive to support the Democratic and Republican parties and suppress the Green and Libertarian and other parties. Also I have developed a plan for election reform that would make third parties more competitive and inclusive. I call it Top Six/Level the Playing Field. I have also developed a strategy of vote coordination to help the Green and Libertarian parties to win which I call PLAS -Progressive Libertarian Alliance Strategy. Therefore as a Presidential candidate I would be a threat to the political status quo and a priority target for suppression.

This letter I believe was generated by my request for a test. I asked Dr. Melli to have a blemish tested for type of infectious agent. It was very painful so I suspected a virulent bacteria. I had a previous such infection on the edge of my fingernail but fortunately it slowly went away. It was so painful and swelled up I began to worry for my finger and hand if it spread. I went further and stated my suspicion that this infection was a deliberate one. I can only suppose that Dr. Melli reported this to Cooper Hospital Administration.

In December 2005, my friend Mark Klinkenberg got infected by ADEM. Acute Disseminating Encephalomylitis. He had just visited the office of Amy Solomon, MD in Boulder Creek, Santa Cruz County California. Mark has a very high I.Q. so this was very unfortunate. His recovery is still ongoing to this day. As time went by I became suspicious that this was an attack on me by Israel through my friend. He got into an auto accident with his dog in the car and was hospitalized. In the mental ward he was diagnosed with ADEM. His mother sent the dog to me. I called Dr. Solomon who I believe is Jewish but I am not certain. We discussed Acyclovir. She said she was considering administrating it. I said its prompt administration was recommended. Since then I suspected he was deliberately infected in her office. Perhaps not directly by her but there by someone. I of course became wary of anyone involved in my own healthcare, especially involving injections.

Another incident got me another letter. This one was from CareOne at Moorestown (NJ) A Senior Care Community. Dated July 13, 2016. Via Bonded Carrier-Overnight Delivery. RE: NO TRESPASS WARNING. It was signed by Jennifer Levy, LNHA, Administrator. CC: Moorestown Police Department. I believe Levy is Jewish, but I am not certain.

My father was sent to CareOne, a rehabilitation live in facility. By my sister, Patricia Sparano, who, without my consultation or consent, was POA, Power of Attorney, and my brother-in-law Neil, her lackey. She “allowed” me to attend a case management meeting. I got into an argument with Neil saying if it was HIS father I would be certain to tell him if I knew something about HIS father. He called me crazy and I start yelling. Somebody said they were calling the cops. As I left some guy with a lab jacket on and a stethoscope around his neck followed me Saying I will go with him. He looked like a doctor but I started thinking what is he doing? No doctor in his right mind would follow a loose cannon like me into an elevator alone. But he did. Then I confronted him at the entrance but I figured I had better leave. Shortly thereafter I got the letter. To this day I suspect he was not a doctor or nurse but an agent or operative for Israel.

Another incident was very telling. That was when I was illegally evicted from Newton Creek Mobile Home Park. By Camden County Court, Special Civil Division (Landlord-Tenant Court) ALL THE COURT OFFICERS WERE JEWISH! I had made a mistake on a month’s rent. I got a Court date. But I was not worried. I knew my father would cover it. When I entered the Courtroom a little after 9 a.m. I was informed that a default judgement was already entered. Again I still was not worried. It would get straightened out. A few days later I was asked to the office by the landlord, Ray Michitti. His attorney was Lori Greenberg. The Judge was Lee Laskin. My attorney was David Podell. That is until Mr Ginsberg of Legal Aid (Director) who emailed me. He said they had to drop my case due to budget shortfall. I replied But this case is winnable! So I wound up going into Court by myself.

Michitti convinced me to sign a document so that I would not get evicted until April. It was early December so basically I would not get thrown out in the winter. I was suspicious but I signed. I had to pay all back rent and all rent until April. I did not understand but I had signed a Consent to Vacate. I also did not realize that by accepting ANY money from me after default, the default was voided. April came and Michitti refused April’s rent. So I eventually filed an Order to Show Cause. That was the hearing that the Judge ruled against me. He did ask me several questions about the document and what I did i.e. paid rent up to April.

