Darcy, Tom, Tamara, I am Locked and Loaded, Able and Willing to Hit the Road Running! Let’s Go!…OOPS!

Darcy just commented in IPR that he is, somewhat reluctantly (?), “willing to give it a whirl”. It being his and Tom’s vision of a fusion ticket/campaign. He will be in the Constitution party and Peace and Freedom party primaries in March! Campaign slogan, borrowed from Nixon, perhaps to be “bring us together”.
Uh-oh. Darcy, no! You have stumbled right off the bat. Most of that time until March would be wasted time. Fortunately it is not too late to get started NOW!
First of all, you need to listen to ME! Directly. Top Priority. I am the foremost authority in matters involving fusion ticket/campaign. I took Tom’s visionary glasses and tried them on. GEEZ! Tom, do you really see things like this? Well, a bit myopic, astigmatic, some depth perception problems, blurry but I can work with it. You need some corrective lenses so to speak. Can do.
Darcy, contact me directly. We are Friends on Facebook. IM me asap. Also I have 3 phones/numbers. But actually I prefer email. I am in a protracted email conversation right now for example, with Kris Lesiak. I prefer it for several reasons. There is also commenting here at TPP, but I defer to you.
My first recommendation would be to declare for the Green party’s nomination asap. And join the party and register as a Green as I have done. I will keep my status as actively campaigning for the GP nomination as a reserve, in case things don’t work out. Sorry, but With or without you permission. I used to think that the LP nomination was the third party “crown jewel”. But, no, it is the GP nomination with full ballot access. Tom is right about campaign laws, rules, regulations etc. The LP is tangled up in by-laws regarding the vice presidency and fusion. The GP is not. The nominee basically has carte blanche. Campaign with Tom or Tamara or someone else, but the vp should be a libertarian, preferably a radical woman. Chosen from the Radical Libertarian caucus would be ideal. I have been trying this for years so it may not be as easy as it sounds. That is why I asked Tom to deliver his wife!
Next, press release. Then begin campaign with your/Tom’s ideas about ” bring us together”. BUT, include Top Ten. Your campaign will get the four major third parties, Green, Libertarian, Constitution, Reform, on ALL ballots with “your” help. This is to “level the playing field”. Every voter will have a candidate they can relate to and has a realistic chance to win. There will be no “choosing the lesser of two evils”, or “wasted votes”. No more blue, red or purple states. All votes will count. May the best candidate-for America-win.
And Darcy, you are correct about educating the voters. Most importantly they must be educated to vote in our vote coordination plan to arrange a 50/50 ballots for Green and Libertarian candidates. That is Green and libs must not just vote straight up and down for their one party. They must select EITHER a Green OR a Libertarian for each ballot so as to not split the coordinated vote. This is the essence of PLAS.
So Darcy, Tom, Tamara…Can Do?

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Finally, At Long Last, A Rational Discussion About a Possible Fusion Ticket/Campaign By Someone Other Than Me. by Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

It happened in Independent Political Report in comments to this article:
Florida Reform Party Chair Joe Wendt Announces POTUS Bid.
see: https://independentpoliticalreport.com/2019/09/florida-reform-party-chair-joe-wendt-announces-potus-bid/#comments

Basically Wendt declared his candidacy and several commenters reacted.
William Saturn and Wendt got into a back and forth smear of each other via link love.
Then Darcy Richardson, a candidate for the Reform party nomination with Tom Knapp in 2016 commented about the state of affairs in American politics today and what might could be done about unfair/unrepresentative elections. Note that I endorsed Richardson/Knapp with the comment that this ticket COULD be a fusion (PLAS) ticket, but unfortunately they probably do not even realize it. But now, maybe they do.
Then Tom commented about his vision about how such a fusion ticket might be formed involving multiple third parties and how the nomination process and campaign might proceed.
Now here is what I propose: Move the discussion here, at The PLAS Place. For one reason, I am banned from commenting there by IPR owner Warren Solomon Redlich and enforcer paulie cannoli frankel. Encourage others to join in the discussion. I submit Richardson/Knapp as a possible fusion ticket. However I would prefer Tom’s wife, Tamara, as vp. We need a woman in the high position. And Tom, who actually was my campaign manager briefly, might be better placed in that position. Now withy me as Special Consultant, we have the makins of a winning campaign team!

