A Proposal for Addressing the Issue of Violence in/at Schools.

   This proposal is largely in response to the Newtown massacre. That doing something decisive about this complex and difficult issue might get traction from the strong response.  There are much more than usual calls for action about guns particularly assault type rifles and the issue of mental illness and violence. There is a decisive program.
   We live in a patriarcal society. There are studies that demonstrate that matriarcal societies are far less violent than patriarcal. Violence being all but nonexistant.  Might there be a program that would transition from patriarcal to matriarcal? Yes. And by great coincidence and good fortune, it directly involves schools.
   All violence can be traced back to psychoanalytic illness. Everyone is vulnerable and in fact has contracted to varying degrees this illness. Understanding this goes back at least to Sigmund Freud. Hence it could be called social psychoanalytic illness.  Wilhelm Reich correctly followed up on this, leaving his estate to The Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust Fund.  see   http://wilhelmreichtrust.org/    His student, Alexander Lowen elaborated on this.    see   www.bioenergetic-therapy.org/   Also James Prescott formerly with NICHD conducted neurological and cross cultural studies focusing on infants.   see  www.violence.de/prescott/bulletin/article.html   www.ttfuture.org/
   Social psychoanalytic illness is transmitted from person to person via their relationship. Including infants including prenatal. Therefore it is similar in that to any other-infectious communicable illness. Treatment would consist of mandatory therapy for everyone and reverse quarrantine of youth to age 18. Treatment administration should be via the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention.  Inverse quarrantine of youth should be conducted in schools by converting them to Social Psychoanalytic Health Centers for Youth.
 Incidentally this would solve the issue of violence brought into the school. The facility perimeter would be secured, emergency exits only multiple surveillance cameras. One entrance with an armed receptionist and metal detectors 24/7. The principal and assistant principal also armed, office nearby. Also the local police should have a substation there with at least one armed officer 24/7.

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