The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Has NEVER Held a Fair and Representative Election (due to Duverger’s Law). -By Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

Due to Duverger’s Law, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA has NEVER held a fair and representative election.
The Founding Fathers can’t be blamed because Duverger wasn’t even born until 1917.

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D.C. Circuit Upholds Commission on Presidential Debates. -Posted on Ballat Access News on June 12, 2020 by Richard Winger.


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Wouldn’t It Be Interesting If Because of Covid-19, the Only Way for the GP and Especially the LP to Get Full Ballot Access Is PLAS? -by Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

I have been reading and commenting quite regularly at Ballot Access News (BAN). It seems to me that there has been an uptick in petitions for ballot access relief. Specifically more time for ballot access by the third parties, especially the GP and Lp. Some relief has been granted, some not. I gathered speculation that the LP might get only 40 states plus D.C. as opposed to 2016 50.
Now further, what if the remaining 10 stated were already secured by the GP? AND what if the GP and LP had the same (fusion) ticket? Well then problem solved! Or what if 5 could be more easily secured by the GP and the other 5 by the LP? And what if they could help each other? Again, problem solved!
Now, presently both the GP and LP are having national conventions in early July, about a month from now. We could wait until then. But I say no, let’s proceed with three online conventions. One for GP, one for LP and one immediately subsequent to work on any agreements arranged at these two conventions. Then both can conduct their regularly scheduled conventions, if necessary.
The sooner we proceed the better. In this age of high speed internet, 5G and Zoom there is no excuse for delays.

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USA Third Parties: If You Build It, They Will Come. -by Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

For the most part, the most significant problem with third parties in the USA is Duverger’s Law. This sociological phenomenon, worldwide, involves the phenomenon of elections. The way elections are conducted, seemingly fairly, actually produce a predominately two party system elevating the centrist, reactionary parties while suppressing the outlier parties.
The remedy? Actions which alter this dynamic:
Top Ten/Six. Level The Playing Field.
Plus PLAS. The Progressive Libertarian Alliance Strategy. A Fusion Ticket Plus a PLAS Campaign.
In the USA, six parties fairly represent the entire political spectrum. They are: Democratic 17%, Republican 17%, Green 27%, Constitution 27%, Libertarian 13%, Reform/Alliance X/unknown/variable %. If these six parties had full ballot access nationally, that would tend to “level the playing field”. i.e. result in a more representative polling of people voting more consistently with their actual political beliefs. The Libertarian Vote has been researched to be 13% by The Cato Institute. It is in effect a centrist party in that it is “between the leftist Green and rightist Constitution parties. Libertarians claim to be neither leftist or rightist but are actually so extremely rightist that they overlap the political spectrum to the left. The new Alliance party seems to be centrist and coinciding with the previous Reform party. Duverger’s Law strongly suppresses a third centrist party. So this party, like the Reform party, has little chance of sustained success. Top Ten just means that four Independent tickets could be ideally included in full ballot access but this would be not necessary for fair and representative elections.
So, election reform in the USA should consist of full ballot access for the six parties to level the playing field. AND an approximately 50/50 ratio of Green and Constitution elected candidates for a stable status quo government. But, for a stable progressive government, a 50/50 ratio of Green and Libertarian elected candidates, hence PLAS.
Actually the Green party on its own initiative has the capability to bypass election reform and go directly to PLAS. Simply nominate a fusion ticket and conduct a PLAS campaign. The Libertarian party could also do this but is far less likely to.
A simple way of stating this would be replace Democrats with Greens, Republicans with Libertarians.
As the polling goes down for the democrats and republicans, it should go up for the other four. Then PLAS should poll the Green 27% plus the Libertarian 13% to 40%, possibly 42%. That would be a close plurality victory in a three way race for the PLAS ticket. Remember, Clinton won in 1992 with 42% and Wilson won in 1912 with 42%.
Build a PLAS fusion ticket. Build a PLAS campaign. The polling will gradually change.
If you build it, they will come.

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“President” Milnes Declares Himself “De Facto Leader of the Green Party”.

Posted on May 27, 2020 by William Saturn at The Saturnalian.