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Can I Ever Get Justice in U.S. Courts or Is The Fix In Against the Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooter Also? -by Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

I have been involved personally in three federal cases in my life of 67 years. In 1985 as a defendant in the case involving my fan letters to then Philadelphia tv anchor Deborah Knapp. I “lost” but I should not have. In 2017 as plaintiff in a civil rights complaint involving the 2016 elections. I “lost” but I should not have. And now in 2019 involving Robert Bowers the defendant in the Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting last year. I am well on my way to losing but I should not. Not if justice is possible in U.S. Courts of which I am skeptical.
In the first case I was foolish and inexperienced and wound up plea bargaining. I didn’t realized I plea bargained for 5 years probation which as a first offender I probably would have gotten anyway. But in retrospect, I should not have been arrested by the FBI in the first place because I should not have been under surveillance and covert operations for political reasons. Because of Supreme Court rulings. And upon arrest counsel should have moved for dismissal on that ground. But the fix was in. The FBI knew I was indigent and would have to get the services of the inadequate federal defenders. And they knew they were not about to admit to surveillance and covert operations for political reasons. And they knew I was on SSI disability for mental health reasons. That could be used against me. So I wound up getting violated on probation which was planned from the beginning. I got sent to FCI Butner, NC, a showcase high security facility for mentally ill federal prisoners. e.g. John Hinckley, jr. was sent there. I was denied parole which I quickly qualified for which also was planned. So I maxed out at 40 months.
This case was totally unjust and absurd from the beginning. But the FBI has the advantage in court in many ways.
Fast forward to 2017. I decided to file a civil rights complaint in my standing as a declared candidate for third party/independent nomination for president. It was my fourth election cycle as a declared candidate. I felt I had a grasp of the problems of elections in USA and possible remedies. Well, I got gobbledygook from the District Court which was upheld by the Third Circuit Appellate Court. Again the fix was in. Unjust and absurd.
Now I am trying to inject some justice in the Bowers case. I believe he has a viable affirmative defense-not guilty by reason of self defense. Briefly, I submit that Israel is a racist, apartheid, theocratic, counterrevolutionary international terrorist state. The Mossad are known to be international killers, including covert operations in the USA. The jews zealously support Israel. Therefore the jews are international terrorists. I believe a case can be made for this to an American jury and they would be favorably persuaded. I am able and willing to assist in Mr. Bowers’ defense, pro bono. I have tried to communicate this to the judge, magistrate, federal defenders, appointed counsel, Judy Clarke, as well as writing Mr. Bowers directly. I sent three letters certified return receipt requested and did in fact receive them. So SOMEBODY got those letters. I have called and left messages many times. I have heard just about nothing.
I have read in several places that Judy Clarke is trying to plea bargain for life imprisonment in exchange for the death penalty. This is ineffective assistance of counsel if Bowers has a viable affirmative defense. But does he realize this? I have requested to speak with Bowers and/or visit him. No response. I have also asked Chris Lesiak, a well known reporter/blogger on right wing politics to interview Bowers. He has expressed an interest but has made no progress to the best of my knowledge.
So this is the situation. We are approaching the one year anniversary. One year is generally considered to be approaching the outer limit of time for detention before trial so as to not violate a defendant’s right to a speedy trial. I am not satisfied with what has happened so far and am not sanguine about Mr. Bowers getting justice in U.S. Court. To me it appears that Mr Bowers is being held incommunicado until he submits to plea bargaining. This is what happened to me in 1985.
I am ALMOST to the point of declaring that I believe that the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is also a terrorist state, on similar grounds e.g. collusion with Israel.
Indirectly I believe that my participation in this case, if it leads to justice-dismissal, hung jury or best case scenario acquittal, will tend to vindicate my experiences in U.S. Court also. Proceed to trial forthwith with me as a defense assistant. Or dismiss all charges.
Let us hope and pray for justice in this case and a beginning of the end of the international terrorist state of Israel.