This was when I became homeless. Just before the County Sheriff locked me out, I got a guy to help me load as much as possible into my old rv and hobbled to a truck repair shop. They had an alley around back that they did not seem to mind I stay. I guess they also covered me with the police. This lasted a couple years.

There was still another incident. Which I believe was an assassination attempt. I believe it was tried that I die in a fake barroom brawl between a homeboy of mine Bruce Reilley see: State of NJ v Bruce Reilley 1984 and his Army Buddy System Bud Carl “Tart” i.e. “Retart” Canzanese and Canzanese’s brother in law who were in the parking lot when we were. Those three were supposed to fire a lot of shots but miss each other while I and a member of the band or two got shot dead. Bruce got charged with kidnapping-the bouncer. But only got convicted of a firearms charge. In other words somebody helped him dodge a bullet. The prosecutor, who was rather pretty, was Jaffa Stein. I met her once. She said do not pursue this. It is too dangerous.

I make this affidavit to possibly be used in future investigation and litigation. I consider myself a victim and witness. I will try to attach this to my already submitted Amicus Curiae brief in the Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting case.

My proposal at this time is to suggest to Cooper Hospital that I would like to see it purge itself of all Jews. They are unreliable employees. If you are trying to provide non discriminatory and reliably healthy healthcare. I see this as the best if not the only resolution to this situation. I personally am declining to pursue legal remedy myself at this time. IMO the Jews are so many and so influential in the legal system that I see very little chance of justice. They would almost certainly bring powerful opposition to any legal remedy I might try. I have already tried and failed to get a successful ethics complaint against Lori Greenberg.

The Jews have in effect weaponized the medical, legal and political systems in America.

Hence, in self defense, this Open Letter.

Boycott, Divest, Sanction. BDS Boycott?

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Declaration for Recognition of Solutrean Claim to The Americas.

Addendum: Political, Economic, Military Disparity Theory, (PEMD)

Be it hereby stated that pursuant to present day knowledge, (archeological, anthropological, genetic) the Solutreans of The Last Glacial Maximum (LGM) era must have migrated across the glaciated North Atlantic Ocean, reaching what is now the area of the east Coast of The USA. Therefore pursuant to longstanding understanding, tradition and International Law, they and their descendants. have rightful claim to such land.

Proposed that such recognition be had by The United Nations. The appropriate agency of implementation be The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA in North America. And that North and Central America be considered a single area.

Further, the Australian Aborigines be recognized as rightful claimants of what is now South America.

Background: The Solutreans were a people, culture, region of eastern/central of what is now France. The LGM glaciation had migrated south to across northern what is now Europe including the U.K., Scandinavia and northern Europe. It went across the Atlantic in one form or another. Further, the glaciation used up so much water that the Oceans level dropped about 3-400 feet.

Presently it is estimated that the Out of Africa Homo Sapiens reached Australia around 50kya. They migrated across the South Pacific reaching South America around 40kya. The Solutreans would have reached North America around 20kya. It is well documented that Asians crossed the Bering Strait around 13kya.

Clearly when Columbus arrived in North America the Caribbean Sea, the indigenous people he found were descended from the Asians. It is not precisely known how, when or where the Asians encountered the Solutreans and/or the Aborigines. Whenever, wherever, however the Asians had survived. The glaciation had long since receded. The genetic component in the indigenous peoples Columbus found of Solutrean and Aboriginal is presently not clearly studied or documented.

Recently Prehistoric human footprints were found in what is now New Mexico. The carbon dating studies found a date of about 22kya. Clearly these footprints cannot be Asian. They must be either Aboriginal or Solutrean. We need much more information, archaeological and genetic.

