I am declaring an EMERGENCY in the cases of Nancy Benson and William Saturn.

Yesterday I received a phone call from Nancy’s daughter Susan.

We discussed what happened. I told her some of my particulars, that I knew her mother starting in the 1970’s.  She described her illness and death. I told her I read the obituary. I asked her if it was accurate in that her mother died in her home with only Ralph Vickry, her husband present. She said yes.

I have concluded Nancy was drugged and a death was faked and so was the subsequent funeral and burial. I do not know what is buried in Green Mountain Cemetery but it is not the dead body of Nancy Benson.  I do not think she is dead.

My best guess at what happened to her then is that she is warehoused somewhere under the influence of drugs.

Susan’s phone call came while I am in the process of filing a missing person report in the case of William Saturn.

Like Nancy, I think he has been kidnapped and taken somewhere under drugs. However William may have been murdered. I do not have enough information about him to know whether or not he was murdered, only probably kidnapped.

To be continued…

Saturday October 5 shortly after midnight.

What needs to be done in Nancy’s case is Susan should contact the police asap. Or, have the casket exhumed. Also Ralph should be questioned. Also Nancy’s doctors/medical team. Also those in charge of the funeral/burial.

As far as my conversation with Susan, she came across to me a a prime candidate for covert operations victim. Someone could lie to her easily. She mentioned her inexperience with cancer and death, so anything medical could probably be lied to her. She seemed like she wanted to continue the conversation, but I said she should read my article about her mother on my website. She said she hadn’t. I said you’d better be sitting down when you read it.

Saturday 1pm. When  I was speaking with Susan and subsequently I thought about my suspicions about the death of David Nolan. I suspect he was drugged just enough to make him sick enough to “chose” to not attend the Libertarian party meeting going on nearby- Vegas. But perhaps it caused his stroke. Accidentally or deliberately. Either way whoever would be behind it should be held responsible. So I am ongoing suspecting that Nolan was poisoned. And in the back of my mind my friend with the very high I.Q. getting ADEM. Transmitted by mosquitos. Deliberately? Seems VERY plausible if there is a general campaign to sabotage me, PLAS and keep me down and broke.

And now here is me thinking about Nancy being poisoned and kidnapped talking with her daughter. How do I communicate this without freaking her out? Quickly concluding I’m a madman? Well, I go slow. Explain the past incidents. Let her think about it on her own. If she decides she wants to check out my story, she must exhume that casket. There is little alternative. It is definitive proof one way or the other.

Thursday, October 10. I am Staples internet access at $.25/minute.

On Saturday someone stole my laptop and cellphone. Tried to steal tv also but I found it on the edge of my lot. I was working on installing rebuilt carburetor on RV and on computer and watching tv. Door open because it was hot. I fell asleep & woke up to two teens in mydoorway, tv gone. I yelled. They bolted. I chased them but they ditched me. I doubled back & found tv.

Then a while later I went as planned to NAPA to get gaskets. Should have taken laptop. It was under a lot of stuff so I thought it was well hidden. But no, gone when I returned.

Next day they came back, looking for tv I assume. I and neighbors called Camden Metro.

Now, how many people think this is a coincidence? I report about Nancy and William then my laptop is stolen. I can’t afford to replace it. I bought it on credit at Fingerhut.

Tv I bought at Walmart with credit card. Samsung 19″ flatscreen. Power cord and remote missing.

Cellphone is Assurance. Free for qualified. Poor, SSI, food stamps etc. I got a replacement phone yesterday.

Can anyone help me get a laptop? Local repair shop has one used decent processor about $400. I’d like an HP i3,5 or 7. Windows 7. I hate Windows 8.

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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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