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Update on Progress RE: Call for Emergency Meeting in Philadelphia on Strategy and Secuirity and Boycott/Strike of GP and LP.

There has been some developments since the Green Party Annual Meeting in witch town/Warlock Village, Salem, MA. at the end of July. Whether they are directly related I’m not certain. But certainly worth mentioning.
There has been a significant shooting incident in Philadelphia since I called for an emergency meeting there. Six police officers were shot; fortunately all not life threatening injuries. This made national news.
I received two emails from the Green party. One the August Greenline-Annual Meeting Recap. Another from GPNJ, Meet Howie Hawkins.
I note a comment in Independent Political Report by paulie cannoli frankel that he is moving to Mexico.
My sister sent me an unusual text yesterday.
Let’s start there, shall we?
A text from my sister is a big deal as we are estranged. She is in charge and calling the shots. She has power of attorney over my father. She and my brother in law put him in rehab and then the VA in Philadelphia. I had no say or even knew about it. As it is, my brother in law has more say about my father than I do. Well she texted me from the VA. She said she was at a “care conference” about once every three months, and would I like to talk with him afterwards. Well, as it is I do not visit him because I am wary of covert operations against me especially on their turf. The federal government has jurisdiction over any possible criminal matters on its property. And I gave up talking to him on the phone. He is lucid initially briefly but quickly tires and gets nonlucid. He can’t walk so is confined to a wheel chair.
So here is me suspicious that he has been drugged to make him unable to walk and get unlucid quickly falsely diagnosed as having dementia. And I deeply resent my sister and brother in law in charge of his affairs. I believe I am being deliberately prevented from getting an attorney to help me with this situation. Simply if my calls and emails are monitored, they would know if I have contacted an attorney. Then they contact that attorney with some sort of manipulation or coercion. I believe this is what happened to my attorneys when I was illegally evicted. They withdrew. Who knows what dirt the FBI/mossad had on them.
So I said ok to the phone call. It lasted briefly of course. But it occurred to me that this might be some sort of veiled threat against my father to me. Whether my sister is in on it or not.
So let me say, and I have said this before, if my father or my sister are harmed by the DHS/FBI/Mossad, I will be hurt and furious. But that is that. My father has had a long, interesting life. I will consider this just more collateral damage from all the rest of the mischief and mayhem by the dhs/fbi/mossad. I cannot and will not be deterred from what I am trying to do. For one thing, I believe the world will never find peace as long as Israel exists. And also without a successful progressive movement. Which Israel is directly blocking. And I have communicated to my sister that I suspect her but she denies it. So I said these people are very evil who you are cavalierly involved with. So it is on you. She continues to deny.
Now about the comment in IPR by paulie. I have suspected him for a long time. I believe he was at the LP convention in Orlando in 2016. Maybe looking for the quickest exit for when the shooting starts. Interesting that he is seriously considering moving to mexico now, and not to Israel. Maybe he got the word that maybe Israel will not be safe soon. I say good riddance.
