Our Military Should Bring All Guns To Bear-On Covid-NOW!

Americans are fast approaching literally dying in the streets. Presently there are patients waiting in ambulances in the hospital parking lot. The President is asleep at the wheel. Except in matters involving trying to negate the election in his favor. Our military has accomplished Operation Warp Speed in developing a vaccine incredibly quickly. But now it is lagging in actually delivering the vaccine into American arms.

Our military has that capability I submit. A Lockdown could promptly level the spike in cases. Our military I submit, has hospitals and other facilities and medical staff for treatment. It could set up multiple vaccination locations. It could deploy the National Guard to assist and assist the state and local police to enforce public health measures.

I propose that it act as if the President is supportive of any/all actions it proposes and enacts. In the interests of the public health of the American people-about half of whom were foolish enough to vote for such an awful person.

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Operation Warp Speed Must Go Faster. -by Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

Operation Warp Speed is the military conducted program to vaccinate against the Covid Pandemic. We note with amazement and gratitude that a vaccine has been developed so quickly. However recent reports are that the actual shot in the arm vaccination is lagging behind schedule. e.g. Only about two million vaccinations have been accomplished so far, short of 20 million by the end of December as scheduled or predicted. I believe this was stated by Dr. Gottlieb on Face the Nation.

I do not claim to be an expert, but I am a quick study when I put my mind to it. The goal is to achieve herd immunity asap. Initial reports were that 70% would achieve herd immunity. However recently Dr. Fauci has stated that should be 90%. The ultimate goal is to vaccinate as many as possible before they get infected in order to avoid complications of infection including fatality, and prevent further spread.

Problems that have developed include a shortage of vaccine and a professed reluctance to be vaccinated by certain people and groups. And reported shortages of equipment and staff.

I I suggest that shortly before each vaccination the person be tested for antibodies. Their presence means that the person has been infected and has some immunity. Therefore a vaccination of that person would be unnecessary at least until herd immunity declared. The vaccination would be better to go to someone who has no antibodies hence no immunity. i.e. tests negative for antibodies. Also no second shot until herd immunity is reached.

I would also suggest that the military have priority for vaccination. Then military facilities could be opened to the general public.

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Are We Doomed to Suffer a 9/11 Magnitude Death Toll for the Next 30+ Days from Covid??-by Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.


UNLESS we act promptly and decisively.

That is about 3000 deaths per day.

First we should immediately lockdown. Stay in place. That is known to be effective to “flatten the curve”. People foolishly insisted on Thanksgiving. Followed by a surge. Now they are insisting on Christmas. To be followed by a predicted surge. Maybe they would be willing to forgo New Years, what with all that drunk driving etc. Just be glad 2020 is over! Celebrate when the pandemic is declared over.

That would be when we achieve herd immunity in the USA.

Call for immediate national mask wearing and social distancing.

Immediately call for volunteers to take the Trump Treatment. No, not put on a Dunce cap and stand in a corner! Transfuse Regeneron plasma antibodies then Remdesevir shot. Perhaps people who are resistant to taking the vaccine would be willing to accept this.

Postpone the second vaccination shot until all have had the first shot. This is to try the notion that it is better to have all partially vaccinated/some immunity rather than some vaccinated more than enough and the rest having no immunity.

The military and police should do this after taking over the government.

Then they should order a fair and representative -Top Six- election. Then have a transition of power to the winner of the second election.

Yes, IMO it is worth the risk that Mr. Trump might win a second election in order to try to have genuinely fair and representative elections.

Upon the transfer of power, let the chips fall where they may. Criminal charges, investigations, court proceedings etc.

We know Mr. Trump will not take a positive, affirmative position on Covid. He is less than useless.

Similar with Mr. Biden. There is little difference between the two/ We know they are highly resistant to fair a representative elections. They have Duverger’s Law artificially propping them up.

I wonder if we should test people before vaccinating them. If they test positive for antibodies, they may not need vaccination. Better to vaccinate those that test negative, since there is a temporary shortage of vaccine.

