My Challenge to paulie.

Come Here. Comment, discuss, debate. This can be a dedicated thread. Dedicated to paulie banali. You say plas is wrong? I say plas is right. So explain it here to me and everyone, how plas is wrong. You say you were not Anonymous, who banned me on false ground from commenting in IPR. Well, if you were not Anonymous, you were at least there. You could have spoken up. Either stated your agreement with this false ground or stated your disagreement/opposition. You did neither. Everyone says that you are very important to IPR. You are a workhorse. Without you IPR would collapse. Why? Why is that so? IPR is mostly volunteering. Why can’t other volunteers take up the slack? Why is there such laziness as far as volunteering at IPR? These same lazy people deride me for being depressed and not vigorously campaigning and blogging etc. They do not contribute to my campaign yet hold it against me that I have no contributions. Wrights states that he will not declare his candidacy without a significant contribution UPFRONT!. Why can he get away with that and I cannot? Go ahead and support Wrights and others and not me. Concerned Libertarian Citizen makes a point. They are all going to lose. Why bother to support a losing party, the LP & GP? They are going to lose. Nobody is going to listen to The Green Party Shadow Government. They are going to lose. My proposal for a shadow government, which they stole and ruined, was to set up an exact gallery of positions so that WHEN THE PARTY WINS, the shadow government can proceed hitting the road running.

Paulie says he supports outreach to the left. Well here I am! Yewt no outreach for Bob, only ridicule FOR YEARS. Why paulie. Did somebody put you up to that? Why don’t you own a laptop? Or have access to the internetin your name? Even I have a high end laptop with Clear 4G. You are clearly far more IT talented than I.  What is your job that Warren mentions in IPR comments that you have? Is it IT related? If not, why not? Angela K. commented that you are a hobo with a clipboard. Why? Why are you a hobo when you could clearly have a lucrative IT job. Anybody can get signatures. No IT talent is required. You would clearly be expendable as a petitioner and much more valuable to the movement as an IT . So you see why I wonder about your job. It occurred to me that you fit the profile of one who has been flipped by the FBI. Have you read The Age of Surveillance by Frank J. Donner, a commie? I did-in federal prison. Yes, they have a library in federal prison. Law books and all. Maybe the FBI passed you on to Israeli intelligence. I would if I were them. Maybe they offered you a deal you couldn’t refuse. Plea bargain. Rule 35 FRCP sentence modification/reduction. Parole terms. No laptop or internet? Tell us more about your self admitted sordid past. Any murders? Or just drugs? What happened with the petition fraud charges? Disposition? You see, I got some experience in federal criminal law by them charging me. I had never read a statute or been in a federal courthouse before. My bad. It would be quite different if they tried the Deborah Knapp stunt against me or some other fool charges again. They won’t be tripping an young inexperienced, trusting fool like I was. They’d be taking on a very much older, experienced and untrusting person this time. So, they won’t. I wish they would, the filthy bastards. So, I actually would have some sympathy for you, if they did jam you up.

So bring it here,. Come to The Pl,as Place, paulie.

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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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16 Responses to My Challenge to paulie.

  1. James Ogle says:

    I bet you anything Robert will be throwing me out and deleting MY comments here very soon!

  2. Concerned Libertarian Citizen says:

  3. rwm4prez2012 says:

    CLC, all the comments Tom K wrote in IPR referring to you: Ditto.

  4. rwm4prez2012 says:

    James, do you shit where you eat?

    • James Ogle says:

      In the past few days, I’ve been deleted from participating on the Modern Whig, nationla Green Party, Charleston South Carolina Green Party facebook pages and perhaps another one or two that I may have left off. This really puzzles me that people would do that when I’m writing about unity and how to use the ranked choice voting (RCV) system for attaining unity.

      I’m not into curse words or foul language, and I really don’t understand Robert’s comment above. Of course I don’t shit where I eat. What does that comment have to do with my suggesting that he’d delete my comments? I’m simply testing his forum by stating that he’d probably delete the comments.

      What strikes me as strange is the way IPR tried to manage people’s comments and access, and labeled political free speech spam. That seems really small-minded and counter-productive. I know many of the people in the Libertarian Party who have been supporting the likes of Root, Johnson, and I really can’t get behind censorship of people with alternative ideas to theirs. Single-winner districts needs to be abolished, and that’s an idea I advocate. But Root, Johnson and everyone in the Libertarian Party have no idea how harmful single-winner districts and plurality voting is to their own cause.

      That’s pretty wierd that they would oppose improvements which would actually results in their success. My opinion is that they’re so consumed with the power grab for single-winner districts that they don’t have time to understand better solutions for the whole.

  5. James,

    Why do you think that is the case?

    • James Ogle says:

      Well, I’m looking around the place and so far so good. I do the that Robert Milnes is a bit hard nosed simply because he won’t use ranked choice voting. That’s how I identity cool team players.

