Declaration of Candidacy for the Office of President of the UNITED STATES

Declaration of Candidacy for the Office of President of the UNITED STATES in 2024.

I will actively seek the nomination of the Green Party for 2024 and passively seek the Libertarian Party nomination for PLAS to work best. Presently my preferred running mate is Jo Jorgensen, as it was last election cycle. This ticket would be a PLAS fusion ticket. Presently my preferred candidate other than myself for the Green Party nomination is Darcy Richardson, as it was last election cycle. When Richardson got deeply involved in the Alliance/Reform party movement, I substituted Kevin Zeese. However something happened to Zeese in 2020. It is reported he “died”. However since the democrats and republicans are in control of the government and its vast power and resources, and are corrupt, many such reports are unreliable. Zeese and others, may or may not be dead. I just do not know. Further, evidently the democrats and republicans have formed an evil alliance with the government of Israel, further exacerbating the situation.

In the Independent/Third Party movement everything is unreliable. We must assume we are under attack. Surveilled, subject to covert operations -political dirty tricks- our ranks are rife with spies and operatives, our elections, nominations, functions etc. are more or less rigged.

I present Top Six and PLAS as remedies to this longstanding situation.

So, here we go again. This is my sixth election cycle as a declared candidate. Of course in 2004 I did not get very far. However I did begin longtime email correspondence with Tom Knapp, a Libertarian activist. Knapp and I discussed extensively what would become PLAS, but he eventually bailed. I wound up refining and naming PLAS, then went on to refine and name Top Six/Level the Playing Field.

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This Is to Verify That I Have Been Vaccinated for Covid 19.

I previously posted that I would not get vaccinated due to my bad experiences with covert operations. With an appointment for a vaccination, I would be a sitting duck so to speak.

This was remedied when my local pharmacy Rite Aid began offering drop in vaccinations. Which I did. They had the Pfizer vaccine. The subsequent appointment they gave me for three weeks later I did not make. However a few days after that I dropped in for the second dose.

Upon leaving I said thank you.

Now I verify this and state my recommendation that all get the vaccination as soon as possible.

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> Dark Matter = MegaDeath. Continuous Creation of Matter = Life. Steady State Theory.

I just wanted to be on the record in this issue. Perhaps the first, the discoverer so to speak.

We have in the Universe physics and metaphysics.

In the 1950’s there was the Theory of Continuous Creation of Matter/Steady State by Sir Fred Hoyle. Also the Theory of Orgone Energy by Dr. Wilhelm Reich.

Throughout history is the question of what happens when we die?

As the 20th century unfolded physicists discovered “dark matter”.

And it was discovered that all living things have an energy field. It was documented by Kirlian photography. The Kirlian Aura.

Reich postulated that upon death we go to a “Cosmic Ocean”. All living things. MegaDeath.

I am not certain what the continuous creation particle of matter is. Probably a single proton one at a time. Possible a proton with electron. A hydrogen atom. Also possible an alpha particle. With 2 electrons a Helium particle. I think a proton.

I believe we are in what I call a ” Field of Influence of Motivation”.

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I Don’t Need No Stinkin Toilet Paper.

I felt like I had to write this.

At the beginning of the Covid Pandemic, there was a run on toilet paper and hoarding it. I was not one to do that. Because in my bathroom, I rarely use toilet paper. I found a better way.

I have a routine that cleans without toilet paper.

Start with lifting toilet lid. Pulling down pants. Defecating. Then I take down the shower handle with the length of flexible hose. I sit on the edge of the bathtub, creating a watertight seal along my legs. I then start the water with adjusting the temperature. I have a shower head that is LED color coded. It starts with blue-cool. Then goes to green, then red-hot. Then I wash my entire rear. It is quite comfortable and gets the area very clean.

Then I complete the routine by aiming the showerhead into the toilet creating a clockwise swirl in the bowl. Then flush. This cleans the bowl and provides a forceful flush which avoids clogs. In winter I am assured the system is not frozen and works well.

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What the World Should Do About Israel and the Phenomenon of the Jews.

What the World Should Do About Israel and The Phenomenon of The Jews.

In the beginning of what we call Civilization, some people achieved vastly disproportionate wealth and power. In present day we call such people “Elites”. They became Kings or Chieftains. They needed advisors and scribes and scholars to maintain their power. Over the centuries these people became the Phenomenon The Jews; closely associated with The Elites. Presently about 1/3 of the billionaires in the USA are Jewish. About 2% of the population is Jewish.

The Jews became a recognizable entity of people. However they were not numerous enough or created in the usual way to have their own “Homeland”. They were centered in or near Jerusalem but could be found nearly everywhere in The Old World.

