Open Letter to Darcy Richardson. -by Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.


We are Facebook Friends.
I have never exchanged communications with you. However I did receive and respond to your email condolences about my father. No further communication came of that.
I have no idea whether you know about or understand my ideas about your possible candidacy. I endorsed, for what it was worth, your and Tom Knapp’s candidacy in 2018. Since then I have tried to communicate my proposal that your form a fusion ticket, you and Tom or his wife Tamara, and run a PLAS campaign for the Green party nomination. I have $5000 available to dedicate to my campaign or yours or any genuine PLAS campaign. My third choice for the Green nomination would be by default Howie Hawkins. However I have not heard anything from him about PLAS. He will probably win their nomination as it stands. I will probably vote for the GP nominee but I will not actively support and certainly not hand over $5000 without a PLAS declaration.
My other choice for your ticket vp would be Jo Jorgensen. My reason for writing my Open Letter to you and previously to Jo is to try to get through to you indirectly, as a direct route seems to be blocked.
I would be willing to coach/advise your campaign. Whether officially or not. Whether salaried or not.
My first piece of advice would be for you to declare your candidacy for the Green party nomination asap. Get listed on politics 1 dot com asap and contact the GP presidential support committee. They just love their committees.
I still believe the Green party has on its own the wherewithall to win the election with a fusion ticket and a PLAS campaign.
I hope you accept the challenge and I hear from you soon.

Bob Milnes.

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Open Letter to Jo Jorgensen. -by Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

Or: Jo, have your peeps contact my peeps.

Jo, do you remember me from a few years ago? I contacted you via email. We had several exchanges. I asked you to join my ticket. You explained that you could not. Something about political activity would violate your contract at Clemson University. Eventually I gave up. As I have with several libertarian women over the years.
I noted your entry into to 2020 race and your presence at debates. I’m sorry but I do not think you have any chance to win the LP nomination. I believe the nomination has been rigged for the past several times at least. Since the LP is paternalistic, as a woman you have little chance also. Actually as a woman you would have a good chance to win the maternalistic Green party nomination I believe! And of course little to zero chance to win the election.
However you have a remarkable alternative. Join PLAS! I believe you are an ideal candidate for the vp position on the ticket. Male (Northern) progressive p./female (southern) libertarian vp is the formulation for the ideal PLAS fusion ticket.
I believe that if you were to declare your PLAS candidacy, or better yet a joint communique, we would get A LOT of initial support. Then gradually at first, growing support. Until soon we could get to about 15% polling which could get us into the debates. I have available over 5k for my campaign. To file with the FEC if I get a Treasurer or I could donate it to a PLAS ticket. I cannot in good conscience donate it to your campaign unless perhaps you declare for PLAS.
Please contact me asap. This might be difficult as I believe my communications are being tampered with.

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COVID-19 Survivors-The New Workforce?-by Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

First my disclaimer. I am not an infectious disease or pandemic expert. My perspective comes from the political and tangentally economic point of view. Top Ten/Top Six + PLAS has been designed to work successfully in the political status quo before Covid -19. At issue is whether this pandemic has been conceived and launched to defeat it, in other words to effect victory for the status quo particularly the President. IMO, this is to effect the election victory of Donald Trump. Complements of Israel and Russia via the republican party. I am a candidate for the Green party nomination with PLAS as election victory strategy. My interest is in normalizing the situation asap and perhaps finding out if it is a natural pandemic or man made and if so by whom and whether there is a vaccine and the capability of making more.
As people test positive, they are mandated to 14 day quarantine. Before a test, they may exhibit symptoms, then self quarantine. again for 14 days. But after that 14 days, then what?
There is an antibody test. People who tested positive need not take further testing. People who self quarantined should take the antibody test. So we rapidly have a rapidly growing set of people who tested positive or tested positive for antibodies and have completed a 14 day quarantine. They would be in effect “vaccinated”.
People should be certified as such and be advertised as such. With an ID certification badge AND color display. What color/pattern? Perhaps armband, headband, necklace, wrist bracelet, perhaps hat. Everyone would be instantly advised thst this person is a survivor and no longer contagious. So they could return to their previous life, more or less, particularly the workplace.
Eventually the more traditional vaccine will be developed. Everyone vaccinated, the pandemic will be over. COVID-19 will be just another contagious disease that will be dealt with in one way or another.

3/29 Addendum. To clarify. These clearly certified and identifiable people would be exempted from the various restrictions. Later upon vaccination, those people would be excluded ftrom the restrictions. Eventually restrictyions would be no longer needed and declared over.
Also the antibodies in COVID-19 survivors blood plasma seems promising as a source of a vaccine.
IIRC it was the Charlton Heston movie in which he had “innate immunity” and the Vincent Price movie in which he had “acquired immunity”. Both have possibilities for developing a vaccine.
Needless to say, If Israel is found to have launched this pandemic, or any other country, they should be held accountable. First of all, is there any existing vaccine and/or the capability to make vaccine? This question MUST be promptly answered.