Annual Meeting recap. Sent by Starlene Rankin. I read no mention of Bob Milnes. Evidently Jill Stein was there. Howie Hawkins? No mention I saw. Was there a presidential nomination candidates’ debate/forum? No mention I saw.
Meet Howie Hawkins. Next Green loser. Ranked Choice Voting!!!! No, thanks. H20 Cute, though.
Now, about this shooting in Philadelphia. Is it me, or is this a coincidence that this happened shortly after I called for an emergency meeting in Philadelphia specifically. And six police officers shot, none fatally? That doesn’t sound right. This top notch criminal is a lousy shot? Unless…he was not trying to kill, but to injure. In that case, he was a very good shot, which sounds far more likely. But why? Why a protracted hostage situation, random shots usually hitting nothing, in Philadelphia? Um, maybe if somebody wanted to dampen enthusiasm for an emergency meeting with little or no security in Philadelphia.
But who would have that capability? Actually dhs/fbi/mossad. It is actually right up their alley. They are experts with the criminal justice system and the courts.
Finding a fugitive who is a good shot and willing to deal, no problem.
And the police commissioner was replaced very quickly. Now this is speculation, but it may be that such a shooting could occur in the city under democratic party control. So, the police wanted their organization under THEIR control.
Actually I may have managed to get some police support despite the radicals generally negative attitude about the police, and the military. In my writings I have pointed out how such covert operations often target innocent people and cause collateral damage, civilians and including the police and first responders. Especially Irish first responders. My two top examples are the assassination of President Kennedy accomplished by dhs/fbi/mossad including the shooting of Dallas PD officer JD Tippit. If Oswald was under surveillance the whole time, it would be a simple matter to manipulate a collision between him and Tippit or some other police officer via anonymous phone calls. When that didn’t work, i.e. Oswald shot Tippit instead of what they wanted, Tippit shoot Oswald, they got Jack Ruby-Jacob Rubenstein to silence-kill-him. And 9/11, a covert operation involving dhs/fbi/mossad and throw in Saudi intelligence to locate and secure 20 homicidal/suicidal religious-muslim, arabic zealots. No problem. Many if not most first responders especially in NYC were Irish Americans. I have promised them an objective investigation of 9/11.
I have asked them, and the military, to take over the government.
Now, if there is a boycott/strike of the GP and LP, it would be awkward to proceed with arranging an emergency meeting via the parties. So I propose an ad hoc committee be formed consisting of people from both parties. Arrange conference calls via av chat/conference software at first. Then select a time and place for the meeting. Preferably a place with significant security already in place. Suggestions? And have as many extra laptops present for people who opt to not be physically present to participate online. This mix of present and not present participation should be adopted by both parties in future meetings. Perhaps the BTP would have grown instead of shrunk if we had done that. But the issue never came up to my knowledge. It was started as an all online party and stayed that way until the bitter end.
This ad hoc committee could continue as a liaison officially between the parties.

