Give Children Unapproved Vaccination If Parents Give Permission.

We are presently putting children back in school unvaccinated. This is clearly very risky as evidenced by increased infection rates. And generally not offering remote learning anymore.

IMO it clearly would be a viable option to offer a vaccination to parents to decide. These children could be closely observed for adverse reactions. IIRC this was done when the first adult vaccines were given out.

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My Belief Today About 9/11

Today, September 10, 2021, I have very little doubt that 9/11 was a Zionist (Israeli intelligence) covert operation based in Israel. With the collusion of Saudi Arabia (Saudi intelligence) and the collusion of US intelligence.

Yes, collusion. At least partial collusion. Perhaps there is some technique that allows some elements to be involved. Perhaps proceeding on a need to know basis. US intelligence is too sophisticated to have been totally in the dark. We know because it was reported in media that there were instances of intelligence usually FBI detecting suspicious activity which was reported but then not acted on further.

I do not believe this operation was originated by US intel. The US has no strategic or ideological reason to exacerbate violence between Zionism and Islam. However the Zionists do.

Much as I do not think the Vietnam or Korean war originated in Israel. It has no interest. However at the time the US was consumed by the possible expansion of international state communism.

Further, the recent Afghanistan withdrawal, the US has no interest in aggravating that situation. There was a longstanding stand off with little casualties on both sides. The Taliban were quite neutralized. Who would want to alter/exacerbate the situation? Israel. And arrange for a withdrawal to be precipitous, so many arms and equipment would be left behind. Israel.

Back to 9/11 and the aftermath. The US gets sidetracked in Afghanistan, from the war in Iraq which is the one Israel wants. Sure enough Saddam is accused of having “weapons of mass destruction”. Including General Colin Powell with his vial of cocaine or whatever it was at the United Nations.

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Can Someone Help Me Set Up a New Campaign Website?

With a movement campaign fundraising button?

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America Needs a Water Grid.

America Needs a Water Grid.

In addressing Climate Change, certain things clearly need to be done.

Among them:

Reduce burning fossil fuels.

Remove greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere.

Harvest a lot more water.

Presently we have reservoirs. We need to interconnect them. We need to harvest much more water making use of the existing limited systems. Storm drains could be retrofitted to send water to other than the local river drainage. Fire hydrants could be retrofitted to spray a jet of water high up then misting to counter dryness. And to counter fires especially in municipal areas but also all along the water mains. Along roads particularly. Roads could be enhanced firebreaks by remote control, freeing up firefighting crews. Each home and business etc should have a drinkable water holding tank connected to the grid.

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Urgent Request for Assistance.

Unfortunately I have overspent my budget. I have paid down my credit card debt so I have a good credit rating. But soon I will have to use that credit so the debt will go up again.

I am in danger of eviction. I should move to subsidized housing but there is usually a waiting list so I have been putting it off, perhaps unwisely.

I am open to any suggestions or offers of assistance.

Is there anyone out there who might be interested in giving Fop Six, Level the Playing Field, PLAS a chance? Some sort of website and associated organization. A separate organization because existing organizations do not seem to be interested in supporting it. And it could associate with other organizations like COFOE.

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Two Possible Avenues to Be Rid of the Taliban.

They are:

1. The United Nations could pass a Resolution such that Theocracies are historically proven to be incompatible with peaceful, sustainable human governance. Therefore unacceptable for membership. This is the reason the Separation of Church and State is in the UNITED STATES Constitution.

A direct consequence of this Resolution could be the expulsion of Afghanistan, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Iran and perhaps others.

2. The George W. Bush Doctrine. That a state that harbors a terrorist organization is just as responsible for its terroristic actions. The Taliban has been declared a terrorist organization by the USA. Further, by declaring itself the Emirate of Afghanistan and willing to accommodate Al Quaeda and ISIL (Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant), it qualifies for Declaration of War unilaterally by the USA. This was the original rationale for the original invasion of Afghanistan by the USA.

A strategy to militarily destroy the Taliban without US casualties could be to surround and patrol Afghanistan with attack drones. Announce that anyone or group detected crossing the recognized international boundaries except at designated points will be attacked by air to ground weaponry. Further, patrolling drones could be called upon to leave patrol to attack targets of opportunity within Afghanistan. e.g. captured American military vehicles on the move, easily identifiable, would have to be driven by Taliban. When subject to attack, the personnel would be eliminated as well as the asset. (the vehicle). So it will do no good for the terrorists to use the captured vehicles.

There is a movie that depicts this tactic. An ancient army, surrounded, was summarily destroyed by archers. A repeated barrage by arrows eventually killed all the soldiers despite their shields. Such attacks could continue until the Taliban declares it will withdraw from its efforts to hold government power. If necessary, every Taliban should be killed.

