Obituary Nancy McCusker Benson, PhD. 1948-2012.

Subject: Obituary Nancy McCusker Benson, PhD.1948-2012.

This says she is dead. I say she is not.
To be continued…
   I met Nancy in I believe 1975. I had put up an ad for a date on the bulletin board in the Student Union Building at the University of Colorado, Boulder. She answered the ad. We met and went out on a date or two, mostly around campus. She said she was a Special Student. She was an elementary school teacher. She was married but said her husband and her were in an “open marriage”. She described herself as a “late bloomer” which I took to mean she hadn’t dated much before marriage and now was interested in more experience. I also had a history of few dates. She said she was from Pittsburgh area. Age 26. I forget if I mentioned Philadelphia. I was 22.
   One night we went up the nearby Flagstaff mountain in her white VW bug. We stopped at an overlook-a make out place. We started making out. Suddenly she withdrew. We were quite for a while. Then she said, “I think I am the first.” I thought the first what? What is going on? She became evasive and we went back to town. I tried to contact her but was rebuffed. Once I went to the elementary school she taught at looking for her. I was arrested. Spent some time in jail. Case dismissed. I kind of gave up on her after that.
   Over the years I thought about her. Not because she was my type-a gorgeous, voluptuous, stone fox supermodel Kate Upton? She was not. In fact, being 26, she was already over the hill! But she wasn’t all that hard on the eyes either. And she voluntarily drove HER car to a make-out place -with ME!. She was breathing and had a pulse-and a JOB! I learned about Treehouse Reaty and then Treehouse Learning. When the website went up I learned she had 2 daughters and was divorced. No mention of Ralph. Who, I must say is to me a very suspicious person of interest.
   I came to an understanding about what happened that evening. She must have traveled in time, as I had.
   Let me explain that…When I was about 18, I remember I was in the bathroom and all of a sudden I was “infused” so to speak by a flood of thoughts and feelings. Basically all of a sudden I knew I would struggle with the problem of getting a girlfriend unsuccessfully for many years. And this was very painful. Remember the scene in Star Trek where Spock first touch the Horta and withdrew in agony, flooded by her painful thoughts and feelings? It was like that. I had time traveled within myself and upon return from the future, brought many thoughts and feelings back with me. Consider that both her and I have very high I.Q.s. Between the two of us we probably shatter the 300 mark. This would be a considerable advantage in what is a largely psychoanalytic phenomenon.
   Now, when in Boulder I met another woman, Ona Schneider. A Jewish girl from Queens. We went on a date or two. Then I tried something and the cops were called. I forget the disposition but she befriended Dr. McFarland who must have put in a good word for me with her. Anyway a few months after being arrested iat the elementary school I time traveled again. This time it was a little longer and I had a few more details. Ona and I would be making out and she would run away. We were enveloped in radiating bridges. see The Cancer Biopathy by Wilhelm Reich. Her running out would be very painful. But then after that, Nancy would come to me and we would eventually succeed. There will be many waves of sexual pleasure. So I thought this would happen in a week, or 2 or a month or 2 or 3. Now over three decades later, nothing.
   So when I saw this obituary I was shocked. Not with grief, but with confusion.  How could Nancy be dead? What about our future encounter. Let me explain that. Remember the scene in Star Trek TMP, where Captain Decker and Ilya/V’Ger were surrounded by flickering waves of some sort of radiation/energy? It is kind of like that. They go on to intercourse,  in which the genitals function as biosexual energy accumulators/capacitors. At discharge there is mutial orgasm/energy arc, within the female-the Grafenberg Spot. The fused genitals are in effect a time machine. The waves of pleasure I felt came from Nancy & I. She had that experience shortly before actually meeting me. So she was confused, afraid. She has avoided me since.
   Now, if this is true, Nancy-or Ona-can’t be dead. So what is going on? The only 2 things I can think of is a government covert operation to kidnap Nancy. To keep her from me. Over the years by illegal surveillance of me they have learned about her and her importance to me. So they came up with a plot to keep her from me. OR she confided in someone-Ralph? that she was afraid of me and would do anything to avoid me. A plot was schemed up to fake her death. A plot where her estate goes to him, not her daughters-or me indirectly. If Nancy and I were to reconcile, her finances would spill over to some degree to me. But as her confidente over the years, Ralph filled that position. Her confidante, protector-from me, lover!!! etc.
   Something along these lines must have happened.
   Now, anyone who knows me knows this is not the only fantastic story I have been involved in. TV surveillance, Deborah Knapp, which if I am rigjht about interpreting her Freudian slips over the air, had a conversion reaction and declared she was pregnant but was not. Therefore there must have been a staged birth-as opposed to a staged death with Nancy-in Lankenau Hospital. A simple paternity/maternity test should show that neither Deborah Knapp nor Henry Bonilla are the biological parents of Alicia Bonilla. The many assassination attempts, dirty tricks. Also my suspicions about paulie. My belief in PLAS as a viable strategy. I seem to be one of few who believe in that. And the suspicious circumstances of the death of David Nolan etc. When I call for an investigation, I’m not kidding!
   So I’m calling an emergency in the case of Nancy Benson. Either the government has kidnapped her or she is involved in some sort of fake death in which Ralph lover boy has wound up with her estate.-Unless she had a will leaving it to her daughters. All of which from the government pov or her pov is to avoid me-keep Nancy and I apart.

