Aging cessation/reversal as a Consequence of Counter-neurotic Psychoanalytic Movement/Revolution

See: The Sexual Revolution by Wilhelm Reich.

Also The Cancer Biopathy by Wilhelm Reich.

For me personally I am not all that concerned that I might develop cancer. I do not think so. However I have recently developed a bout with depression which in addition to my age (70) really incapacitates me. Consistent with the definition of neurosis: a serious discomfort or incapacitation not due to organic causes. I have little discomforts but I have serious incapacitation particularly my work capacity, including concentrating. Hence my difficulty studying in high school and college and holding down a job.

Since I have aged “normally”, I conclude that aging is a neurotic manifistation, depression being a neurotic symptom. Hypothesis: Counter-neurotic therapy should manifest counter-aging and counter-depression. Again for me personally, I would welcome the remedy to my manifest aging, which I would anticipate could be quite time consuming. On the other hand counter-depression fatigue relief could very well be comparatively swift. ANY would be a huge relief after all these years.

Again: Reich-Tension-charge-discharge-relaxation. In other words: Arousal-erection-orgasm-relaxation.In terms of biosexual/orgonomic energy: Arousal-biosexual ratiating bridges-biosexual fusion-relaxation. This should result in a biosexual charge of the entire body interior. For me personally a counter-depressive charge. And simultaneous counter-aging charge. I greatly desire this relief.

In humans, growth ends at about age 25. One reaches ideal “youthfulness” at 25 up to perhaps 35. Then one begins a noticible deterioration. In my case, age 70, would it take 35 years to get to the outer fringe of youthfulness 35 age reversal? UNKNOWN. This would require extensive experimentation, observation and documentation. I am willing to do this and should be considered the primary, actually only, candidate known presently.

Ideally a future society consisting of people at their most optimum “youthfulness” should be possible. How long might this take? UNKNOWN.

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To Live Healthy or Not to Live Healthy (Live Unhealthy), That is the Question.

Clearly we live unhealthy. All of us, including the various creatures of the world. At least it is simple for them. The Law of the Jungle. Survival of the fittest. Kill or be killed. Eat or get eaten.

It is more complicated for people. We are conceived. From there are many possibilities. But generally we live a life. Grow old; the older generally the more feeble. Eventually die. In a bed perhaps. Or in a Lazy Boy. It is said no one gets out alive. The mass of men live lives of quiet desperation. We have an iron will to live but a life not worth living. It is said.

Freud discovered neurosis. Reich called it mass neurosis, as in The Mass Psychology of Fascism. The leftists tablk about a workers paradise, anarcho-capitalism. Theb rightists talk about the ideal of a rugged individualist,; self reliant. Yet few are capable. Sovereign citizens, again few are capable.

This begs the question: If this is unhealthy living, what might healthy living be like?

Start with healthy body, healthy mind. No mental illness, the largest by far is neurosis, No disease. That would take much time of treatment and research. So we are talking about a long slog. Also called a revolution. Note that Reich wrote The Sexual Revolution.

Years ago I wrote Alexander Lowen. Reich postulated Tension, Charge, Discharge, Relaxation. I wrote Center to periphery, periphery to periphery, center to center, center to periphery. Lowen wrote me a brief reply. “I believe you have truly rendered Reich’s concept. I was pleasantly surprised. But nothing came of it. I was trying to get my mother therapy. That did not happen.

So, arousal generates radiating bridges. Like magnets male and female are pulled together into alignment: the missionary position. They bump uglies whereupn they achieve mutual orgasm-biosexual fusion. At or near the Grafenberg Spot. The sexual revolution.

Life is a bitch. Then you die. If this is the best we can do, a long slog to achieve mass mental, physical, social health, we must try for it.

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There Is Another System.

See: Colossus: The Forbin Project. Science fiction. Colossus is a supercomputer, connected to US and presumably NATO defense systems. Its creator. Dr. Charles Forbin. activates it about 1970. It soon discovers new knowledge for humankind. Then it announces, ” There is another system.”