Clearly all this holds for Israel also.

Also clearly, I do not anticipate it would be necessary to kill every Taliban or Jew.

As for myself, I am a non violent person. I am a non denominational Christian. I am a leftist revolutionary. I desire non violence, peace, prosperity and brotherhood. However I am also a realist and very practical. These are ideals. Until they are achieved we must deal with the practical realities on the ground. As a Presidential candidate I have had to ask myself about such issues. Particularly being Commander in Chief. And the Second Amendment. I have done so, asked and answered such questions. The answer is yes. I can defend the Constitution. I can support Second Amendment rights. I could order the military to take actions in which someone may kill or be killed.

Someone is going to be President. These decisions will be made by someone. I believe I am in the best position be be that someone. I have declared my candidacy for the SIXTH time.

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Just Like the US Military, The Afghan Military Should Take Over the Government, Save Their Country.

Reportedly the Afghan President has left Afghanistan. This presents an opportunity for the military. Presumably the President has left with a transfer of power in place. It is to this, transference of power to the Taliban, that must be resisted.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. Throughout history, theocracies have not governed well. It is not workable, not sustainable. Therefore it is frowned upon, and rightly so.

To me, this development smacks of American abandonment of Afghanistan and its principles. Further it seems like a gift to China. China will not be concerned with human rights however it will have access to Afghanistan’s known reserve mineral wealth. The UNITED STATES would be unburdened of its human rights responsibilities or at least ambitions/hopes for same in Afghanistan, and would not consider exploiting Afghanistan’s mineral wealth or resources.

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Declaration of Candidacy for the Office of President of the UNITED STATES

Declaration of Candidacy for the Office of President of the UNITED STATES in 2024.

I will actively seek the nomination of the Green Party for 2024 and passively seek the Libertarian Party nomination for PLAS to work best. Presently my preferred running mate is Jo Jorgensen, as it was last election cycle. This ticket would be a PLAS fusion ticket. Presently my preferred candidate other than myself for the Green Party nomination is Darcy Richardson, as it was last election cycle. When Richardson got deeply involved in the Alliance/Reform party movement, I substituted Kevin Zeese. However something happened to Zeese in 2020. It is reported he “died”. However since the democrats and republicans are in control of the government and its vast power and resources, and are corrupt, many such reports are unreliable. Zeese and others, may or may not be dead. I just do not know. Further, evidently the democrats and republicans have formed an evil alliance with the government of Israel, further exacerbating the situation.

In the Independent/Third Party movement everything is unreliable. We must assume we are under attack. Surveilled, subject to covert operations -political dirty tricks- our ranks are rife with spies and operatives, our elections, nominations, functions etc. are more or less rigged.

I present Top Six and PLAS as remedies to this longstanding situation.

So, here we go again. This is my sixth election cycle as a declared candidate. Of course in 2004 I did not get very far. However I did begin longtime email correspondence with Tom Knapp, a Libertarian activist. Knapp and I discussed extensively what would become PLAS, but he eventually bailed. I wound up refining and naming PLAS, then went on to refine and name Top Six/Level the Playing Field.

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This Is to Verify That I Have Been Vaccinated for Covid 19.

I previously posted that I would not get vaccinated due to my bad experiences with covert operations. With an appointment for a vaccination, I would be a sitting duck so to speak.

This was remedied when my local pharmacy Rite Aid began offering drop in vaccinations. Which I did. They had the Pfizer vaccine. The subsequent appointment they gave me for three weeks later I did not make. However a few days after that I dropped in for the second dose.

Upon leaving I said thank you.

Now I verify this and state my recommendation that all get the vaccination as soon as possible.

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> Dark Matter = MegaDeath. Continuous Creation of Matter = Life. Steady State Theory.

I just wanted to be on the record in this issue. Perhaps the first, the discoverer so to speak.

We have in the Universe physics and metaphysics.

In the 1950’s there was the Theory of Continuous Creation of Matter/Steady State by Sir Fred Hoyle. Also the Theory of Orgone Energy by Dr. Wilhelm Reich.

Throughout history is the question of what happens when we die?

As the 20th century unfolded physicists discovered “dark matter”.

And it was discovered that all living things have an energy field. It was documented by Kirlian photography. The Kirlian Aura.

Reich postulated that upon death we go to a “Cosmic Ocean”. All living things. MegaDeath.

I am not certain what the continuous creation particle of matter is. Probably a single proton one at a time. Possible a proton with electron. A hydrogen atom. Also possible an alpha particle. With 2 electrons a Helium particle. I think a proton.

I believe we are in what I call a ” Field of Influence of Motivation”.

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