At this time I would like to introduce my PEMD Theory. That is briefly that over the millenia political, economic and military disparities develop.

These centers of power and civilization started in what was called Babylon. Then Egypt, Greece, Rome. Then Rome split into East and West. East Rome became Byzantium. Then the center of power migrated north through what is now Eastern Europe to Scandinavia around 800-1200 AD. Then southward to Poland and Germany. Then WW2.

After WW2 the jewish Zionists tried migrating to Palestine to create a Homeland. They persuaded the United Nations to partition Palestine into two states, a Jewish state and a secular Palestinian State. Thus was formed the theocratic, apartheid, counterrevolutionary State of Israel.

After WW2 the PEMD transferred from Northern Europe to the USA. A mass jewish migration began to either Palestine/Israel or the USA.

A very recent development is the recent exchange of hostilities between Gaza based Hamas and Tel Aviv, capital of Israel. Worldwide, the trend seems to be toward criticizing Israel more. Up to: “Ireland Recognizes Israel’s “de facto annexation” of Palestine.”- Al Jazeera.

The United Nations made a colossal blunder by authorizing the creation of Israel by Resolutions partitioning Palestine. The UNITED STATES has effectively blocked further negative actions against Israel via its Veto authority. Even if The USA were persuaded to not block the dissolution of Israel via rescinding UN resolutions, that would not be enough. The Jews are toxic-incompatible-to all others. The Zionists would simply try to create a Homeland somewhere else.

What is needed is for the Jews to be gathered into one place and isolated. In the World’s perspective it would be a Quarantine. From the Jewish perspective it would be a Sanctuary. I have proposed that this place be the Sinai peninsula. It borders Palestine and is mentioned in The Bible. There could be Palestinian and Egyptian border guards. A UN Peacekeeping Force including patrol ships.

The Jews must not be allowed to interact with other people in order to not expand their gene pool. Whenever they intermarry, they in effect “kidnap” the gene pool of others. This is how they recently acquired some fair complected people with their migration north. Such a gene pool expansion could be weaponized to alter their Quarantine.

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As a Longtime Third Party Activist, I Hesitate to Get the Covid Vaccination Because I Do Not Trust the Government.

In 2005 my friend -with a very high I.Q.- got ADEM, Acute Disseminating Encephalomylitis shortly after visiting his doctor’s office. That doctor was Amy Solomon, MD, of Boulder Creek, CA. I spoke with her on the phone about it at the time.

He is still recovering.

So it is not a matter of the vaccine or the science behind it. I am confident in that. I would vote for Dr. Fauci as the Nation’s Sexiest Man. It is a matter of longtime surveillance and resultant covert operations. By the government and/or operatives.

Plus there is a very important criminal case that should be coming up soon in which I filed an Amicus Curiae Brief: the case of the Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting against Robert Bowers.

Another relevant experience I had was my illegal eviction in 2013 in Camden County. Simply it was illegal because I missed a rent payment. When I showed up a Court a few minutes late I was told there was a Default Judgement. A few days later my landlord asked to talk. He said if you sign this, I will give you three months before you have to leave. But I had to pay those three months rent. Of course I was suspicious but I did not know what else to do. I had no attorney. So I paid and signed. But I could not leave; I had nowhere else to go. This was in December.

I wound up filing a Pro Se Order to Show Cause. Attending was Judge Laskin, my landlord Ray Michitti with his attorney Lori Greenberg. Michitti was rumored to be developing Alzheimer’s Disease. The Judge Denied my petition.

I wound up homeless living in an alley in my old dilapidated rv. I packed as much of my stuff as I could in that rv. I wound up losing a lot of stuff-to my landlord! Tools, clothes, appliances, furniture. AND my security deposit!

It turns out what I signed was a Consent to Vacate, an agreement without Court approval. If the landlord accepts any money from the tenant in a Default Judgement it voids it! Further later I realized ALL THE COURT OFFICERS were Jewish, including my attorney who had bailed. David Podell of Legal Aid. Mr Ginsberg, the Director had emailed me saying they had to drop my case for lack of funding. So I was in that Court BY MYSELF.

Now in the Bowers case, we have the US Attorney Scott Brady resigning. This is consistent with all US attorneys being subject to a new Administration. The Acting US Attorney is Stephen Kaufman. I do not know if he is Jewish. He may very well be. Bowers’ attorney is Judy Clarke. I do not think she is Jewish. However I have not heard ANYTHING from her or the Court other than my Return Receipts from Certified Mail. The new Administration is Joe Biden, not Jewish(Catholic) and his wife is Jill Jacobs Biden. I believe of Jewish ancestry. Vice President Kamala Harris probably not Jewish, and her husband Douglas Emhoff, probably Jewish.

