Robert Milnes Endorses Darcy Richardson by Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.


Yes, I also endorse Darcy for Governor of Florida as the Reform Party candidate in 2018. However it is a conditional endorsement. I’d rather see him run as a PLAS candidate for president. I mentioned this in 2016 and would like to see him run in 2020. He ran for president in 2016 for the Reform party nomination with Tom Knapp as his vp. I noted that I preferred Knapp’s wife, Tamara Millay, for vp. Richardson/Knapp COULD be a PLAS fusion ticket, as I believe Darcy is a leftist/progressive of some sort.
Now, I admit that one possible scenario for American politics in the future is that the Reform party manages to find a niche such that it is competitive with the democrats and republicans. By making it a three way race, it could actually win with a close plurality. That would make the remaining three significant parties, Green, Libertarian, Constitution, continue to be marginalized outliers. However this is not the scenario I’d rather see. That would be the PLAS ticket making it a three way race, winning by a close plurality and leaving the democrats, republicans, Reform and Constitution parties marginalized. It would be basically the opposite of what we have now. Voting out a democrat in exchange for a Green, a republican in exchange for a Libertarian.
Actually I have already declared my candidacy for president for 2020. I am listed on politics1 dot com under the Green party. My name is listed presently right next to Jill Stein’s. see:
So, Darcy is a good candidate and a good person. Therefore I do in fact endorse him in his present, misguided, efforts.

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What the United Nations Should Do Promptly About Israel and The Jews. -Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

I have written about this here before. But I have put further thought into it.
I had thought about after the dissolution of Israel by the UN rescinding its resolutions creating Israel, a dispersal of the Jews equally among the member nations was called for. They should be isolated-quarantined- in designated areas. The only alternative I can think of is to create “floating/anchored artificial landmass equivalent”. Since most Jews are in Israel (about 6 million) and the UNITED STATES (about 6 million), the ocean located between the two areas seems most appropriate. Yes, the mid North Atlantic Ocean.
Assuming we are talking about International waters, the UN should have jurisdiction. So, there should be some sort of study concerning the nature of this formation/facility. The amount of needed surface area is a major factor. The Jewish population is estimated to be around 18 million. Ironically that is about the population of NYC, “Heimietown”. So the square acreage of NYC could be a guide. Also height, hills, skyscrapers, and depth subterranean and underwater living space factors. The bottom of the ocean area, bedrock or solidified lava flow? Anchoring by cables? Pontoons for flotation? All needing study.
Will the Jewish population be stabilized, allowed to increase or forced to decrease?
The Jewish problem is huge and complicated. But it must be addressed because of Israel.

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The Solution to American School Mass Shootings Is…Already in There! -Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