Proposed: The U.N. should study this quite complex situation. Three claimants for what should be taken as two land areas. Ordinarily the present occupiers of land would be considered the rightful claimant. In this case there are two previous claimants. Did these claimants lose their rightful status for some reason? Or generally the first claimant has perpetual claim? For example Australia. Presently the UK associated government is in possession with a white ethnic clear majority. Yet no one can deny the Aboriginal claim goes back about 50ky. On the other hand, neighbor New Zealand has an aboriginal presence of Polynesian Maori of about 800 years. It also has a white majority.

Simply, South America should be assigned to Aborigines, North/Central America to Solutreans. A natural barrier/border could be the Darien Pass. The Asians, what we call Hispanics, should be relocated to Central Asia, Mongolia, which is one of the least populated areas in the world. This would represent a colossal project. Incidentally, Blacks in North/Central America relocated to a UN station in Northern South America. Because the correct inheritors of North/Central America should be the White Nationalists of the USA. China should not be allowed to take advantage of Hispanic Asian heritage to claim influence over the entire Americas.

Political, Economic, Military Disparity Hypothesis. PEMD. by Robert Milnes. This is a concept to the best of my knowledge my own. I noticed how over recorded history there were many civilizations. They seemed to last for quite some time, usually only one at a time. wandering all around a lot of the known world. Starting with the Cradle of Civilization the Fertile Crescent Babylon. Then the Superpowers of their day. Then Egypt, then Greece, Rome, Byzantium. Then rapidly north to Scandinavia, the Vikings. Around 1000 AD. Then south to the Poland/Germany area. then in the wake of WW2, across the Atlantic to the new Superpower, The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Should the U.N. do these recommended things, it would set up a situation of Nation States. Based on geography, heritage and history and tradition. And gene pools. And predominant religions. Three Areas, three races. A reversal of diasporas, keeping refugees close to their native country etc. The Hispanics are presently among the poorest of nations in the world. Relocating them to Central Asia would put them in the greater Asian economy and political and military area. Blacks are the next lowest economic area. However the addition of Australia and South America should bolster their economy. China is clearly the Superpower of Asia. Africa, Australia, South America…? Perhaps Nigeria. America and Russia? If Russia were to join the European Union and NATO, that would leave the USA as the singular superpower of the Northern Hemisphere.

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Give Children Unapproved Vaccination If Parents Give Permission.

We are presently putting children back in school unvaccinated. This is clearly very risky as evidenced by increased infection rates. And generally not offering remote learning anymore.

IMO it clearly would be a viable option to offer a vaccination to parents to decide. These children could be closely observed for adverse reactions. IIRC this was done when the first adult vaccines were given out.

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My Belief Today About 9/11

Today, September 10, 2021, I have very little doubt that 9/11 was a Zionist (Israeli intelligence) covert operation based in Israel. With the collusion of Saudi Arabia (Saudi intelligence) and the collusion of US intelligence.

Yes, collusion. At least partial collusion. Perhaps there is some technique that allows some elements to be involved. Perhaps proceeding on a need to know basis. US intelligence is too sophisticated to have been totally in the dark. We know because it was reported in media that there were instances of intelligence usually FBI detecting suspicious activity which was reported but then not acted on further.

I do not believe this operation was originated by US intel. The US has no strategic or ideological reason to exacerbate violence between Zionism and Islam. However the Zionists do.

Much as I do not think the Vietnam or Korean war originated in Israel. It has no interest. However at the time the US was consumed by the possible expansion of international state communism.

Further, the recent Afghanistan withdrawal, the US has no interest in aggravating that situation. There was a longstanding stand off with little casualties on both sides. The Taliban were quite neutralized. Who would want to alter/exacerbate the situation? Israel. And arrange for a withdrawal to be precipitous, so many arms and equipment would be left behind. Israel.