The new Attorney General is Merrick Garland who is jewish. He was nominated for the US Supreme Court by Obama. At the time, before the death of Ruth Bader Ginsberg, there was two Jewish Supreme Court justices out of nine. That is 22%. Jews are about 2% of the U.S. population. If Garland had been nominated that would have been three 33 1/3%! Now he is-not coincidently- I say, Stephen Kaufman’s direct boss. I ask: Is Kaufman Jewish?

Now I say Robert Bowers is by himself in Federal Custody. The Court is UNRELIABLE but in fairness so far Judge Ambrose has acted fairly under the circumstances. His attorney, Judy Clarke I say is UNRELIABLE. She is Court appointed and is renown for negotiating plea bargains for high profile defendants. I wrote Bowers advising him to NOT PLEA BARGAIN. I have no idea whether Bowers received my letter. I speak from PERSONAL experience in the matter. I was held without bail and only had a Jewish Federal Defender attorney in Federal Court in 1985. He advised me to plea bargain. I call it “sweating” a plea bargain out of a defendant. Turns out the whole case against me was bogus and was pursued by the FBI for political reasons. But it took me years after the fact to figure that out. Of course I was suspicious but did not know what else to do. Sound familiar? Bowers is doomed -the death penalty is on the table-when he actually should get a not guilty or dismissal.

I say I can get that for him. I can take his case to a jury of his peers and get that from fair minded American jurors. Speaking of which, there should not be a single Jew on the jury. As previously said, Jews are about 2% of Americans. There are 12 jurors. Each represents about 8 1/3% of the American people. Rounded off to 8%, that is 1/4 of a juror. Even if there was twice as many Jewish Americans, that would still be only 1/2 a juror. I can Champion his case. If only I had such a Champion in 1985.

Israel is an Apartheid by definition, theocratic, counterrevolutionary terrorist state. It should not be an ally of The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. It should not be allowed to exist AT ALL.

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The Second Most Important Criminal Proceedings in History.

Assuming the first-the proceedings, if you can dignify them by calling them that, against Jesus of Nazareth, were fairly accurately reported.

That is of a humble man, evidently very intelligent and self taught in Scripture. wandering around preaching a humble philosophy of the primacy of love, that God is Love. That this is a Brotherly Love, Sisterly, which could remove all obstacles, all of the Ancient Evils of Humanity. Unfortunately perceived as a political-Revolutionary- philosophy. Which caused the Jews to hand him over to the Romans, the occupying military power, for Execution as blasphemous against the Jews and treasonous against the Authority of Rome.

Comes Now the criminal proceedings against Robert Bowers. But this could be anyone, accused of a death penalty crime against the Jews. IF the affirmative defense is claimed of self defense and the defense of others. In that Israel is an apartheid, theocratic, counterrevolutionary terrorist state. That internationally Jewry-the Jewish diaspora- zealously supports Israel. That the Mossad, the Israeli secret police operate internationally engaging in covert operations up to and including assassination including within the USA. Therefore the jews of Israel are international terrorists, much like ISIL.

Everyone should have the recognized right of self defense and the right to intervene in the circumstance of demonstrable threat to the life and/or well being of another.

The reason this case is so important is, assuming the self defense and defense of others defense is employed is that a successful defense could very well leave the terrorist state of Israel defenseless. Against any international attack against any Jew. Should the self defense defense be then employed. Israel could become untenable.

The case could be made that the existence of the terrorist state of Israel is inconsistent with the pursuit of peace in the world.

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The Solutrean Hypothesis: A Case Study. -By Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

The Case is that of Robert Milnes. Me.

Recently I sent my genetic material (cheek swabs) to CRI Genetics. I got their report a few days ago. I sent them a letter asking their help with interpretation. They promptly replied but I am not quite satisfied but do not think I can impose on them further.

So, I am writing this post to ask for help in interpreting in an effort to prove, which I would prefer, or disprove The Solutrean Hypothesis. see Wikipedia.

Briefly The Solutrean Hypothesis is the notion that Western Europeans managed to get to the Americas at about the East Coast of what is now the USA via crossing the glaciated Atlantic Ocean about 20 kya. From what is now Southern France.

To the reader: Why would this be important? Read on. For at least three reasons.

  1. It would be an incredible scientific discovery. Further, an epic account of human survival-and more. Human endurance and perseverance. An incredible accomplishment.
  2. It would answer some questions I have about my ancestry.
  3. It could provide the UNITED STATES a viable justification for its existence as well as a lot more territory as strategic resource with which to defeat its enemies. And there are a lot of them, foreign and domestic.