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A Call To All Green and Libertarian Party Activists and Candidates To Boycott/Strike the Parties. By Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

I fully understand the meaning of this and take full responsibility.
Since the Green and Libertarian parties will virtually almost certainly nearly completely lose on all ballots they manage to get on, little will be lost in a boycott/strike.
Hence no harm, no foul.
However, on the other hand, if we can rattle the cage and shake out some spies and saboteurs, and right the ship on a new course to victory, all is well.
But, does anyone deny that the GP and LP will lose? As they always have so far; has something changed? No, I think not.
Ask any person on the street, “Will the Green or Libertarian ticket win in 2020?”
LOL! They will laugh out loud in your face!
EVERYBODY knows this. Why does no one say it? Out loud for all to hear, rather than just think it in the recesses of one’s mind? If that.
Anyone who denies this is a brainwashed madman. Um… Madperson. Or fool. Or much worse.
This is because of Duverger’s Law. And deliberate spying and sabotage by The Powers That Be. i.e. the democrats and republicans. Which in my opinion is actually quite unnecessary. Yes, I believe that if the democrats and republicans did NOT illegally, unconstitutionally and immorally spy and sabotage third parties, independents and write ins, they would retain political power. Because Duverger’s Law has always been in effect everywhere, like bad weather. In the past, whenever mankind has managed to conduct an election, the centrists, the reactionaries, have nearly always won. The Founding Fathers remedied many governmental failings, what with The Bill of Rights et al. However they failed miserably to remedy unfair and unrepresentative elections. That has yet to happen.
That remedy is Top Ten + PLAS, I say.
Briefly, Top Ten would “level the playing field”. By getting the six significant parties in the USA, which cover the entire political spectrum bell curve, on all ballots. The six parties are democratic 17%, republican 17%, Green(progressive) 27%, Constitution(nationalist) 27%, Libertarian 13%, Reform variable/unknown. Clearly, any party except perhaps the Libertarian party would be very competitive to win, depending on several factors. The other four slots are for Independent tickets if any.
PLAS, The Progressive Libertarian Alliance Strategy is to coordinate and maximize the progressive 27% and libertarian 13% vote, adding up to 40%. That is enough to win by a close plurality. The progressives and libertarians would arrange to get on about 50% of the ballots each.
So what is to be gained by a boycott/strike?
Several demands should be made.
I have already called for an Emergency meeting in Philadelphia asap on Strategy and Security. Top Ten + PLAS must be adopted. Also there must be more security. Among security measures should be a discontinuation of conducting national meetings in the south and west. The progressive/libertarian stronghold is in the NE USA. NYC/Philadelphia/Washington. e.g. The Libertarian convention for 2020 in Austin, TX, should be relocated.
Also we must defend Robert Bowers, the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter.
Clearly Israel is a racist, apartheid, theocratic, counterrevolutionary terrorist state. Virtually by definition. The jews zealously support Israel. Therefore the jews are international terrorists. I believe the Mossad has obtained carte blanche from the DHS/FBI to operate within the USA against third parties, independents amd write ins. By doing this, the DHS/FBI exponentially increases its manpower and resources in this endeavor. Israel gets to politically persecute its enemies in USA in secrecy and virtual impunity. The centrist, reactionary parties in USA zealously support Israel, not the third parties.
If Mr. Bowers gets a dismissal, hung jury or acquittal in the criminal case against him, we could see the beginning of the end of the terrorist state of Israel.
He actually has an affirmative defense, not guilty by reason of self defense.
The Green party position on Israel/Palestine, The One State solution, a unified, secular Palestinian state, would result in the dissolution of Israel. Therefore the Green party MUST be a prime target of Israel. And as an advocate of Top Ten + PLAS, I MUST be a target of Israel. Therefore there is an urgent need for much more security.

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HELP! I Am Under Attack by The DHS/FBI/Mossad and Democratic and Republican Parties. by Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