      So while he may not delete my comments (and I actually don’t think he will, I was really just ribbing him) I am critical of him for the fact that he won’t use (or doesn’t understand the math and the benefits) of ranked choice voting.

      But I do like his forum, and I do like PLAS. I agree with antirevolutionary that RCV is the key to PLAS.

      I also like the word press system, these blogs and William Saturn’s work. Someone once said that William Saturn was probably not a real name. I don’t know. William are you at liberty to state whether William Saturn in your real name?

      Also, I appreciate being able to converse with everyone here, including antirevolutionary, whom Miss Joy Waymire and I had the pleasure to meet in person last year when she and I drove to the California state Libertarian convention since his home town was on the way so we stopped and had lunch with him. That was a fun experience meeting someone new from an online chat room and he is a lot taller than I thought for some reason in real life.

  6. Antirevolutionary (formerly Catholic Trotskyist) says:

    Paulie is overall a person who cares about freedom of speech. He has not banned me from IPR for the 5 years we have both been there, even though during the first or two I acted pretty mentally ill there. But when he feels pushed too far for whatever reason, he holds a grudge. That’s true of almost everyone else. IPR has highest quality when Paulie is there, in terms of discussion and inside LP information. Why haven’t other volunteers always taken up the slack? Paulie wonders that as well. At least we have Warren and KL now. I am still sympathetic to PLAS; the only reason I’m not supporting it is that I happen to disagree with you on the ideology of what a PLAS government might look like, not the strategy. If run by the right people, a PLAS strategy might actually work. But I’ve heard you speak from the video Ken Mollman posted, and you don’t have a public speaking potential of a presidential candidate. You do have a lot of political knowledge and analytical skills though.

  7. Antirevolutionary (formerly Catholic Trotskyist) says:

    The US Parliament would be a good way for the PLAS movement, the Functional Filmore Frugal movement, and my new Christian Socialist Antirevolutionary movement to work as a team.

    • James Ogle says:

      Things are going very well with the USA Parliament and there are new people and new developments happening all the time. The recent acceptance of a position on the affiliated business entity All Party System Co. by the independent presidential candidate running in Afghanistan is one such development.

  8. Antirevolutionary (formerly Catholic Trotskyist) says:

    I’m pretty convinced, based on the posts by Paulie, Andy and others, that petitioning is a difficult job and cannot be done by just anybody.

  9. James Ogle says:

    Thank you for your responses everyone. Thanks for informing us that William Saturn is a pen name. I think it is a cool pen name. As far as posting long lists of names,

    I can’t see why reporting on ballots cast electing a big team is such an inconvenience. It’s like you’re writing; “we welcome free speech, just don’t post long lists of names”: My response; “It takes long lists of names to make a big team”.

    Look at the executive branch of the USA government as an example, where there are reportedly more than 1,700,000 employees working on government payroll. Do you think one name has a better chance of leading such a group, or do you think 100 or 1000 names is better?

    I believe we need a big team is needed, and that’s why I promote who the names on the elected team are, with their rankings which are based on the tool and use of the team psychology.

    So to say; “You can have free speech, just don’t post lists of names”, is simply denying my team free speech. Thank you for allowing me to post the Mid-Atlantic Super-state Parliament’s names. And this team is much larger than that, it’s definitely NOT about one person.

    This team votes and thinks like a team. But without the votes and the lists of names, there wouldn’t be much else no team.

    The USA Parliament and the All Party System Co. are two entities; a business and political united. Both are powered by votes. Both shine with unity psychology. The promotion of the names is part of the energy being broadcast.

    • I never explicitly said it was a pen name. You came to that conclusion, but I didn’t say it either way.

      The U.S. government does not go around to blogs posting long lists of names. You do. People have told you they don’t like you doing it because it wastes time scrolling through. You persist and then don’t understand why you get banned from places.

      Copy/pasting long lists for no reason other than advertisement is SPAM. It is graffiti without the artistic value. It’s like taking a robot to a public square and having it continuously repeat the same names over and over and over.

      • James Ogle says:

        William, the lists are announcements of names. We elect consecutively ranked names with plenty of backups, and that’s our edge. We don’t elect any single winner districts. We’re team/unity psychology and not like your typical political entity who starts fights, blocks unity and throws people out for free speech. We LIKE free speech and individualism. But the ranked choice votes (RCV) is like the fuel and the list is like the train. Works great! The Small Business Administration Ministry is probably one of our best examples of teamwork:

        Full SBA Minister Benjamin Meiklejogn [Green Independent] and I are the main vote counters. We have a 100% guaranteed voter satisfaction level in electing our 32 Directors, and the mission statement, two resolutions and six rules are all elected with a minimum 50% plus one majority.

        Everyone is invited to be on the unity team; the unity between political and business.

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