Schools as Inverse Quarantine Centers for Youth.
The Solution to American school mass shootings is consequential to the solution to American violence. Which is a consequence to the solution to world violence. Which is a world/universal problem. Which is the second biggest problem in the Universe. More or less a political problem… Uh-oh!
But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves here. Assuming IMO world/universal violence is the second biggest problem, let’s limit this writing to that for now, shall we? Perhaps later we can address the biggest problem in the Universe.
Violence is a huge problem, no doubt. Is there, Heaven help us, a quick and easy solution? Unfortunately, no. However, there is a quick and easy primer of sorts that cuts to the chase (pun intended) so to speak.
I am referring to “Body Pleasure and the Origins of Violence” by James W. Prescott, PhD. According to Wikipedia, he is a very old man, about 90, and is still alive. see: Not to steal his thunder, I met him once, iirc sometime in the 70’s, perhaps 80’s. Anyway I went to his house in Maryland and we discussed his article. Then I bummed a ride back to the bus station and busfare home! Then a few years ago I managed to converse with him via email. He said he didn’t remember me but we did then engage in conversation. Eventually he let me down, much like Richard Winger of Ballot Access News (but that is a whole other story!). I believe he could see that I was interested in him and his work in my campaign for President. He must have distrust of politics and politicians therefore was very resistant/hesitant. I eventually gave up.
Short said, Prescott discusses various observations and studies leading to the conclusion that much violence can be traced back to amount of touch, body contact, pleasure in youth. This corresponds to Reich’s theories such that he(Reich) left in his will a provision providing for The Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust Fund. I tried to contact the Trustee as well as Reich’s daughter to little avail. I did manage to visit Dr. Alexander Lowen of Bioenergetic Analysis in NYC. I wrote him and he returned with a brief but complimentary letter. Lowen was analyzed by Reich. He died in 2008.
What specifically to do about these findings seems to be the block, rather than the basics. Which leads here to my proposal, actually formulated many years ago, that schools could be modified to be 24/7 facilities for prophylactic/therapeutic upbringing of youth, not just education. It should be mandatory and universal, like HPV vaccination. However, in a compromise to Homeschooling, it could be voluntary and highly recommended and with weekends spent “at home”. Yes, children would live, mostly, at school!
Quarantine usually means keeping the one or few infected with a communicable disease from contact with the many who are not. Inverse quarantine would be keeping the least infected (youth) from those most infected (elders). Violence would be defined as a communicable disease. By the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta, GA. Prescott worked at the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development in Maryland.
“Hardening” of schools and having only one entrance has been mentioned often and elsewhere. It should have a fenced perimeter. All exits of the one way Fire exit type. The entrance would have at least one guard. Metal detector. Perhaps a police substation also. Plenty of surveillance cameras. Administrators and teachers could be voluntarily armed, but kept separate from the students. Teaching could be mostly via videocam. Teaching with contact could be done by the older students with video supervision. Such as physical education, home economics, wood shop etc.
to be continued…
Sociology/Anthropology. Trobriand Islands matriarchy. Malinowski.
Prophylaxis-Quarantine/Inverse Quarantine.
Therapy-Couples Therapy. Advanced sex education.
Freud/Reich. Psychoanalysis/Social psychoanalysis.
Schools as inverse quarantine of youth centers. 24/5/weekends home school.
Hardening of facilities. One entrance. Separation of administration/teachers/students.
Prenatal/nursery care facility incorporated. With elementary, junior/senior high school.
University level separate.
Teaching via videocam. Youth supervising youth.
Administrators/teachers armed. Police substations.

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Announcing My Candidacy for President of the UNITED STATES for 2020. -Robert W. Milnes at The PLAS Place.

Greetings all.

With this post I announce my candidacy. This is my fifth election cycle. Note that Salvador Allende was elected on his fourth try. As before,
I seek the Green and/or Libertarian party nominations. Failing that, an Independent run.

Recently I tried a Civil Rights Complaint in US Courts to do-over the 2016 election, vacate the Electoral College and remedy Duverger’s Law by Top Ten. It was denied in District Court in NJ. Third Circuit upheld 17-3832. I could have moved for an en banc hearing, but have given this try up. I have no confidence in the USSupreme Court in this matter either. The fix is in, at least to me IMO. Perhaps if more people and organizations got involved in a class action, there might be some progress.
Little has changed in my campaign. I still believe the Green and Libertarian parties can coordinate and maximize their vote to win in a close plurality. This Strategy is called PLAS: Progressive Libertarian Alliance Strategy. I am still seeking a woman libertarian vp candidate for a PLAS ticket. In the 2016 cycle I noted and endorsed Darcy Richardson/Thomas Knapp as a possible PLAS ticket, although I prefer Knapp’s wife, Tamara, in the vp slot. Also, if Joe Biden would bolt the democratic party for the Green party and select a woman libertarian vp for his ticket and declare a PLAS ticket/campaign, I would consider endorsing him. He has experience, name recognition and resources that I and most third party candidates lack.
If you are interested in my campaign, please contact me here at The PLAS Place.

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Kate Milnes Not Posted by Me.

I have removed Kate Milnes to trash.

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Attack By Cooper Hospital Against Me. -Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