Note: Perhaps similarly and as epic, the British Broadcasting Company has produced a documentary hypothesizing that Australian Aborigines managed to get to the west coast of South America about 40kya. That would be before the Solutreans/Iberians in NE North America and Mongols/Siberians in NW North America.

RE: the peopling of The Americas, timeline is-to the best of my present knowledge- Australians/Aborigines 40kya, Solutreans/Iberians 20 kya, Mongols/Siberians 13kya.

I would like to write here what I believe happened. And I actually hope it did happen that way. As the Atlantic glaciation -on both sides-proceeded South, the people in northern Europe were “pressed” southward. There was an already populated area with a dead end so to speak, the Mediterranean sea. There was only the Strait of Gibraltar which was difficult and already populated. So, a westward venture became a viable alternative. In other words the venturing onto the Atlantic glaciation was more than just curiosity, or accidental or incidental. Evidently there was no one on the other side.

We do not presently know how many went across. Or where. The DelMarVa region seems probable at least. As the LGM retreated northward, people may have reached the other side farther and farther north, into the Canadian Maritimes. This would explain the evident haplo group originating in Anatolia/Turkey found in the Canadian and Greenland Inuit. Also keep in mind that as the glaciation increased, the sea level lowered. By an incredible 3-400 feet! This resulted in huge swaths of exposed land-the continental shelf. Making the sea width between Europe and the Americas much closer.

As to why I am writing this: As I said, it might involve national security of USA. I would at least like to get this out there. If the United Nations were to take up the issue, it might award the US authority to implement a reclamation policy. Perhaps starting with Panama and the security and strategic importance of the Panama Canal. e.g.

At issue would be the rightful possession of The Americas. Throughout human history, the general principle has been fairly simple. The people in possession of the land were presumed to be the rightful possessors. And generally as humans migrated out of Africa, they generally did not “trespass”. There was always open land. However in the case of The Americas there were three claimants, all with a legitimate claim. The three came from different directions so had to encounter each other sooner or later. Whether that encounter was peaceful we do not know; insufficient evidence.

When Columbus “discovered” the Americas, those encounters had already occurred Millenia before. The Mongols/Siberians were in possession of all of The Americas. However in the British Broadcasting Company documentary, genetic evidence was that the people in at least South America had part African/Aborigine ancestry. Also there was cave art depicting ambushing of the Aborigines by the Mongols.

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Our Military Should Bring All Guns To Bear-On Covid-NOW!

Americans are fast approaching literally dying in the streets. Presently there are patients waiting in ambulances in the hospital parking lot. The President is asleep at the wheel. Except in matters involving trying to negate the election in his favor. Our military has accomplished Operation Warp Speed in developing a vaccine incredibly quickly. But now it is lagging in actually delivering the vaccine into American arms.

Our military has that capability I submit. A Lockdown could promptly level the spike in cases. Our military I submit, has hospitals and other facilities and medical staff for treatment. It could set up multiple vaccination locations. It could deploy the National Guard to assist and assist the state and local police to enforce public health measures.

I propose that it act as if the President is supportive of any/all actions it proposes and enacts. In the interests of the public health of the American people-about half of whom were foolish enough to vote for such an awful person.

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Operation Warp Speed Must Go Faster. -by Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

Operation Warp Speed is the military conducted program to vaccinate against the Covid Pandemic. We note with amazement and gratitude that a vaccine has been developed so quickly. However recent reports are that the actual shot in the arm vaccination is lagging behind schedule. e.g. Only about two million vaccinations have been accomplished so far, short of 20 million by the end of December as scheduled or predicted. I believe this was stated by Dr. Gottlieb on Face the Nation.

I do not claim to be an expert, but I am a quick study when I put my mind to it. The goal is to achieve herd immunity asap. Initial reports were that 70% would achieve herd immunity. However recently Dr. Fauci has stated that should be 90%. The ultimate goal is to vaccinate as many as possible before they get infected in order to avoid complications of infection including fatality, and prevent further spread.

Problems that have developed include a shortage of vaccine and a professed reluctance to be vaccinated by certain people and groups. And reported shortages of equipment and staff.

I I suggest that shortly before each vaccination the person be tested for antibodies. Their presence means that the person has been infected and has some immunity. Therefore a vaccination of that person would be unnecessary at least until herd immunity declared. The vaccination would be better to go to someone who has no antibodies hence no immunity. i.e. tests negative for antibodies. Also no second shot until herd immunity is reached.

I would also suggest that the military have priority for vaccination. Then military facilities could be opened to the general public.

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