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The Time Has Come for the Military to Take Over the Government. -by Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

2020. What a year!

Fortunately it is almost over. Almost four awful years with Donald Trump as President. Almost a year of Covid 19 pandemic.

A backdrop of civil unrest due to longstanding racial strife including riots and toppling of statues involving the Civil War/slavery and indigenous peoples/Christopher Columbus.

Further, there is the longstanding artificial predominance of the two party political system in the U.S. due to Duverger’s Law. With political polarization and government gridlock.

Now there is the coming two part Holiday season, Thanksgiving and Christmas, involving a lot of travel. Travel has been not recommended by the CDC Center for Disease Control and Prevention. However it has no legal enforcement authority.

And the Constitutional transition of power after the Electoral College vote in December and Inauguration on January 20, 2021.

There is an almost perfect storm of inevitable spike in the pandemic, continued economic consequences and delay in government action.

And a lost opportunity to conduct fair and representative elections with Top Six, the proposed remedy to Duverger’s Law.

A remedy for the economic hardship, a second Stimulus package, is held up in Congress.

A military solution would be timely and decisive. All that would be needed would be a legal, Constitutional rationale. At issue would be the malfeasance of Mr. Trump as President and the resultant injury to the American people and economy.

The military has already provided a partial solution wioth its vaccine program Operation Warp Speed. Private industry is close behind with Moderna’s vaccine and others. The FDA has approved the Regeneron antibody plasma treatment also. Personal note: I wonder if the plasma could be more widespread and used as a general prophylactic, a de facto vaccine. The goal of vaccine is to achieve herd immunity as soon as possible. Every case of Covid produces antibodies.

The military also conducted a study of Covid spread in airliners with a favorable finding i.e. it is not as bad as generally feared. Personal note: Perhaps airports could be more of a “health hub” by mandatory temperature taking and other measures.

A military takeover could take various forms. If the military installed a military leader or committee, it would be a military coup or junta. If it installed a civilian government until January 20, it would be more consistent with the US Constitution.

The military could order a national mask use mandate. It could order the governors to in turn order the National Guard to enforce state health orders. It could order the Governors to order state and municipal police to enforce state and municipal health orders. It could order Congress to pass a second stimulus package.

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The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Has NEVER Held a Fair and Representative Election (due to Duverger’s Law). -By Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

Due to Duverger’s Law, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA has NEVER held a fair and representative election.
The Founding Fathers can’t be blamed because Duverger wasn’t even born until 1917.

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D.C. Circuit Upholds Commission on Presidential Debates. -Posted on Ballat Access News on June 12, 2020 by Richard Winger.

see: https://ballot-access.org/2020/06/12/d-c-circuit-upholds-commission-on-presidential-debates/#comments

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Wouldn’t It Be Interesting If Because of Covid-19, the Only Way for the GP and Especially the LP to Get Full Ballot Access Is PLAS? -by Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

I have been reading and commenting quite regularly at Ballot Access News (BAN). It seems to me that there has been an uptick in petitions for ballot access relief. Specifically more time for ballot access by the third parties, especially the GP and Lp. Some relief has been granted, some not. I gathered speculation that the LP might get only 40 states plus D.C. as opposed to 2016 50.
Now further, what if the remaining 10 stated were already secured by the GP? AND what if the GP and LP had the same (fusion) ticket? Well then problem solved! Or what if 5 could be more easily secured by the GP and the other 5 by the LP? And what if they could help each other? Again, problem solved!
Now, presently both the GP and LP are having national conventions in early July, about a month from now. We could wait until then. But I say no, let’s proceed with three online conventions. One for GP, one for LP and one immediately subsequent to work on any agreements arranged at these two conventions. Then both can conduct their regularly scheduled conventions, if necessary.
The sooner we proceed the better. In this age of high speed internet, 5G and Zoom there is no excuse for delays.