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9 Responses to Obituary Nancy McCusker Benson, PhD. 1948-2012.

  1. As David Nolan is mentioned above I am including a link to a story at The Washington Post about his death:

  2. rwm4prez2012 says:

    Thane, I have been considering writing a post especially for YOU! How does “Thane E., Dime a dozen rightist” sound to you?
    BTP and the LP being jammed up with rightists like you is a major problem. The Nolan Resolution was aimed at Root, I believe. But the idea was to purge the LP of rightists. But then Alicia Mattson sent the resolution to some reactionary think tank which turned it into its exact opposite.
    So here you are. You must know that I noted you voted against me at BOTH BTP nominations in 2012. And you were against my reinstatement to IPR comments. Why are you here? Don’t you feel unwelcome, because you are?
    How about doing something useful like going to the thread dedicated to paulie and defend him there? LOL!

  3. rwm4prez2012 says:

    So you are here to post Nolan’s obit as further evidence that I am crazy? No, I never said Nolan wasn’t dead. I am merely suspicious of the circumstances of his death. IIRC, he had submitted his resolution. Mattson came back with its exact opposite. He must have thought to himself, WTF? Now there was a LNC meeting. He was reportedly sick and would not attend. But I bet he wanted to. Next thing we hear he is dead. Stroke while driving. But a car accident didn’t kill him, the stroke did.
    So, what if there was a covert operation going on to make him too sick to attend the meeting? Then stroke, whether is was caused by whatever he was given to make him sick or not. The stroke was complicated by whatever. Or not. Either way, very suspicious.

    So you coming here is doubly ironic. You come to the plas place which you are not banned from whereas I am banned from IPR, to post something intended to be critical of me, when Nolan ‘s Resolution would have purgeed Root-and YOU!
    Nice try.

  4. RLW says:

    So Robert, when did you last have intercourse?

    • rwm4prez2012 says:

      RLW, whoever you are, I have decided to not answer that question-at this time.
      Rather I would like to concentrate everyone’s attention on Nancy. If I am correct about her, she is alive-somewhere-possibly kidnapped by the government. Her estate has probably been stolen. Again, unless her estate went to her daughters if there was a will. This Ralph person is a very suspicious person of interest IMO. So, people, let’s find out about Nancy. Was she really that obsessed with fear of me that she would participate in a fake death scenario “voluntarily”? Or has something involuntarily happened to her?
      An investigation should start with whether she was supposedly buried or cremated. An investigation of the services. An investigation of the medical services. Death certificate. Who signed it? Who was present at time and place of death. From the obit I gather Ralph was there but it is less definitive as to who else was there. Just that bit of info is suspicious to me. Everything about this death is unreliable IMO and should be investigated.

      • rwm4prez2012 says:

        I remind everyone that I long ago stated that I believe a fake birth was conducted at Lankenau Hospital in the birth of Alicia Bonilla. There have been many cases of fake birth and death under many different circumstances.
        IMO Deborah Knapp got very preferential treatment in my case. Whereas she actually cooperated with the FBI inappropriately. So did Jill Porter. And somebody, I suspect Bonilla himself, evidently tried to get me indefinitely committed pursuant to Section 4246.
        So let’s pull the scab off this case too, while we’re at it. I call for a full investigation of what happened between me and Deborah Knapp, including a paternity and maternity test of Alicia Bonilla.

  5. funky monkey says:

    How long is your Anthony Weiner?

  6. 123 says:

    Will you post an image of your Anthony Weiner so we can rank it and organize a team around it?

  7. Concerned Libertarian Citizen says:

    “I tried something and the cops were called.”

    What did you try?

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