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A Call for an IMMEDIATE Online Presidential Ticket Nomination Convention by the Green Party. -by Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

The Libertarian party has successfully conducted an all online presidential ticket nominating convention.
I ask all to note that I was a presidential candidate for the nomination of the all online Boston Tea party in 2008 and 2012. So such conventions are not unprecedented and are successful.
Now, I declare that since I am the creator of PLAS, I claim to be the de facto leader of the Green Party.
Now, there is a clear opportunity for the Green party to nominate a PLAS fusion ticket in time to salvage the 2020 election cycle. Of great concern is achieving full ballot access, so the sooner such a fusion ticket got this access and begins campaigning the better. There is no pressing reason in this age of the internet to wait until July.
Further, there is a further opportunity to wind up with the same fusion ticket for BOTH parties. Simply, the GP presidential nominee could ask the Libertarian party nominee, Jo Jorgensen, to join his/her ticket. The Green party is liberal about this bypassing any impeding bylaws. Should Jorgensen agree, that would place the LP in the position to review its presidential ticket situation.
IMO, it would not matter much what the LP does then. I believe the Green party by itself has the capability to run a PLAS campaign and actually win the election-by a close plurality.

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Avens O’Brien is Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! -by Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

I counted six references by O’Brien such that the Libertarian Party ticket in 2020 cannot and/or will not win.
Now, if you substitute “Libertarian party” with “Progressive/Libertarian fusion ticket” then I say O’Brien is wrong.
Further, I believe O’Brien has been duped/groomed into supporting Supreme/Cohen by Israel/The Mossad. Further, it goes back to at least 2016 with McAfee/Weiss. O’Brien reveals that Judd Weiss is her “long-term partner”. And that her mother is an LP co-founder. That goes back to the early 1970’s. So there is the geographic coincidence of O’Brien and Supreme.
I have read Supreme’s Wikipedia page. His notoriety is clearly to me leftist. How did he get to libertarianism-recently? Actually my Wikipedia would-if anyone wrote one-look remarkably like Supreme’s. I knew a charismatic/theatrical personality in my daze in Boulder, Colorado. John Davenport. The last time I saw him he was in municipal court making noises making fun of the proceedings etc. He was a leftist anarchist, associated with Dr. McFarland, also a leftist anarchist associated with the Green party. Robert, John and I spent a lot of time together for a time. The last I heard of Davenport he had committed suicide in the Canary Islands in a cave, letting some boy receive his Social Security checks until they stopped.
Dr. McFarland “died” in 2008 in what I would call suspicious circumstances. Kind of like Dr. Marc Feldman.
Not to mention David Nolan. But I digress.
Briefly Top Six would “level the playing field” if the six parties that cover the entire political spectrum had full ballot access. Dems, Reps, Reform/Alliance the centrist reactionary parties, GP,LP,CP the left/right parties. The polling would go from dem/rep near 50/50 to all six being about 13% to 27% and all possibly within range to possibly win the election.
PLAS is the nomination of a GP/LP fusion ticket that would produce a 42/29/29 close three way race and victory.
Now, how is it that O’Brien has heard-a LOT-about Vermin Supreme but evidently not heard about me and/or Top Ten/Six Plus PLAS? Or maybe mostly negative things? I first tried a fusion ticket in 2008. I asked Dr. Mary Ruwart to bolt the LP and join my ticket. I tried to explain fusion ticket to her. She politely declined via email. I started calling it PLAS-Progressive Libertarian Alliance Strategy around 2011. Promptly starting The PLAS Place blog. That is about when I was banned from commenting at Independent Political Report owned by Warren “Solomon” Redlich. My ex girlfriend Nancy McCusker Benson, PhD “died” of cancer in 2012. I found out in 2013, at about the time something odd happened to William S. Saturn.
Here are my suggestions for the present LP online nomination proceedings.
1. Delay until early July. If the GP nominates a fusion ticket, it would be a simple matter to nominate that ticket also.
2. Await the result of my Amicus Curiae Brief in US District Court for Western PA. It is a possible game changer re: GP and LP.
3. Investigate Supreme/Cohen as following McAfee/Weiss.
4. Investigate Paul Frankel and Sir Richard Winger.
I believe paulie has been spying on the LP for years.
And Richard has had plenty of opportunity to endorse Top Ten/Six Plus PLAS but has not. That is very pro Israel and suspicious.
Richard and I have-not so much recently-had several email conversations over the years. We were supposed to meet in NC at a Green party convention and also at a COFOE meeting in NYC. Our meet ups did not happen. I all but begged Richard to endorse PLAS and recently in BAN comments, endorse Top Ten/Six. Nothing. For or against publicly.
5. Investigate William S. Saturn. I do not think there is an actual real person there.
I believe the LP and GP are heavily infiltrated and controlled by Israel. Start there.
Now take a look at how many jewish names are in here. There are a LOT more in MY life.
Judd Weiss, Spike Cohen, (Larry Sharpe?), Paul Frankel, Richard Winger, Warren Redlich, Dr. Marc Feldman. William S. Saturn?

