Robert Milnes Wins Connecticut

The state-by-state results of IPR’s 2016 Libertarian Party presidential preference survey shows progressive activist Robert Milnes with 100% support in the state of Connecticut.

Milnes, who penned this editorial about last year’s school shooting in Connecticut,  was the only current candidate to win a state. Fellow contender Darryl Perry tied with Jesse Ventura in New Hampshire, while Kip Lee and Jim Burns did poorly in each state.

Potential candidates Ventura, Gary Johnson, and Jim Gray were the only other individuals to win states exclusively. 

The result reflects growing momentum for the Milnes campaign in the northeast. In addition to his victory in Connecticut, Milnes finished second in his homestate of New Jersey with 29% support, just behind Johnson’s 43%.

IPR conducted its survey August 12-19. 166 readers across at least 37 states took part.

To stay abreast of the latest result updates, follow Saturn’s Repository.

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