My Response to Darryl Perry Loses Mayoral Bid, IPR Nov. 9 by William Saturn …OR, What is the matter with Richard Winger et al?

I just read the article. Seemed straightforward…until the comments. Mostly Jill criticizing WSS, followed by cyberpig paulie oinking his critiscisms of WSS, and me, mostly.

I confided in WSS long ago that he risked getting banned from IPR much like me, probably by paulie.

I deny harassing paulie by phone. I had long ago rejected WSS idea of debating paulie on the phone for several reasons. My preference was to invite paulie to The PLAS Place (TPP) and debate/discuss PLAS and our differences etc. Unfortunately I suspected he would not accept the invitation, probably because he knows he would lose. He has not responded as yet.

I DID actually talk with paulie, briefly. At issue was my then concerns about WSS. paulie was not helpful at all. Seemed standoffish, evasive and maybe bored. Maybe he was expecting room service, or a hooker or drug deal? Then I did leave perhaps 2 or 3 or 4 voicemails, in which I repeated my invitation, my concerns about WSS and mentioned the fact that I had about 200 paid minutes and was about to use them or lose them, so I called a few people. I did call him a fat pig. But I’m sorry, I do not consider one cordial brief conversation with reason and a few voicemails harassment. If you think you have a criminal case, go ahead and file charges so I can question you on the witness stand and subpoena evidence/documents about you, and your mysterious sordid past, my accuser, But no.

BTW, I consider most comments on the thread to be wildly off topic. And I noted once a few days ago I randomly counted the recent comments on IPR by paulie: 13 out of 20. paulie is by far the most abusive person on IPR.

Jill, you have no legitimate complaint about WSS. “Third parties lose. They just lose.” -Rush Limbaugh. Deal with it.

Now about WSS. I still am not convinced nothing is awry with him. I do not think WSS is CC/CLC or any other persona at IPR. He is unique and quite brilliant and considerate and a passionate defender of genuine free speech. Most unlike paulie. Hence paulie’s animousity. Probably something similar going on with me. Rivalry, jealousy? FU paulie.

WSS, contact me and clarify your situation. You still in U.K.? Your brother watching your digs and in charge of your affairs such as email while you are gone? Did the police visit your place, talk with your brother? etc.

And I’d appreciate explaining how things I have written are not symptomatic of mental illness. I assure you. But how convenient it is that this gives you an excuse to cut me off.

So, Jill, people go to my site for laughs? How about Richard Winger? I’ve been communicating with him for years. It has become quite frustrating for me because it usually evolves to me asking him to endorse PLAS which he declines. Something about him being careful to not damage his reputation by association, with me and PLAS. So he gets to continue to hobnob with the elite and rich and not risk anything, especially getting LOLed by paulie, like I have had to endure for years.

What about you, Jill? Do you find my suspicions that Nolan was poisoned funny? Or that my friend with VERY high I.Q. mysteriously got ADEM? Google it. Acute Disseminating Encephalomylitis. Or my suspicions that Nancy was befriended by an agent who orchestrated her “death” by a very aggressive form of breast cancer? I think she may have expressed an interest in my campaign and would have become a very valuable asset. Or that I have been under surveillance and subjected to various covert operations including assassination attempts for DECADES? Explain the humor, please. 

Similar about Thomas Knapp. I communicate with him for years. It was only after I crystalized PLAS and named it did he gradually find excuses to not try it and cut me off. Again, rivalry, jealousy?

No, the solution to this situation is for real libertarians and progressives and radicals and anarchists to come to TPP.

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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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