possibly a GP and LP game changer. i.e. the beginning of the ernd of Israel.
3. Conduct your own investigation of Supreme/Cohen as following McAfee/Weiss.

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Petitioner’s Amicus Curiae Brief.



v. . . . . Case Number: CR 18 292

Robert Bowers, defendant

COMES NOW the Petitioner, Robert Milnes, a Citizen from the neighboring Great State of New Jersey, offering his service pro bono to This Honorable Court in the interests of justice. Certain terrible acts of violence have occurred in This Court’s jurisdiction, which it seeks to understand and administer justice as authorized by The UNITED STATES, Plaintiff.
Petitioner claims to have much relevant information to this case. Including his own formulation of the definitive, affirmative defense. Further, the defense counsel evidently is not pursuing this defense as it does NOT involve a plea bargain. Defense counsel has been reported in various media as seeking a plea bargain disposition in order to avoid the death penalty. The US Attorney has been reported as adamantly seeking the death penalty.
Petitioner submits to This Court that the definitive defense in this case is the affirmative defense of not guilty by reason of self defense and the defense of others.
The rationale is that the jews are an ancient phenomenon. They have no homeland. The jews are uniquely toxic to all others. The jewish state of Israel is an apartheid, theocratic, terrorist state. There would be a certain burden of proof or sufficient evidence to these statements as fact. Further, the jews worldwide zealously support Israel. Therefore logically the jews are international terrorists. Including those within the USA, numbering about 6 million.
Israel’s intelligence, surveillance and covert operations organization, the Mossad, are well known internationally for secret operations including in the USA and up to and including covert murder of Israel’s political opponents. Its analogous organization in the USA is the FBI and CIA. They are also internationally known for various surveillance and covert operations both domestic and foreign. I believe they pass off most of their domestic political operations to the Mossad for various reasons.
This defense would require the defendant to plead not guilty, which he has done so far. But that is fairly standard procedure. Then he should request a jury of his peers and present an affirmative defense. This is pending.
Fast forward to a successful defense which would be a dismissal, hung jury or not guilty verdict. The defendant would then be released. It seems incredible that an accused mass shooter could be so released. The jews and the government would have to promptly decide what to do.
Fortunately I have already formulated a proposal. The jews could be all sent to an isolated area. I have suggested the Sinai peninsula. It already borders Israel. It is sparsely inhabited. The indigenous Bedouins number approximately 400,000; they could be relocated. International jewry numbers about 18 million. It could be guarded on all sides, mostly by a UN peacekeeping force and Egyptian and Palestinian border security forces. The jews could police themselves. But they should not be allowed to have their own nation state, standing army or nuclear material except for medical purposes, or interact with others. The jews are toxic to all others. They could live in peace free of the hatred and violence. This should be accomplished via the United Nations, whose decision to partition Palestine led to the formation of Israel. Which the UNITED STATES should not block with its veto.

Wherefore, Petitioner, having presented its information to This Honorable Court, hereby moves the Court for relief.

Respectfully Submitted (published on weblog),

Robert Milnes 5/8/2020

Certificate of Service.

I hereby certify that I will send by first class UNITED STATES mail, Certified, return receipt requested, a true and correct copy of my Petitioner’s Amicus Curiae Brief to Court Clerk, defense counsel, US attorney.

Robert Milnes 5/8/2020

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Open Letter to The UNITED STATES District Court for Western Pennsylvania in the case of the alleged Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooter CR 18-292/ -by Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

/Notice of Intent to File Petition of Amicus Curiae.