Similarly it is evident that there is another system in the science fact world of psychoanalysis and sociology. We have Freus, libido, Reich, sex economics, orgone energy, Lowen, bioenergetics. I would like to add the phrase biosexual orgonomics. The emphasis seems to be the understanding with the goal of healthy regulation of biological and sexual energy.

We should acknowledge that all living organisms are composed of exactly 50% biological and 50% sexual energy.

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There Is Another System.

see: Colossus: The Forbin Project. Science Fiction. Colossus is a supercomputer connected to the U.S. and presumably NATO defense systems. It’s creator, Dr. Charles Forbin activates it, about 1970, promptly discovering new knowledge for mankind. Then it announces, “There is another system.”

Similarly I announce. “There is another system.” in the science fact world of sociology and psychoanalysis.

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Backstory to My Request for Political Asylum/Protective Custody.

I am getting old. Just to still be alive I have beaten some odds. Recently I have said, mostly to myself, that I feel like I have aged 10 years in the past 3. That would put me at about “feels like” age of 80.

When I look back on my life I can hardly believe it myself. And I was there! I can see someone like my sister saying I am crazy. Crazy like Wilhelm Reich, perhaps.

Basically, I may have reached the end of my rope. Perhaps long Covid. Personal financial ruin. Debilitating depression. I believe I have been under attack by Israel for decades. I was arrested by the FBI in 1985. Not since. I believe the dirty work has been handed off to the Mossad and operatives.

At issue is my voting reform formulation of Top Six/Level the Playing Field. A remedy for Duverger’s Law. Which I propose be applied in America and Russia. Fair and representative elections. Also two psychoanalytic phenomena: Bions and bionic radiating bridges. See: The Cancer Biopathy by Wilhelm Reich. The other is interpersonal time travel aka coming unstuck in time. To the best of my knowledge Reich did not write about this. The best such that I am aware is Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut, jr. Although it is fiction, science fiction, it may be indirectly autobiographic For the record, I met Alexander Lowen, MD, of his Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis. arguably Reich’s heir apparent, in Forest Hills, NYC about 1977. And James Prescott, PhD, author of “Body Pleasure and the Origins of Violence” in Maryland about 1980. He was associated with the US National Institutes of Health. Nothing significant came from these meetings, except for a letter I nreceived from Lowen. It got lost after I sent out some copies. When I got sentenced to federal prison my father threw out my things including books and documrents. Lowen and/or Prescott may be deceased by now.

As for bions, I do not know of any study of them except for Reich. The bionic radiating bridges I experienced twice. Between me and a woman in two separate instances and two different women. Neither told me anything from their perspective. It feels “warm” and “magnetic”. The closest depiction of it I know of is the scene in Star Trek: The Movie. “Decker’s Sacrifice”.

I have experienced coming ‘unstuck in time” twice. The first time was in 1969. I suddenly “knew” I would have great difficulty getting a girlfriend for many years. The word “incel” would not even be coined for about 50 ywars. And that my mother would die soon, whivh she did. The second time I suddenly “knew” that I would be intimate with a woman I could not quite identify, only that she was brunette. We would become enveloped in radiating bridges whereupon she would run away. This sent a wave of pain back to me to 1975. This would be followed by such intimacy with Nancy McCusker Benson, PhD.

I found out in 2013 that Nancy had died after a year long battle with cancer in 2012. I was stunned, flabberghasted. How could that be? It took me quite some time to realize she must have been made sick then declared dead. A fake funeral and burial. Monstrous! Who could and/or would do such a thing? Again it took me some time. The US and/or Israel!

This begs the question, “Where has Nancy been and under what circumstances? Doing what if anything for all these years? All I can think of is in Israel in some sort of suspended animation/drug induced stupor. Or perhaps recovered and teaching. With a cover story like she has residual memory loss due to her cancer treatment. It is awful, incredible. I just do not know.

Fast forward to present. I have been waiting for some sort of breakthrough about this. Who is the brunette? Where is Nancy? What brings us together? And when?