And have been for quite some time.
But it is noticeably worse recently.
I believe I am being gas lighted, with intent to induce suicide.
Also what I call “pile on”. This is to cause several problems at once. Coinciding/complementing with gaslighting.
Over the years I have been assassination attempted, snitch jacketed, false flagged, gaslighted, credibility and character assassination, campaign sabotage and who knows.
By their very nature, surveillance and covert operations are SECRET.
My earliest suspicions go back to 1984. Ron Raygun was up for reelection. All of a sudden I was visited by what is now called a “homie” Bruce Reilly. See State of New Jersey v Bruce Reilly 1984. We were from the same neighborhood, school, many childhood friends in common. He was standing at the stairs landing, I was in basement walking up. All of a sudden he started laughing pointing a 357 at me. Well he was apologetic about that. He wanted to go see a girl we both knew, Patti Blumenstein. He was in the navy and served in the Antarctic and was at a transfer of nuclear weapons on a tarmac with lines of soldiers at some base in NJ I think. McGuire, Fort Dix, Lakehurst? . Got into some sort of trouble and discharged. I heard he had joined the military on the buddy system with Carl Canzanese, another “homie”. Carl’s nickname was “Tart” which is short for “retart”.
He came back that evening saying let’s go to this bar near Patti’s apartment. I went along reluctantly. I am not a bar person. He had some beers and I nursed one. He began to harass the band. Then he made a phone call. For all you young-uns that means he found a pay phone on the wall somewhere. Then he said he was going out to his van where I knew he had the gun and boxes of bullets, saying he’ll be back and teach the band a lesson. I said to myself I’m done. I’m outta here. I decided to walk home. It was a hike but doable. As I am walking I saw police with lights and sirens going in the opposite direction as me. Somehow I thought Bruce had done something.
Sure enough a few days later I found out he had kidnapped the bouncer. His defense was that the gun was for sale which I knew was not true. Would I be a witness? I was asked to go to his scumbag defense attorney’s office in Philadelphia with 2 other potential witnesses. Ken Holden who was my good neighbor who I knew and trusted and another guy I didn’t know, Carl Canzanese’s brother in law. Turns out he said he had warrants and didn’t want to testify. Also he said he and Carl were in the bar parking lot when all this happened.
I was flabbergasted. I didn’t know that. I started thinking this sounded like a set up. Where Bruce would get into gunplay with the band and Carl with his brother in law would join in and I wind up getting shot.
Bruce wound up beating the kidnapping charge. Getting convicted of a gun charge. I did not testify for either the defense or prosecution. The prosecutor’s name was Jaffa Stein. She was quite pretty but I wouldn’t trust her as far as I can spit. I spoke with her once after the trial. She warned me not to follow up on my suspicions saying it was “too dangerous”.
Fast forward to the Pulse bar shooting 2016. I thought deja vu. Maybe this loose cannon was supposed to shoot up the Libertarian National Convention lgbtq caucus which I planned to attend but bailed at the last minute. Then it was called off but why waste a perfectly good terrorist attack? So he wound up a few days later shooting up the lgbtq Pulse Club. Which would mean he was “handled” by somebody; his wife?
Another red flag for me was my sister. We are pretty estranged. But in desperation I asked her for bus fare to Orlando. Much to my surprise she said ok. She came over to my house which she never had, and handed me 300. That got me thinking that someone wants me to go to Orlando. And is in a position to get my sister to give me bus fare. Her “handler”? I don’t know for sure, do I? She might not even know she is being handled, if she even is.
Will write more here later.

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The World COULD Get Rid of Racist, Apartheid, Theocratic, Counterrevolutionary Terrorist State of Israel Quickly and Easily, Thank God. By Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

No matter what Trump says or does, thank God.
If Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooter Robert Bowers gets acquitted, hung jury or dismissal.
Not a chance? Slam Dunk? No plea bargain?
Think again.
I say he has a viable affirmative defense: Not guilty by reason of self defense.
I believe a jury could be persuaded by the simple truth: Israel is a terrorist state and the Mossad is an international terrorist organization,
including within the USA. And that the jews zealously support Israel. Therefore they are international terrorists.
All he has to do is plead not guilty by reason of self defense. Then make a significant case. An American jury will listen and be convinced.
I think he is being held until he plea bargains. As I was in 1985. Biggest mistake I ever made.
And how will this get rid of Israel?
Simply, a dismissal, hung jury or especially an acquittal would show the world the truth about Israel. Further, that one can kill jews in America and not get convicted of ANYTHING.
Everyone will quickly know the jews are not safe anywhere. Much more than the case before.
So Israel will seek a place the jews can live protected.
I have already suggested Sinai peninsula. Unfortunately the Bedouins will have to be relocated. Egypt must be asked to cooperate.
A problem might arise. It is said Israel has The Samson Option. If they see they are falling, they could opt to take the world with them.
National suicide. Nuclear winter. They have that capability.
Now I may have a problem. I am a candidate for the Green Party presidential nomination. I must convince them that defending Robert Bowers is the correct thing to do.
This is a logical consistent outcome of the Green party position on Israel/Palestine. The one state Solution.
A unified secular state of Palestine would eliminate the State of Israel.
Does the Green party think they will just go away?

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