Further Treachery at Jewish Owned Independent Political Report. -by Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

The most recent comment on PLAS Open Thread ii relating to the proposed Green Party Steering Committee meeting in Camden, NJ at the end of November HAS BEEN DELETED.
Then Chuck Moulton commented that a LNC meeting was not live streamed. “RIP IPR”. Then paulie xaulie cannoli banali Frankel whined about his fat blood pressure and lazy failure to live stream the LNC meeting. And his asthma. I AM FURIOUS!
I was actually going to respond here that I was sorry to hear about your health problems. And maybe it is time that Warren Solomon Redlich sold IPR to a gentile-American -at a f’n fair price of course- or to a politically diverse collective like I originally suggested. And hold IPR as an archive mostly and transfer most functions to The PLAS Place like I originally suggested. And maybe further, paulie, why don’t you give it up, this treachery? If you really are a radical libertarian, which I actually believe why do you evidently spy and sabotage your fellow libertarians, your fellow Americans, your friends? And maybe further, why don’t you help a New Jewish Exodus to the Sinai peninsula, like I have proposed? Maybe the desert air would be good for your asthma and bronchitis and elephantitis?
But Nooooooooooooooooooo!
It is bad enough to be banned from IPR. Worse to be quarantined to one thread, PLAS OPEN Thread 1 & 2. But then to have those comments subject to deletion?
Kind of like it is bad enough to be persecuted by the powers that be, including the duopoly reactionary democrats and republicans, via the dhs/fbi agents, we then have to deal with exponentially more via the Israeli Mossad operating within the USA with their green light wink wink nod nod of impunity?
I call on someone at IPR to repost the comment by Quiet Observer. If it has been permanently deleted, then someone post it verbatim if possible.
See: https://independentpoliticalreport.com/2011/06/plas-open-thread-ii/

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Open Letter to the Green Party of the U.S. Steering Committee. -by Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

I have recently received my Greenline, the monthly newsletter of the GPUS. I note that there is to be a National Steering Committee meeting for “Strategic Planning”. This “…retreat…” “…gathering…” is to take place in Camden, NJ at the end of November.
WELL! I must say…this is either a HUGE coincidence, OR, I take it to be a thoughtful, affirmative response to my call for a Boycott/Strike against the GP and LP.
Pending a steering committee or ad hoc committee emergency meeting on strategy and security in Philadelphia, PA. Camden is right across the Delaware river from Philadelphia and I am very familiar with this area having been born and raised in or near Camden County, NJ. I presently live near Camden and am a member of GPNJ, which I assume is to be the host state party.
Further, this seems to be an acknowledgement and accommodation of my disability, which I deeply appreciate. I self describe it as a complex of clinical depression and neurasthenia. Objectively I may appear to be a loner, a malingerer and lazy. Whereas actually I have found over the years that if I get quiet in familiar surroundings and plenty of rest, I feel better and am more productive. Rest therapy was actually one of the best treatments for neurasthenia, what was called “shell shock” during WW1. Hence travel is difficult for me. I have traveled in my van over the years. I assume travel in an rv would be more comfortable. So I did get one but it is not quite roadworthy yet.
So I say very well then. To those who support a boycott/strike I say stand down until after this meeting.
I will prepare myself for this meeting. I suggest and propose that at least one rv be used or rented to accommodate transportation needs of some Steering Committee members and their entourage. I personally have no entourage. I request that an rv pick me up to attend the beginning of this meeting at which time I will make my presentation of Top Ten Plus PLAS and plans for actions by the party to win the 2020 election. Followed by a discussion/question and answer period. Then I will retire to the rv for rest and possible further meeting and meetups. Then I would ask to be taken home. Leaving the Steering Committee to its work and decisions.

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I Propose to Champion the Defense of the Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooter on the World Stage in US District Court Against the Ancient Evil of the Jews and Their Modern Day Menace of IsraeHell.

Give me a place to stand in the Courtroom before the duly selected jury of his peers. And I will proceed to present the case of self defense against the jews and their IsraeHell. I will try for an acquittal. Yes a unanimous vote of not guilty on all counts.
One of the first defense moves would be to take the initiative in voir dire. A motion such that there not be a single jew on the jury. Because of the math. In a jury consisting of twelve, each represents one twelfth of the population. Jews consist of about six million out of over three hundred million which is about 2% or about one fiftieth. One fiftieth is nowhere near one twelfth hence there should not be anywhere near one jew on the jury.
Like a pack of wolves among each herd of sheep.
The dhs/fbi agents and operatives and confidential informants are like lone wolves among the sheep.
Really. What it is called to do so is “sheep dipping”. See The Age of Surveillance by Frank J. Donner.
You, my fellow citizens, are the sheep.
I look forward to interrogating these dhs/fbi agents. Do you even realize how unconstitutional and illegal what you are doing is?
I look forward to meeting whatever fool US attorney is sent against me. How can you justify US collusion with apartheid terrorist IsraeHell and international killers Mossad agents? I will tell all this to the jury. I believe they will listen and believe me, not their own government employees who are paid with their hard earned taxpayers dollars.
I will express my appreciation to the Pittsburgh police for doing their job well. Not killing Mr. Bowers and getting him prompt medical attention. Get them on the witness stand; I will concede every point of fact by the police and medical examiners. Because that is not at issue to the defense.
What is at issue is a citizen’s right to self defense, especially against attack by the jews and IsraeHell and one’s own government at best negligence, at worst collusion.
Bring on all these federal government lackeys. Because I will occupy the moral high ground. They will have to crawl out from under rocks into the light of day, of Truth.
People of the World, behold the Beginning of the End of IsraeHell.