NOTE: I am on SSI Disability.
On Friday, December 8, I received an unexpected letter from Cooper Hospital dated November 30. It is on generic Cooper Hospital University Health Care in red stationary with black One Cooper Plaza, Camden, NJ 08103, Phone: (856) 342-2000 My primary is at Three Cooper Plaza.
It started out with “Dear Mr. Milnes, As you know, a good relationship between a physician and their patient is essential for quality medical care. There are times when this relationship is no longer effective and the physician finds it necessary to ask the patient to select another physician(s).” Who can argue with that? This seems to imply that there is some sort of problem my primary has with me. It alleged that I had “…displayed recurrent inappropriate and disruptive behavior towards our clinical staff which does not allow our healthcare team to successfully implement the treatment regimen necessary for your health and wellbeing. As a result, I am sorry to inform you that we can no longer provide primary care services…”. This seems to imply that I have various problems with various staff. It is signed by Dan Hyman, DO, Division Head, Internal Medicine, Stephen Trzeciak, MD, Interim Chief of Medicine, Pam Ladu, Executive Director, Primary Care and Psychiatry Services. There is no specifying what these problems might be or with whom. My primary’s name is not mentioned nor that of any staff. Further there is no cc: to anyone else nor is there initials of who typed this letter.
This seems to me to be some sort of impromptu or ad hoc sort of small group which has no direct authority or mandate/orders and who do not report to anyone i.e. it is anonymous and/or incommunicado. It refers me to two other local health care primary care providers and gives me 30 days to make contact and arrangements to transfer including my medical records pursuant to New Jersey Administrative Code 13:35-6.5.
I have sent a message about this to my primary but have not yet received a reply. I may not ever receive one evidently.
This letter seems to be very unfair. No due process, no appeal. No legal counsel, which I clearly could use. That has been a problem for me for many years. But maybe I do not have any rights to due process and/or appeal in administration decisions in Cooper Hospital.
My most recent email communications(via myCooper service provided) with my primary involved her referral for a specialist-dermatologist. I have a rash. And recently I developed an unusual blemish, swelled, inflamed, very sore, which is unusual for me. It reminded me of an infected fingernail I got a couple of months ago. Also swelled, inflamed, very painful. So I thought how about if I went to nearby Cooper Urgent Care and had both looked at instead of going through the hassle and delay of the specialist/dermatologist. But also I mentioned I would like her to call to order a sample taken and analyzed of this very painful blemish to see if it is an unusual or especially virulent bug. I had previously mentioned I was suspicious that my immune system might be under some sort of suppression in some sort of coordination with infection by a possible virulent strain. I said I wanted evidence, proof better yet of any possible medical attack against me, by the fbi and/or the Mossad. I didn’t hear anything so I wrote that I was disappointed. I DID NOT go the next step which was to point out how suspicious THAT might be. Shortly thereafter I got the letter.
Also previously I had asked her to accept my friend in CA as a patient should he visit NJ for a few months which I have asked him. I told her he had ADEM -acute disseminating encephalomyelitis which I suspected he was injected with at his doctor’s office. She seemed agreeable to this possibility. Also I had mentioned that I had contacted Cooper Patient Relations several times to try to arrange for my father to be examined. I am suspicious of his treatment under my sister’s care and at the Veterans Administration nursing home in Philadelphia, but she -my sister- blocked my attempts.
So now I am looking at this letter and thinking this really has bad optics. It looks like an attack on my healthcare in order to obfuscate (muddy the water) my attempts to get evidence or proof of medical attacks against me.
Addendum Tuesday, December 12: One would think that Pam Ladu, Executive Director, Primary Care and Psychiatry Services would be THE IDEAL PERSON to intervene with a less extreme and punitive action. Perhaps suggesting a change-in house-of primary care physician. Or, if my persistence in suspecting the fbi and/or Mossad is taken as symptomatic of mental illness, suggesting a psychiatric referral. Cooper Hospital has a psychiatric department. But no.
I question this letter’s legitimacy. It doesn’t even seem real. It seems more contrived and convenient/coincidental.
Who wrote this? Where did it come from? Who sent this outrageous, vague, fraudulent letter via US Mail? Doesn’t federal criminal jurisdiction attach to letters sent by US Mail? Three people signed it. But none of them are specified as the author. Cooper Hospital is the addressee, but no specific department or person is mentioned. Only “Our office…” and “I…” are referenced.
Additionally it said “CERTIFIED AND REGULAR MAIL”. I have not yet received a copy via Certified Mail.

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Awaiting District Court Decisions on 2016 Election Do-Over. -Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

See: NJDC Camden Civil 1-17-04222 RMB AMD
So far, I applied for IFP which was granted. The Court gave leave to file an amended Complaint which I did.
I applied for Pro Bono counsel, but even if granted, there are no guarantees.
I moved for a Preliminary Injunction to stop the 2017 elections.
I moved for a do-over of the 2016 elections with Top Ten with the 2017 elections.
Top Ten is my proposed remedy to Duverger’s Law.
I moved for an abolition of the Electoral College.
I moved for Court to request Amicus Curiae briefs from Richard Winger and Christina Tobin, or to subpoena them.
I am awaiting Court decisions.

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