Back to 9/11 and the aftermath. The US gets sidetracked in Afghanistan, from the war in Iraq which is the one Israel wants. Sure enough Saddam is accused of having “weapons of mass destruction”. Including General Colin Powell with his vial of cocaine or whatever it was at the United Nations.

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Can Someone Help Me Set Up a New Campaign Website?

With a movement campaign fundraising button?

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America Needs a Water Grid.

America Needs a Water Grid.

In addressing Climate Change, certain things clearly need to be done.

Among them:

Reduce burning fossil fuels.

Remove greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere.

Harvest a lot more water.

Presently we have reservoirs. We need to interconnect them. We need to harvest much more water making use of the existing limited systems. Storm drains could be retrofitted to send water to other than the local river drainage. Fire hydrants could be retrofitted to spray a jet of water high up then misting to counter dryness. And to counter fires especially in municipal areas but also all along the water mains. Along roads particularly. Roads could be enhanced firebreaks by remote control, freeing up firefighting crews. Each home and business etc should have a drinkable water holding tank connected to the grid.

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Urgent Request for Assistance.

Unfortunately I have overspent my budget. I have paid down my credit card debt so I have a good credit rating. But soon I will have to use that credit so the debt will go up again.

I am in danger of eviction. I should move to subsidized housing but there is usually a waiting list so I have been putting it off, perhaps unwisely.

I am open to any suggestions or offers of assistance.

Is there anyone out there who might be interested in giving Fop Six, Level the Playing Field, PLAS a chance? Some sort of website and associated organization. A separate organization because existing organizations do not seem to be interested in supporting it. And it could associate with other organizations like COFOE.

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Two Possible Avenues to Be Rid of the Taliban.

They are:

1. The United Nations could pass a Resolution such that Theocracies are historically proven to be incompatible with peaceful, sustainable human governance. Therefore unacceptable for membership. This is the reason the Separation of Church and State is in the UNITED STATES Constitution.

A direct consequence of this Resolution could be the expulsion of Afghanistan, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Iran and perhaps others.

2. The George W. Bush Doctrine. That a state that harbors a terrorist organization is just as responsible for its terroristic actions. The Taliban has been declared a terrorist organization by the USA. Further, by declaring itself the Emirate of Afghanistan and willing to accommodate Al Quaeda and ISIL (Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant), it qualifies for Declaration of War unilaterally by the USA. This was the original rationale for the original invasion of Afghanistan by the USA.

A strategy to militarily destroy the Taliban without US casualties could be to surround and patrol Afghanistan with attack drones. Announce that anyone or group detected crossing the recognized international boundaries except at designated points will be attacked by air to ground weaponry. Further, patrolling drones could be called upon to leave patrol to attack targets of opportunity within Afghanistan. e.g. captured American military vehicles on the move, easily identifiable, would have to be driven by Taliban. When subject to attack, the personnel would be eliminated as well as the asset. (the vehicle). So it will do no good for the terrorists to use the captured vehicles.

There is a movie that depicts this tactic. An ancient army, surrounded, was summarily destroyed by archers. A repeated barrage by arrows eventually killed all the soldiers despite their shields. Such attacks could continue until the Taliban declares it will withdraw from its efforts to hold government power. If necessary, every Taliban should be killed.

Clearly all this holds for Israel also.

Also clearly, I do not anticipate it would be necessary to kill every Taliban or Jew.

As for myself, I am a non violent person. I am a non denominational Christian. I am a leftist revolutionary. I desire non violence, peace, prosperity and brotherhood. However I am also a realist and very practical. These are ideals. Until they are achieved we must deal with the practical realities on the ground. As a Presidential candidate I have had to ask myself about such issues. Particularly being Commander in Chief. And the Second Amendment. I have done so, asked and answered such questions. The answer is yes. I can defend the Constitution. I can support Second Amendment rights. I could order the military to take actions in which someone may kill or be killed.

Someone is going to be President. These decisions will be made by someone. I believe I am in the best position be be that someone. I have declared my candidacy for the SIXTH time.

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