Boycott! Strike! The Green AND Libertarian Parties! -by Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

There was supposed to be a Green Party National Steering Committee meeting in Camden, NJ-my hometown-on Strategy at the end of November. To the best of my knowledge this meeting did not occur
The Green party announced it is going to try for full ballot access for 2020.
SO WHAT? That is what they ALWAYS DO anyway! They try -AND FAIL-to get full ballot access every four years. So does the LP. The LP usually succeeds or gets pretty close. The other third parties, fugget aboud it!
Lincoln Chaffee just announced his candidacy for the LP nomination. Another republican retread!
Howie Hawkins has the fix in for the GP nomination by the spy and saboteur infiltrated GP. THe LP is spy and saboteur infiltrated also I say. AND I say the LP nomination convention is RIGGED. Most of the delegates are covert republican operatives.
All is going as usual. As planned. The GP and LP are going to lose. AGAIN! By the usual HUGE amount!
IN REALITY, according to Top Ten Plus PLAS, the Green party actually has the largest voter base, along with the Constitution party, at about 27% each. Compared to the democratic and republican parties at about 17% each. But they keep stealing the green and constitution and libertarian votes through Duverger’s Law, a sociological phenomenon. The libertarian party has NO CHANCE of winning on its own at about 13%. But it COULD get about 50% of the elected offices if it coordinated with the GP. i.e. P.L.A.S.! (or the Constitution party could i.e. counter-plas) And the Reform party actually has the potential to get anywhere from 0% to 99%.!
But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! It is PPOLITICS AS USUAL. Lose as usual. By a huge margin as usual.
No! I say! F it. Call and/or email the GP and LP and tell them you are going to Boycott them! Strike them! YES!
UNTIL they publicly declare they are going to give Top Ten Plus PLAS a fair try!
Rattle their cage! Shake them up! Shake out the spies and saboteurs!
And have a nice day!

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Campaign Assistance Needed. -by Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

My campaign is in need of assistance. It should file with the FEC soon. I need a Treasurer and at least one other staff member. Campaign manager mostly.
I am in a position to lend my campaign $5000 which is the FEC minimum. So initial campaign assistants and top positions will be paid positions. I will need ads and media also which would also be paid positions.
This is directed to Tom Knapp and others. Knapp was briefly my campaign manager several years ago. For some reason he bailed. However I have been checking on his blog. He does not seem to be in such a financial position to turn down a paid staff position, especially one he is experienced and good at. Kevin Zeese also should be legal counsel as an attorney which he is rather than campaign or media manager. I also need a libertarian for the vp position on my fusion ticket. Preferably a woman. Over the years I have asked several but none have responded favorably. What is the problem? Don’t you want equality? You like losing? Howie Hawkins may win the nomination with help from???? but he almost certainly will lose the election which the Green and Libertarian parties always do. However a PLAS fusion ticket just might win in a close three way plurality. Or a Top Ten multiple party and independents close election. As it is, either a democrat or republican will virtually certainly win-again and again. By the usual HUGE margin.
If you want election reform and to nominate a viable ticket, join my campaign.

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My Response to GPUS Press Release re: Full Ballot Access. -by Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

See: Keeping Green Party Candidates Off Ballots. posted by David Noonan.

Keeping Green Party candidates off ballots

I have been following IPR recently. Well, actually since it started! I believe there is a pattern emerging. Lame Howie Wowie Hawkins aka Robert Milnes Le Magne Lite, has been getting a lot of coverage/free publicity in jewish owned , libertarian dominated IPR. Now paulie cannoli cyberpig is actually supporting Hobo/Clown candidate Vermin Supreme Boothat. Evidently the goal is taking shape: to win the election for Trump or whoever democrat by sabotaging the Green and Libertarian nominations. i.e. assuring the tickets do not support Top Ten Plus PLAS.
Full ballot access for the Green party is NOT Top Ten. Ranked Choice Voting is NOT PLAS. Yet they have the illusion of being innovative and have a good sound bite. Top Ten is full ballot access for all six significant political parties in the USA. These would cover the entire political spectrum Plus 4 independents. 10 or even six candidates on the debate stage would be fair and representative, i.e. level the playing field. RCV is not in effect in most places and difficult to get in place. Whereas PLAS makes use of the existing election structure to maximize and coordinate the Green and Libertarian vote.
Howie Hawkins is NOT Robert Milnes. Neither is Vermin Supreme.