What do I think might happen or would like to happen here? Well, if my personal security is arranged, and I can receive some sort of modest financial security, a stipend perhaps, I would feel comfortable to proceed. A full general medical check up would be in order. I have not had one in quite some time. Might as well include dental x-rays if only for possible identification. Then I would expect a battery of psychiatric tests and sessions. Then I would appreciate some outreach to some entities to study my claims. Perhaps the NIH. Perhaps the Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis. Or some experiments perhaps involving Kirlian photography. Some sort of treatment for depression. The idea would be to research and document my claims while I am in protective custody. Then to be placed back in society with some sort of life and security.

Obviously I can not expect to live in peace as long as Israel is attacking me. There needs to be a solution to the Israel/Palestine situation via the UN asap. Ideally the One State solution in which there is a complete state of Palestine, not partitioned and disposition for the jews.

This Request is directed at General Milley as the highest ranking member of the military, the Joint Chiefs of Staff. I lack trust in the elected and appointed politicians. They zealously support Israel. Whereas the military is interested in the Constitution, national security, and protection of the American people foremost.

Addendum 2/24/2023 I would hope that there could be an advisory to the President position that could accomodate me. Again I would need personal and financial security. My perspective and experience is unique. For a modest fee I could provide information and opinion and advice. It could go to an intermediary, not directly to the President. Perhaps an intermediary committee, so no one person could block it. The President could decide about it ultimately.

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Open Letter to General Milley; Request for Political Asylum/Protective Custody,

I am a US Citizen, I hereby request political asylum/protective custody in the US within a secure facility, preferably in or near Washington, DC or alternatively Cheyenne Mountain, CO.

My rationale: I have certain extraordinary capabilities, knowledge and experiences that should be researched and documented. I agree to cooperate with this. I am very vulnerable to injury or political violence which could damage this. Obviously I could not do this if deceased.

Attacks could come from certain pro Zionist/Israel reactionaries, rightist or leftist extremists and/or the Israeli Mossad.

I request further communication.


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Planned National Convention of Independents Could Generate Election Reform in America.

see: Political Independents to Meet in Texas for a National Convention

But probably not: at least for long. UNLESS Top Six/Level the Playing Field is pursued.

Yes, America needs election reform. It is stuck in a cycle of reactionary status quo that reliably, predictably, produces and reproduces a two party system: The left leaning Democratic and right leaning Republican parties, pursuant to Duverger’s Law. Which, take note, also supports Zionist Israel in the United Nations. This system could arguably be called a one party system with two sides, like the Communist party of the USSR. Or the Nazi party of the Third Reich. And oh how Americans hate those two! Yet our system here in America is quite comparable.

Duverger’s Law, a sociological phenomenon, creates and reliably perpetuates a centrist reactionary two party system. The remedy is Top Six Level the Playing Field that qualitatively changes the results of elections when the six parties that cover the entire political spectrum have full or near full ballot access.

One of those six would be a third centrist party, which otherwise would be not sustainable, like Perot’s Reform Party. At issue is whether a mechanism to achieve full ballot access can be generated by the creation of a third centrist party through this convention. By reviving the Reform party perhaps or combining the various emerging centrist parties into one by all nominating the same Presidential ticket.

Silly me. I thought a few years ago when I formulated Top Six, I thought it would quickly gain traction. The need for a third centrist party would be quickly recognized to complete the Six, as the other five are already created and sustained. The Democratic, Republican, Green, Constitution and Libertarian parties. That did not happen. Independents and Democratic Socialists caucus with the Democrats. The Trumpists caucus with the Republicans. There is no viable third alternative under Duverger’s Law.

But Comes Now this national convention!

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An Anti-Zionist Domestic Covert Operation in East Palestine, Ohio?

There was a huge train derailment last Friday, February 3. Bad enough but it could have been much worse if the containers of vinyl chloride had exploded.

East Palestine, Ohio is right across the border from Pittsburgh, PA. The trial of Robert Bowers accused in the Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting is coming up-April 24. Theoretiucally that attack could be called an instance of anti-Zionist domestic terrorism/covert operation.

