Multimillion Windfall Could Be Had from PLAS.

   Recently Donor Town Square was sold to Click and Pledge. I have not yet changed my political contributions button to reflect. I got to thinking, all one has to do is start a contributions collection online company with related software, and one could hit a windfall-IF PLAS gets traction. I would do it if I had the capability. And I would sign up with such a service, especially if it encouraged candidates to endorse PLAS and supported them.
   I look back on 2008, the Ron Paul campaign. Paul is a republican. Almost certainly his treasurer and staff are republicans. His campaign collection service would have ties to the republican party. And libertarians supported his campaign to the amount of about $35 million. Even the 2-7% collection fee would be a significant windfall. I have estimated that if PLAS got traction, the Presidential campaign could take in about $400 million in contributions. Then there is the downticket campaigns. Both Libertarian and Green. All together ANOTHER $400 million? Who knows? THe point is the Third parties are plagued by campaign contribution shortfalls. What a dramatic reversal of this situation is possible. Now, what could bring this about? I have been waiting for the Libertarian and Green parties or at least the candidates to consider this possibility. But I would settle for sheer self interest and greed for someone to set up such a collection service and promote PLAS.
Think about it. Quick and easy money for anyone good at IT.
A LOT of quick and easy money.
IF PLAS gets traction.
Why not set it up? They just may come.

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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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1 Response to Multimillion Windfall Could Be Had from PLAS.

  1. rwm4prez2012 says:

    Most contributions would come from contributions that would otherwise have gone to the democrats or republicans. i.e. contributions DIVERTED from the democrats and republicans. Therefore making the democrats and republicans less competitive and the LP and GP more competitive.

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