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Green and Libertarian Parties, Online, Petitioning, Vaccine, Spies, Germ Warfare, Saboteurs, Dupes. -by Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

I have received email notice by the Secretary, GPNJ, Denise Brush, of an online meeting of the GPNJ on March 22. I sent and email request the a block of time be dedicated for Top Six Plus PLAS vote cooperation and petitioning for full ballot access. Promptly I received an email from Brush of denial.
The COVID-19 pandemic is a catastrophe quite comparable to 9/11. However the transition of many things, especially party politics, may allow me to be more participatory and competitive in consideration of my disability, MDD, Major Depressive Disorder.
However Brush’s denial is a major setback. She has been obstructionist to me and PLAS for quite some time. My suspicion is that she is a spy and/or saboteur and/or dupe for the powers that be. Much as I suspect paulie cannoli. This is a very complex issue because surveillance and covert operations are by definition secret leaving one with little evidence and even less proof.
In my opinion, the GP and LP should work together on these issues. However they are I believe heavily infiltrated with spies and saboteurs in positions of authority longstanding. Also I believe that jews are vulnerable to being recruited to be same by the powers that be, especially Israel. Therefore I recommend that there be an investigation of such people and a purge of them from positions of authority. Paulie is a jew, however I do not know if Brush is. I would like for that to be ascertained asap.
I have called for a HUGE effort to get the six significant parties in USA to petition and get full ballot access. Wwe know the democrats and republicans will. Also the Libertarian party will probably get full or near full ballot access. That leaves the Green, Constitution and Reform parties. These six parties would cover representation of all voters, the complete political spectrum/ bell curve. This is necessary for fair and representative elections-Top Ten or Top Six. Four Independents would be ideal but not necessary. Therefore I would call for all Independents to withdraw from the race and petition instead for the political party of their preference out of the six. One alternative to this might be legislative or judicial action. That would be preferable to petitioning obviously, due to pandemic factors, however I am very skeptical of success.
To be sure, if Israel, or whoever, launched this COVID-19 pandemic, then we have been attacked with a germ warfare weapon and are in a de facto state of war.
Addendum March 18. I suspect Israel has a stockpile of COVID-19 vaccine. And the capability yo make more.

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Did Israel Launch the Covid-19? -by Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

To prop up Donald Trump? Much like I believe it launched 9/11? To prop up George Bush?
Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.
The problem is Israel. It has a vital interest in the UNITED STATES. It has a lucrative, strategic arrangement with the world’s only superpower. It is zealously supported not only by jewish Americans, but by the centrist long standing government dominated by a two party system. This system is strongly in place by Duverger’s Law, which is not legislation but rather a sociological phenomenon. This has ALWAYS been in effect worldwide throughout history. The centrists tend to be the people who gain political power, by whatever means. i.e. monarchy, militaristic chieftains, elections, etc. In present day USA this centrist government consists of the democratic and republican parties. Unfortunately the republican party has a marginal electoral capability so it has relied on the Electoral College to win. Then after such a contentious win, the winner needed to be “propped up”. This is done by creating a catastrophe which the leader then garners mass support in order to defeat the “enemy”.
I believe Israel has stockpiled millions of doses of vaccine. If this is so, Israel must be compelled to hand over any/all vaccine and the capability to produce vaccine.

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A Call For A “HUGE” Ballot Access Drive for 2020 Third Parties and Independents. -by Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

My bad.
I called for a Boycott/Strike of the third parties and independents until they endorsed/adopted Top Ten Plus PLAS. If it fails, that would be defeatist allowing defeat. I should have known it would fail or at least fail to gain traction. I should have known the Green and Libertarian parties would fail to respond favorably. I should have known Howie Hawkins would fail to get on board.
We know the democrats and republicans will get full ballot access. They always do. They actually are not the real major parties in America. That would actually be the Green (leftist/progressive) party and the Constitution (rightist nationalist) party.
So I have now revised my call.
I call for all third party activists and other interested people to immerse themselves in getting all four significant third parties and significant independents on all 50 ballots. The goal is to “level the playing field”. Polling for all candidates will begin adjusting-lower for the democrats and republicans. Higher for most others. To about: Green 27%, Constitution 27%, democrat 17%, republican 17%, Libertarian 13%, Reform x/variable possibly 15%, Independents x/variable possibly 15%.When the average voter realizes that their preferred third party or independent candidate could possibly win, they will move their active support from the democrats and republicans to that candidate. They will Get Involved! They will actually gladly VOTE!
No more blue or red states. No more purple “battleground” states. No more choosing between the lesser of two evils! The democrats or the republicans. No more “wasted “votes for the third party or independent candidate! No more low voter turnout; voter apathy and alienation!
All this despite Trump. Without further legislation which is difficult, complicated. without court decisions which are not forthcoming favorably. Despite third party inaction and indecision.
All this by action by third party and independent actions on their own initiative and voluntary work at getting full ballot access!
With all six significant parties with full ballot access ALL of them will start to poll closely in the low double digits close enough for ALL to POSSIBLY win! With the possible exception of the Libertarian, which is ironic bbecause they are the only third party that has condsistently over the years achieved full or near full ballot access.

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$5000 Loan in Bank Account Available to Milnes Campaign. -by Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

A loan of $5000 has been made available to the Milnes campaign to nominate a PLAS ticket in 2020.
Presently Robert Milnes is the only candidate to have declared support for The Progressive Libertarian Alliance Strategy. This is a vote bloc coordination strategy designed to result in a slim/close plurality victory for the PLAS fusion ticket and down ticket Green and Libertarian candidates 50/50. The PLAS fusion ticket is a progressive man for president/libertarian woman for vice president.
The Milnes campaign presently needs a Treasurer to file with the FEC. Also a Campaign Manager and Constitutionally qualified libertarian woman for the vice presidential position. Also the assistance of a webmaster to arrange for a campaign website and donations button.
Milnes has an RV and a van to have campaign signs put on. He has explained such things on his website, The PLAS Place. He has a disability, MDD, Major Depressive Disorder. He has difficulty traveling especially long distances so he is reluctant to fly or drive as driver or passenger in most vehicles. However an RV should accommodate his disability enough for him to try.
Milnes has also explained that he would support whatever PLAS ticket is evaluated to be the best available, whether he is on the ticket or not.

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