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The One Year Anniversary of The Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting, A Huge Opportunity for The Beginning of the End of IsraeHell.- by Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

October 27, 2018.-October 27, 2019. Today.
IsraeHell is a terrorist state, much like ISIS was. A theocracy with political and military control of significant land area and the people therein; de facto if not dejure either Supporters or virtual hostages.
Israel is a racist, apartheid, theocratic, counterrevolutionary, terrorist state. By definition.
Robert Bowers, the alleged shooter, should plead not guilty by reason of self defense. He should demand a jury trial. The rationale of the self defense affirmative defense in this case is that arguendo, Israel is an international terrorist state; that the jews virtually all zealously support the state of Israel, therefore are by definition international terrorists. Including and in particular in the UNITED STATES, having about one third of the world’s jewry. The US government is in collusion with Israel and its terrorism with its policies towards Israel. US citizens are basically held hostage by this situation and have the right as hostages to fight back in self defense, in any way they can.
If he gets a dismissal, hung jury or best case scenario, acquittal, this could be the beginning of the end of Israel, thank God.
The American people as hostages of Israel? It sounds incredible. Palestinians hostages of Israel?, not so incredible.
I believe an American jury of his peers could be persuaded by this rationale.
Further, a jury of his peers would consist of not even one jew, because of the math.
One juror would represent about one twelfth of the population. The jewish population in the US is about six million or about two percent or about one fiftieth. This is nowhere near one twelfth so there should be nowhere near one jew on the jury.
I believe one year for imprisonment without trial is considered to be an outer limit to the violation of a citizen’s right to a speedy trial.
I believe Mr. Bowers is being deliberately held without bail and incommunicado in order to compel a plea bargain.
I believe this was what was done in my case in Philadelphia in 1985.
A plea bargain would keep any part of this rationale out of the process of resolving this criminal case.
I demand to speak with Mr. Bowers in person. In order to assure that he is aware of the possibility of a viable affirmative defense in his case.
I have sent letters to the Magistrate, Judge, federal defenders and Mr. Bowers certified return receipt requested with no response other than the signed return receipt. -The letter to Mr. Bowers was not certified, first class only c/o federal defenders.-
I have left several voicemails to Judy Clarke, defense counsel and her three law partners.
Judy Clarke is reported to be trying to arrange a plea bargain.
I would recommend to Mr. Bowers against a plea bargain.
Further I have repeatedly publicly offered to assist Mr. Bowers in his defense pro bono.
I submit my two experiences in federal court and five election cycles as a declared third party/independent candidate for president as qualifications.
Theocracies are well known for being catastrophic forms of government throughout history and the world.
In this scenario the UNITED STSTES should be engaging Israel on a counterterrorism, counterintelligence and warfare setting. In the very least seeking to revoke the United Nations resolutions creating Israel by partitioning Palestine. Actually I believe the U.S. is one of few who support Israel in the U.N.
All this begs the questions: Is this possible? How did this happen? How did Israel emerge from the Holocaust and the rubble of post World war two Europe?
How did Israel come to hold the USA hostage?
It is a long, complex, ancient story involving the very nature of civilization, social and political power and capitalism. And the role of the jews. As to this day, Duverger’s law is in effect causing the centrists, the reactionaries to be in power. In today’s USA that would be the republicans and democrats. They in turn support and patronize the jews. In present day USA that means Israel is zealously supported by the democrats and republicans, the parties in power. Israel gets special treatment and the jews special positions. Disparate and huge amounts of capital are generated and transferred to Israel. Whereupon huge amounts of influence including covert operations are transferred back into the USA.
This affects me directly as a third party/independent candidate for president. Israel supports US candidates it wants and suppresses those they do not want. Generally that would be support the democrats and republicans and suppress third parties and independents, as the former supports Israel zealously, the latter not so much. I believe up to and including assassination. The DHS/FBI conducts most of the illegal surveillance. Passes on the information to the Mossad. The Mossad conducts most of the covert operations. The DHS/FBI exponentially increases its funding, resources and manpower through this arrangement.