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USA Third Parties: If You Build It, They Will Come. -by Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

For the most part, the most significant problem with third parties in the USA is Duverger’s Law. This sociological phenomenon, worldwide, involves the phenomenon of elections. The way elections are conducted, seemingly fairly, actually produce a predominately two party system elevating the centrist, reactionary parties while suppressing the outlier parties.
The remedy? Actions which alter this dynamic:
Top Ten/Six. Level The Playing Field.
Plus PLAS. The Progressive Libertarian Alliance Strategy. A Fusion Ticket Plus a PLAS Campaign.
In the USA, six parties fairly represent the entire political spectrum. They are: Democratic 17%, Republican 17%, Green 27%, Constitution 27%, Libertarian 13%, Reform/Alliance X/unknown/variable %. If these six parties had full ballot access nationally, that would tend to “level the playing field”. i.e. result in a more representative polling of people voting more consistently with their actual political beliefs. The Libertarian Vote has been researched to be 13% by The Cato Institute. It is in effect a centrist party in that it is “between the leftist Green and rightist Constitution parties. Libertarians claim to be neither leftist or rightist but are actually so extremely rightist that they overlap the political spectrum to the left. The new Alliance party seems to be centrist and coinciding with the previous Reform party. Duverger’s Law strongly suppresses a third centrist party. So this party, like the Reform party, has little chance of sustained success. Top Ten just means that four Independent tickets could be ideally included in full ballot access but this would be not necessary for fair and representative elections.
So, election reform in the USA should consist of full ballot access for the six parties to level the playing field. AND an approximately 50/50 ratio of Green and Constitution elected candidates for a stable status quo government. But, for a stable progressive government, a 50/50 ratio of Green and Libertarian elected candidates, hence PLAS.
Actually the Green party on its own initiative has the capability to bypass election reform and go directly to PLAS. Simply nominate a fusion ticket and conduct a PLAS campaign. The Libertarian party could also do this but is far less likely to.
A simple way of stating this would be replace Democrats with Greens, Republicans with Libertarians.
As the polling goes down for the democrats and republicans, it should go up for the other four. Then PLAS should poll the Green 27% plus the Libertarian 13% to 40%, possibly 42%. That would be a close plurality victory in a three way race for the PLAS ticket. Remember, Clinton won in 1992 with 42% and Wilson won in 1912 with 42%.
Build a PLAS fusion ticket. Build a PLAS campaign. The polling will gradually change.
If you build it, they will come.

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“President” Milnes Declares Himself “De Facto Leader of the Green Party”.

see: https://thesaturnalian.wordpress.com/2020/05/27/president-milnes-declares-himself-de-facto-leader-of-the-green-party#more-5518
Posted on May 27, 2020 by William Saturn at The Saturnalian.

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A Call for an IMMEDIATE Online Presidential Ticket Nomination Convention by the Green Party. -by Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

The Libertarian party has successfully conducted an all online presidential ticket nominating convention.
I ask all to note that I was a presidential candidate for the nomination of the all online Boston Tea party in 2008 and 2012. So such conventions are not unprecedented and are successful.
Now, I declare that since I am the creator of PLAS, I claim to be the de facto leader of the Green Party.
Now, there is a clear opportunity for the Green party to nominate a PLAS fusion ticket in time to salvage the 2020 election cycle. Of great concern is achieving full ballot access, so the sooner such a fusion ticket got this access and begins campaigning the better. There is no pressing reason in this age of the internet to wait until July.
Further, there is a further opportunity to wind up with the same fusion ticket for BOTH parties. Simply, the GP presidential nominee could ask the Libertarian party nominee, Jo Jorgensen, to join his/her ticket. The Green party is liberal about this bypassing any impeding bylaws. Should Jorgensen agree, that would place the LP in the position to review its presidential ticket situation.
IMO, it would not matter much what the LP does then. I believe the Green party by itself has the capability to run a PLAS campaign and actually win the election-by a close plurality.

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