Bowers has a possibility of acquittal or hung jury or dismissal with an affirmative defense of not guilty by reason of self defense and defense of others and country (The UNITED STATES). However this has evidently been blocked by defense counsel Judy Clark. Clark is famous for negotiating plea bargains in notorious cases of domestic terrorism like the Boston Marathon Bombing.

If Bowers is convicted or plea bargains, the case will go away, like the Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald and Bowers will die in jail. However if he gets a dismissal or hung jury or best for the anti-Zionists an acquittal, Israel will be exposed as an apartheid, counterrevolutionary, theocratic terrorist state.

Was the Pulse Club Massacre a Zionist Domestic Covert Operation? Was the original target the LGBTQ Caucus at the Libertarian National Convention a few days earlier?

Was 9/11 a Zionist Domestic Covert Operation? Was the consequent first invasion of Iraq? Note that Saddam Hussein had successfully terrorized northern Israel with Scud missiles. He was later hanged by Iranian backed Iraqi government.

Was the withdrawal of US forces in Afghanistan a Zionist domestic covert operatiion?

Coincidences? I do not think so.

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Give It Up, Russia. You Too, America.

This post is in response to “Jill Stein on Ukraine War” -by George Phillies on his blog Independent Political Report (which he recently purchased) on December 22, 2022, at 1:09 a.m. Which was reportedly about her post on Twitter.


The Russian Revolution has morphed into the present monstrosity. Single party politics presided over by a corrupt system of rich oligarchs and a pathetic dictator.

In America it is quite comparable. A two party system-arguably one, with left leaning and right leaning sections, presided over by a corrupt system of the rich 1% and a Zionist lackey.

The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA has never had a fair and representative election. Due to Duverger’s Law.

I have proposed The Sinai Solution to the problem of world jewry. The United Nations Resolutions partitioning Palestine creating Israel are clearly unfair and not sustainable. The jews should be relocated to one place because they are toxic to all others. I propose that be the Sinai peninsula. With United Nations observers and peace keepers and Egyptian and Palestinian border guards. The indiginous Bedouins could be relocated nearby.

If this were accomplished most if not all Israeli military materiel, which has mostly been provided by American taxpayers, could be transferred to Ukraine-NOT NATO.

The chances for peace in Ukraine should involve the European Union and NATO. Ukraine should be promptly accepted into the EU in order to begin recovery from the devastation inflicted by Russia. Eventually accepted into NATO. Eventually the same for Russia.

China would gradually assume a leading adversarial relationship against the Western Civilization replacing Russia.

What is needed in both Russia and America is a transition via fair and representative elections. This will not be easy because the powers that be are very resistant to change. The remedy for Duvergers Law is Top Six-Level the Playing field. This is a structure of six political parties representing the entire political spectrum. In America it would be leftist progressive Green, 27%, rightist nationalist Constitution, 27%, left leaning centrist Democratic, 17%, right leaning centrist Republican, 17%, right-left anarchist Libertarian, 13%, inclusive third centrist Reform/Alliance/Forward x/unknown/variable%, probably at least 15%. If all of these parties have all or most ballot access, polling should level to about these numbers. As opposed to Democrat-Republican about 50-50%.

All six parties would be competitive to possibly win.

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The World According to Bob Part 2.

The End of America As We Know It? In response to the two previous posts.

The 2022 midterms have brought us to some sort of transition point. Clearly if the Republicans “win” against the Democrats, which they are predicted to, it would alter America in certain ways. But even if not, America is still hurtling along the trajectory built in by Duverger’s Law. A two party dominated system, reactionary (centrist) and self perpetuating. The argument could be made that it is actually a one party system, like the Communist party system of the Soviet Union and China. Only with a left leaning part (party Democrats) versus a right leaning part (party) Republicans. At least comparable. A kind of dictatorship. The America as we know it.

Recent history has seen the increase in China’s power (PEMD) and the dissolution of the USSR. Further, the devolution of the Russian Federation into the Putin dictatorship. Now it is enmeshed into war with Ukraine, a proxy war against NATO. Fratricidal, including war crimes and nuclear brinkmanship. Its own transition point. China recently distancing itself.

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