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Robert Eltz Milnes March 25, 1929-December 18, 2019.

My sister called me this morning with the news that my father died this morning of sepsis in the Philadelphia Veterans Center.
Tentative funeral services are to be, according to my sister, through Foster-Warne Funeral Home, Collingswood, NJ on Monday, December 23.
I say according to my sister because she is power of attorney for my father. I was unable to contest this, not on the merits but because I believe
“the powers that be” have manipulated the circumstances in my life for many years such that I cannot get justice in UNITED STATES courts.
She said she wanted cremation. The funeral home requires my consent which I denied to her over the phone. Since I do not trust her, I intend to check with the funeral director about
the entire services. I asked my sister to allow me to give a eulogy. She said all right if I did not say certain things she does not want said.
Now, I have never given a eulogy before, so I ask all attendees their patience.
I invite all to attend if they are so moved.
Please be peaceful and respectful. But to be sure, come hear my words about my father.
Addendum 7PM. Over the years I have been, I believe, the victim of surveillance and covert operations so many times and so many circumstances that I have become suspicious. Of everything.
Including death. As in the Star Trek episode, if one finds oneself in unreliable circumstances, then ones perceptions become unreliable. Since the government is in control and highly powerful and resourceful, what stops the government from manipulating circumstances for its own benefit? As a candidate of an opposing party, I believe I am particularly vulnerable.
Case in point. If I have been the victim of various covert operations over the years, some illegal criminal acts, then my father would become a material witness. So, why not murder him and make it look like something else? An accident. Suicide. Random act of violence. Or a medical condition. Such as sepsis. Totally reasonable under the circumstances.
Maybe I am not expressing myself well here. I find it very suspicious that my sister wants no viewing and cremation. And I do not. I want a viewing and no cremation. And I want to give my father a eulogy which my sister is resisting.
Over the years, especially since 2008, when I actually made some headway in my campaign, I have had strange things happen in around my life. Particularly the people who died and the circumstances of the death. My father’s death in only the most recent. And other miscellaneous odd things.
I first noticed it with Dr. McFarland, my political mentor, in Boulder, Colorado. Before dying from stomach cancer he had some sort of selective memory failure. Was he drugged? That was in 2008.
Then there was Nancy Benson, PHD. She was a former girlfriend who was married when I knew her. Then she got divorced and I started thinking that she would make a great First Lady! Then she died from breast cancer in 2012.
Then there was is the case of William S. Saturn. I developed an online relationship with him. He was very astute in matters of computer technology. Something happened to him in 2013; I’m not sure what. His personality and politics changed. I tried to meet him. There is no photo of him that I am aware of. I believe he may be an online persona operated by the Israelis.
Then there was my Uncle Bill William Stinglen. I had an eerie feeling at his death scene. Like it was TOO GOOD. Everything was just as you would expect it for an elderly drug oriented person living alone with a cat. I wound up with that cat and A couple of years later somebody poisoned that cat I believe. Further, I believe the cat was poisoned just enough so that I would take him to a vet where he was electrocuted on a heart monitor. At North Star Veterinary Clinic in Maple Shade, NJ on February 13 at about 6:30 PM. I had another black cat that I believe was poisoned also. I suspect Bill Koski, drug addict and also ex-military. And the two evergreens in front of my house were poisoned I believe. KOski was around when the first turned brown but not the second about a year later.
Then there was Mark D’orio, drug addict. He stole a lot of my stuff. Ex military. He made a yard sale sign to put in my yard. It had swastikas spray painted on it. I came to realize he was going to try to sell MY stuff in my yard! And there was swastikas painted on the blacktop road near my house. I suspect the same person did this spray painting and it was Mark. I filed a police report in Camden.
Then there was the time in 2012 that someone crashed into my van IN REVERSE at fairly high speed. It was at an angle so it hit my passengers front so as to bend the bumper into the tire. It was undrivable. Coincidentally, the Libertarian party convention was in Las Vegas at the time. I could have possibly driven there in time for the convention. That van hadc made the trip across the country several times. So it seemed to me that somebody did not want there to be any possibility that I made it to that convention. I filed a police report about this to Camden police and State DMV in Trenton.
Now, somebody might try to hold it against me that I had not visited my father in the VA in Philadelphia for quite some time. The main reason for this is that I felt too vulnerable to attack by covert operation there. I had been trying to get my father to move in with me for years but my sister kept insisting he move in with her. She kept winning that struggle. So when he was sent to the rehab and then to the VA, I wanted him to move in with me and actually considered just taking him. Finally After my fathers case manager warned me that if I took my father without my sister’s permission I could be arrested. So that was that.
I would like to point out that my father had three symptoms that are consistent with prescription medicine side effects that caused him to go to rehab then the VA nursing home. They are 1. syncope, which caused him to need a pace maker. 2. difficulty walking, which caused his admission to rehab. 3. Incontinence which the catheter may have caused his sepsis and death. These may have been deliberate.