COMES NOW the Petitioner, Robert Milnes, Appearing before this Honorable Court, with important information in the interests of justice. Appearance is via weblog, email to defense counsel’s law firm in San Diego, first class UNITED STATES mail for copy of this Open Letter to defense counsel UNITED STATES Attorney and This Honorable Court and subsequent copy of Petitioner’s Brief of Amicus Curiae via first class UNITED STATES mail, Certified, return receipt requested. OR, if it please the Court, this Open Letter by its authority and discretion, Court could construe this Open Letter as Petitioner’s Brief.
Petitioner claims to have formulated the definitive defense in this case. The defense counsel is evidently not presenting this defense to This Honorable Court as it does not involve a plea bargain. Defense counsel has been reported in various media to seek a plea bargain in order to remove the death penalty. The US Attorney has reported being adamant in retaining the death penalty.
The definitive defense is an affirmative defense of not guilty by reason of self defense and the defense of others.
The rationale is that Israel is a terrorist state. Further, the jews zealously support Israel. Therefore the jews are international terrorists. Its intelligence agency, the Mossad, are well known to be international operatives of various covert operations including within the USA up to and including the murder of its opponents.
I have personal experience and evidence of some such covert operations and am willing to file an affidavit and/or testify about them. Much other supportive evidence is available to defense counsel.
I am presently a declared candidate for the Green party’s presidential nomination. This is my fifth election cycle as a declared third party and/or independent candidate for president. The PLAS Place is my campaign blog. It is in good standing with WordPress. I intend to send further my Brief of Amicus Curiae. Via first class UNITED STATES mail, certified, return receipt requested. I presently live near Camden, New Jersey which is near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Yes, I have had two cases in US Courts; one in Philadelphia as criminal defendant in 1985 and one as plaintiff in the District of New Jersey, Camden, in 2017. Both went to the UNITED STATES Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit. True, I lost both, but I did gain valuable experience in US Courts. I request the opportunity to present my defense formulation to the defendant, and with his, and This Honorable Court’s permission, to the jury.
I am presently on SSI disability. My disability is MDD, major depressive disorder. However I am able to participate in this case via the internet; timely with the present pandemic. I have sufficient capability personally and the hardware and software. I have a new tenth Gen HP I7 laptop with ATT service. Also I could drive to Pittsburgh in my fully legal and operative rv to accommodate my disability. I offer my services pro bono. My email address will be on my email to defense counsel. My home address will be on the US mail. I have three phones. They are available to Court upon request.
The PLAS Place URL is:

WHEREFORE, Having appeared and presented my Open Letter on weblog and my Notice of Intent to File Petitioner’s Amicus Curiae Brief, Petitioner submits his request for RELIEF from This Honorable Court.

Robert Milnes 5/4/2020

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Israel Is Stealing Much If Not Most of the Stimulus Money? -by Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

The following comment was deleted from Ballot Access News on Sunday, April 26 from 8:20 pm to 10:22 pm.
Robert Milnes on April 26 2020 at 8:20 pm said:
Here is my nightmare scenario which I am starting to believe is true.
Israel is stealing much if not most of the stimulus money. Hundreds of BILLIONS if not a TRILLION or two.
How? Not directly of course. Mnuchin doesn’t hand a Treasury check to Netanyahu in a photo op in front of the new US Embassy -illegally-in Jerusalem.
No, via legitimate claims pursuant to the recent Congressional legislation signed by Trump.
Israeli companies and individual jews get the funding and launder it to various banks around the world owned or controlled by Israel or jews.
Israel has The Samson Option. To threaten to detonate about 200 nuclear bombs in ground bursts.
Why risk shot down/destroyed ICBMs? The ground becomes contaminated. The fallout goes into the atmosphere around the world creating a nuclear winter.
That coincides with my suspicion that Israel launched the COVID-19 in China. False Flag operation. China gets the blame. They also spread the infection to its arch enemy, Iran. Double play. Then they bring it to USA. Disrupt the US elections. Trump gets reelected. Triple play. Israel funnels stimulus funds indirectly to Israeli control. HOME RUN!

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