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Shame on the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. by Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

It has come to this. Longstanding disenfranchised, (stateless), besieged Kurdish civilians reportedly throwing rotten tomatoes and potatoes at retreating US troops.
Almost unbelievable shame.
I do not believe the troops deserved that. I blame the US government, particularly the illegitimate, unworthy President, Donald Trump.
The Kurds could not throw at Mr. Trump, a safe distance away, so they threw at the troops.
How could this happen? How DID this happen?
Well, we could start at the flawed 2016 election. You know, the one I filed a Civil Rights complaint about in US District Court for NJ , which was denied.
The US elections have been flawed since the beginning of the Republic, due to Duverger’s Law and the flawed Electoral College. Our elections are and have always been flawed in that they are unfair and unrepresentative. This could be remedied by Top Ten.
And they are close-between two and only two, parties split about 50/50 or upper 40’s, lower 50’s.
This very closeness makes them vulnerable to tweaking including by foreign governments.
Whereas Top Ten would level the playing field to approximately: democratic party @17%, republican party @17%, green party @ 27%, constitution party @27%, libertarian party @ 13%, reform party, unknown @, greatly variable. Making Top Ten elections far less vulnerable to such tweaking.
And the Electoral College failed miserably to weed out the unworthy candidate, Trump, putting party loyalty over the country and the integrity of the office of the presidency.
The oil belongs to the Kurds.

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The UNITED STATES and the World Needs An Advanced Water and Electric Grid. by Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

This post has been generated by recent events.
One being the rise of the oceans due to climate change.
Another being the recent shutting down of electric service in California due to possible wildfires due to dry conditions and high winds.
A friend of mine reported that his electricity was cut off and he lost all his refrigerated and frozen food. Obviously, if he had a solar/wind electricity generating system with battery bank and high wattage inverter, he could have avoided this waste.
This type of system can be plugged into the electric grid, actually generating income as the electricity can be compelled to be purchased by the utility company.
A possible solution to the rising ocean levels, could be the worldwide storage of cleaned water. Already we have reservoirs and municipal water towers. In addition
we could arrange for every household to have a storage tank of drinkable water. Which could be connected to a grid. Also storm drains could be retrofitted with pumps to direct storm water away. Also water and electrical lines could be buried roadside in conduit to make it safer and more accessible.

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I Repeat: A Call On U.S. Military and American First Responders to Take Over The Government, Establish Fair and Representative Elections. by Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

I have written about this before here at The PLAS Place.
Impeachment and the 25th Amendment are not good enough remedies; far from it.
The President’s recent decisions about Syria make this action more urgent.
I have put some considerable thought into the Turkey/Kurd situation some time ago.
First of all, Turkey’s claim of its reason for this unilateral military incursion is to return Syrian refugees in Turkey to Syria.
Turkey has a tainted credibility due to its genocide against Armenians early last century.
Any forced movement of significant numbers of refugees should be under control of the United Nations under strict circumstances, particularly the absence-at least cease fire-of hostilities.
Turkey has no claim to being European or North Atlantic except for an enclave of land around Istanbul. This is a vestige of the Ottoman Empire. I propose a purchase of this land by the UNITED STATES creating a Territory and possible additional state in the future. Proceeds to be dedicated to the solution to the Kurdish and Crete problems in Turkey. Turkey should not be admitted to the EU and should be promptly removed from NATO. Along with all NATO military equipment and weapons, particularly the nuclear weapons. If Turkey wants to go to the Dark Side with Russia, Syria, Iran and Iraq, let them go.
Also I propose an immediate cease fire involving the Turkish incursion into Syria. Also immediate negotiations involving Turkey, Syria, Iran and Iraq, possibly others in creating a contiguous homeland for the Kurds.
Impeachment and/or the 25th Amendment would leave us with Mike Pence as President and the duopoly republicans and democrats still in power and intact; with all their gridlock and corruption. Further, the flawed elections will still be in effect. Whereas if there were to be a military coup backed up by American First Responders, they could implement Top Ten to level the playing field in the next elections, November 2020. And install an acting President until such time as the new elections take effect i.e. January, 2021.
The President of the UNITED STATES must not be an ignorant, narcissistic, uncaring, illigitimate buffoon. A pussy grabbing boob. A wanna be dictator. The Electoral College miserably failed in its responsibility to not elect such a person to the Presidency, Due to Party loyalty over loyalty to the country and the office of the presidency. Likewise the military has a responsibility to not follow the orders of such a person. The rotten tomatoes and potatoes thrown at retreating US troops in Syria by the Kurds were actually being thrown at the illegitimate, unworthy President of the UNITED STATES.

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