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Comment Deleted in IPR Traced Back to BAN, Covered in IPR-X.

Recently a comment posted in Independent Political Report on the PLAS II thread was deleted. It mentioned a proposed Green party National Steering Committee meeting in Camden, NJ in late November. The exact comment was posted in Ballot Access News. These events were covered in IPR-X, Better than IPR.
see: “Cuck Moulton Eulogizes IPR as Egyptian God Rises.”

PLAS open thread II

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Is The PLAS Place Under Attack?

All of a sudden I can’t login.
There was a quick and easy login. Username then password.
Last night only Enter your Apple password came on the login page.
Well, I have no apple password. Never have.
When I tried to go to WordPress, I found a page that said I had to prove The PLAS Place ownership. In one of three ways.
Well I couldn’t figure that out.!
But somehow the WordPress taskbar appeared up top of the page.
So I got to here from there. So I decided to post this to try to get some help.
And WordPress had responded to my email for help.
But I am unable to figure out what they said!
They sent a WordPress login link which worked using my previous login procedure.
But that did not lead to The PLAS Place directly.
It led to WordPress and attached task bar on top of page!
So again I got to The PLAS Place indirectly.
So I now ask if the request for apple password was accidental or deliberate.
Anyone who knows me knows I am terrible at passwords.
And not all that good at computers in general.
I am barely able to use my smartphone.
So something like disrupting my login would really be a problem for me.
And I ask how do I go back? How do I get rid of the request for apple password?
Wordpress Happiness Engineer, HELP!

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Waiting for Godot 1: Could the Titanic Have Been Saved? -by Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

