Open Thread for August 2013


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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for 2012.
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4 Responses to Open Thread for August 2013

  1. James Ogle says:

    I’m checking this out to see if it works. Robert, are you there? You really should admit that the parliament’s system is superior to PLAS. (though I do like the concept of PLAS, it just won’t work without the parliament’s system)

  2. James Ogle says:

    BTW, this is the correct email address for notifying me of a response:

  3. James Ogle says:

    Lexington Green Party…I LIKE it! You may run for nomination on the Boston Tea Party as Lexington Green Party, Robert. But you must accept the nomination to be on the ballot.

    Here’s the update on the Mid-Atlantic Region:
    Mid-Atlantic Super-state Parliament Circuit #4

    Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina

    100 Members of Super-state Parliament

    Green Party – 53

    Craig Seeman, David Cobb, George Friday, Eugene Platt, Ben Manski, Dr Jill Stein, Daisy Deadhead [Green Libertarian], Carey Campbell [Independent Green], Blue, Marcia Everett, Dave Crossley, Gregg Jocoy, Sarah Manski, Cheri Honkala, Theresa Klapperich, Sue Edward, Bernie Buckley, Thom Taylor, Chris Hedges, Naomi Klein, David Gillespie, Jeanne van den Hurk, Nammu Mohammed, Paul Platt, Max Wendroff, Becci Robbins, Brett Bursey, Terri Lee, Gina Zenola, Donna DeWitt, Steven Perry, Jeff Sharlett, Jesse Johnson [Mountain Green], Dennis Hanson, Roy Calloway, Rose Marie Parsons, Leslie Minerd, David Matos, Wade Fulmer, O’Neal Compton, Daniel O’Neal, Kevin Alexander Gray, John Ruoff, Darrow Center, Ruth Center, Dante Swinton, Jackson Hamilton, Joseph P. Oddo [Independent Green], Gail for Rail Parker [Independent Green], Janet Murphy [Independent Green], J. Ron Fisher [Independent Green], George R. “Tex” Wood [Independent Green], Jeremy Good [Independent Green]

    Parties With One Seat – 12

    Lissa [For], Rhett Smith [First Freedom], Mark Smith [Commonwealth], Aaron Lyles [Constitution], Christopher Kron [Labor], Cornelius F. Brantley Jr. [Multi-Party USA], Harry Bertram [American Third Position], Bobert Nagan [Wiccan Free Liberal], Thomas Hill [Free Will], Alex Adams [Legalize Marijuana], Russell Lajoie [Peace], Daniel Roy Barnett [Pot]

    Libertarian Party – 6

    Ralph Beach, Stuart Flood, Stephen Smith, Mel Matze, David Morris, Richard A. Weir [Libertarian Socialist]

    Green Tea Party – 5

    Samantha Schneider, Jessica Cruz, David Mecklenburg, Ryan McGarrigle [Green-Tea], Tiffany Briscoe [Green Tea-Rainbow]

    Info. Not Avail. – 4

    Mary Arnold [Info. Not Avail.], Christina Leigh [Info. Not Avail.], Karen Hammett [Info. Not Avail.]

    Democratic Party – 4

    Joseph P. Riley, Jr., Elizabeth Colbert-Busch, Weed Killer [Democratic], Dennis Kucinich [Democratic]

    Socialist Party – 4

    Patrick Labbe, David Charles, Matt Lemmons [United Socialism], Rhys Scarlett [United Socialism],

    Independent – 3

    Tina Cook, Jennifer Foster [Independent], Ralph Nader [Independent]

    Peace & Freedom Party – 3

    Cynthia McKinney [Peace & Freedom], Cindy Sheehan [Peace & Freedom], Stewart Alexander [Peace & Freedom]

    Free Parliamentary Party – 2

    James Ogle, Dylan Robson

    Disabled Party – 2

    Center, Gerald Reynolds [Disability Advocate]

    Republican Party – 2

    Teddy Turner, Chip Limehouse
    * * *

  4. James Ogle says:

    Everyone, the All Party System Co., a business entity for counting votes, is electing an International Bureau (IB) which will consist of 25 names and whose purposes include building a virtual international parliament entity and for reporting the information/news about that entity.

    Nominations end Saturday night, August 10th, and then the election will last for one week.

    If anyone would like to be on the ballot for electing the ten names of the ten “Worker BoDs”, be sure to email me and accept the nomination of your name. Otherwise, your name will not be included on the ballot. My email address is allparty at allpartysystem dot tv and my phone number is (831) 383-1409.

    To see the current status of the IB, which already includes ten “Donor BoDs”, which will be paying the Worker BoDs in stocks (1/100,000ths increments per month) and which already includes four self-nominated executives for a total of 14 of 25 BoD names already serving, click the following link:

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