The Titanic Tragedy took place April 14, 1912 at about 23:40 pm. After striking an iceberg, it took about 2 hours 40 minutes to sink to a depth of about 12,500 ft, about 370 miles S-SE of the Newfoundland coast-about Cape Race. The Captain, Edward Smith, soon called “All Stop”.
Most of us are fairly familiar with the facts of the tragedy. For myself, I sometimes wondered whether it had to happen the way it did; Couldn’t SOMETHING have been done? Objectively it looks hopeless. That is probably the conclusion most if not all in authority quickly came to. So they sat in place, disembarking into too few lifeboats, and sank.
Over the years I wondered: Could the Titanic have revved up its brand new engines and headed towards land or possibly shallows and beached it?
Recently I actually looked at some maps including some depths. And gathered some facts on Wikipedia and did some calculations. It turns out the Continental shelf juts out from Newfoundland in a triangular shape to just short of where Titanic sank. This area is called The Grand Banks, longtime famous for abundant fishing. The Shelf is relatively shallow, about 200-500 feet deep, and rapidly slopes downward to thousands of feet deep. The Grand Banks has at least one very shallow area, east of Cape Race of about 40′ depth. There was at least one other shallow area, towards Nova Scotia, an island near the edge of the shelf called Sable Island. It was also well known in 1912.
That would be sufficient. To sink 40′ would flood many lower decks, but the upper decks would remain above water. Most if not all passengers and crew could have survived this.
The ice pack itself was common, being fed by glaciers on the west coast of Greenland, traveling south to melt. Titanic had past most of this ice pack, some due north, little more due south. There did not seem to be any other shelf or shallows due south until Bermuda which was very far. However my research should not be considered expert and/or thorough.
So Titanic was steaming at 22knots (25mph) which was customary, relying on lookouts which also was customary. I do not know if Titanic had searchlights, which were used in WW2 to spot aircraft during night time bombing raids. Titanic’s reported maximum speed was 24 knots (27 mph).
Reportedly in 1907 the Kronprinz Wilhelm, a German liner, directly hit an iceberg. It suffered serious bow damage but did go on to complete its voyage. So the argument could be that had Titanic not veered to avoid a direct collision, it may very well have survived. But that is not the issue here. At issue is whether after hitting the iceberg, could something have been done for its survival. It’s fate was sealed when the decision was made to disembark to lifecraft. To suddenly rev the engines and go full speed to some hopeful shallows would have been at least very awkward for the passengers disembarking.
Quick calculation: At full speed Titanic MAY have made it about 70 miles. That would not be enough to reach Sable Island. However it would reach the outer area of the Grand Banks. However that is still around 250 feet depth. Which still sinks the Titanic exposing all passengers and crew to the elements. Plus Titanic was sinking from the bow, so sooner or later the propellers would come up out of the water rendering them useless. Maybe salvage operations would have been prompt, but deaths still great. The goal here is to save the Titanic from sinking AND save most if not all passengers and crew.
So this begs the question: Could Titanic’s engines and/or bilge pumps have been pushed beyond their recommended maximum-temporarily-in order to increase the distance on this desperate survival run?
I do not know. I guess I am asking readers for their input.
12/3 I just looked up Titanic’s load draft. 34’6″. And I got to thinking about the propellers and the forward pressure they exert.
I assume the propellers are manufactured to be functioning at fixed horizontal. The faster the propellers rotate, the more forward pressure. But don’t they also exert an upward bow pressure? Isn’t this what we see in speedboats? The bow seems like it wants to go up and maybe take off and fly! So it should be that forward motion should tend to lift the bow. Plus, if the bow begins to sink while the stern remains afloat, the propellers should begin to tilt downward. Wouldn’t that increase the iupward pressure, the angle of thr propellers? This should increase the time afloat i.e. increase the afloat time and consequently increase the distance possibly traveled.
Also, coincidentally, 40′ would be almost ideal a depth to come to rest. The draft is already 34′ so the entire ship would only sink about 6′! Now, if the bow was sunk fairly far down, as it approached the shallows, the forepeak area-the underside of the bow, should begin to run aground (sand not rock?) first. And get pushed upwards. This would be when the engines should start to slow down reducing speed. Then come to all stop, but keep the engines running to generate electricity. I assume there is a neutral type gearing as in automobiles for this purpose.
We know the iceberg was hit with a glancing blow on the right (starboard) side. Was the damage a puncture, a gash, did the rivets pop? What was the nature of the damage? In any event, the damage was forward, not aft.
12.4. So, is that it then? The Officers should have consulted with all White Star officials and other experts on board and decided to slowly engage the engines, change course to North by Northwest towards Cape Race increasing to full speed plus, adjusting course towards the nearest shallows of about 40′ or less. Since the damage was in the front of the ship, the forward momentum should have mitigated the rate of sinking. How much is unknown but could be estimated. And figured into the distance of the nearest shallows up to the Cape itself.
Could you imagine that? This huge luxury liner approaching the beach at Cape Race. Going aground or coming to all stop and settling down-sinking-a few feet? The engines running, bilge pumps emptying out most of the salt water. Quite a mess and frightfully inconvenient, but Tragedy averted.
That would really have been something!

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