HELP! I am under attack by the reactionaries including germ and chemical warfare.

Yesterday -Sunday -was rather harrowing. First, I’ve noted for about the past week, unusually frequent problems with my wireless signal. Difficulty acquiring and keeping connection to internet. Then Denise, the catnapper, was near my lot. I followed her and yelled at her that she was responsible for two bobtail kittens dying. SHE DENIED IT & BLAMED ME!!!!!   Note that she did NOT say that she didn’t take the mother bobtail.

Briefly, I noticed the tricolor female bobtail missing. This was about 3 weeks ago. The short tail is genetic. I suspected Denise. A few days later I found 2 bobtail kittens. They were in good health but I was concerned so I took them to the vet-which I can’t afford. My dad paid for it on his credit card. After the vet they rapidly deteriorated despite my best efforts. I looked it up on the internet. Kittens not weaned when separated from mother are difficult to survive. I tried to get them reunited with mother. But Denise did not contact people in trailer park about her activities. No contact, no phone #, no organization, no ID badge, no written authorization etc. I contacted AWA. They said she did not work for them despite her saying she did, but they knew who she was and had an email and would contact her. I heard nothing. The kittens died. Who was at fault???????????

Later I heard a very loud thud on my wall. I assumed it was the juveniles who hang around the nearby gate/fence and play soccer etc. It sounded like someone kicked a soccerball very hard and it hit my wall. I dismissed it. Later I went out there and found one of my galvanized fence posts near the wall. Several of them were leaning against the tongue of my trailer-front-with other stuff. About 15′ distance. These are galvanized pipes about 2-3″ diameter about 3′ long with cap. To get hit with one would be very serious, possibly fatal.

Now, the trailer park is mostly hispanic. The juveniles that hang around the gate are hispanic. The neighborhood across the highway to the north is mostly black. the neighborhoods east and south are mostly white. Over the years black juveniles have cut through the trailer park, often involving mischief of some sort. The juveniles involved in the theft of my laptop, cellphone & tv were black. The four men who stabbed the drug addict between my 2 vans were-reportedly, black.

I suspect one or more black and hispanic juveniles are being put up to mischief & mayhem by the reactionaries-covert operations. I saw Denise at the local polling place on election day with 3-4 others standing around talking. This implies political discussion. This further implies Denise is involved in local politics, most likely with the Democratic party. i.e. the reactionaries.

Now, it would be difficult for the reactionaries to use say,  anthrax or sarin. However, if one includes poisoning or otherwise drugging someone as chemical warfare, then I say evidently. The germ warfare against me involves my friend in CA/AZ with the high IQ getting ADEM. All this including the Nancy Benson & WSS situations has me wondering about David Nolan and Dr. McFarland deaths. I seem to be surrounded by suspicious goings on. This has been happening for DECADES. But since my posting the Nancy & WSS situations I’ve noted an uptick. Jill Pyeatt reported in IPR comments that my website was attacked. But I have not verified that. Perhaps someone repaired the damage. That happened before on my other website. Whole sections of my writings went missing, then some replaced. My ATT email account was recently hacked. This was reported in IPR. Most emails deleted. All contacts deleted. No, I did not go on an impromptu trip to Ukraine and had my wallet stolen. But reportedly-by WSS brother, WSS is in U.K. and he is in charge of his residence and email.   ??????WTF?

So I do not know who threw the fencepost.

Of course one of the most important covert operations against me was my banning from IPR. Also that tended to discredit not only me but PLAS also. Anonymous banned me on false ground. I believe paulie was Anonymous. If Anonymous was not paulie, then in the very least paulie was right there when it happened and did nothing in my defense. So one of the most important and successful covert operations against me was accomplished or at least acquiesced by paulie.

Here is the help I need. If you support me and/or PLAS, say so publicly. Demand I be reinstated to comment in IPR. OR you will boycott IPR. Greens and progressives and libertarians and radicals and anarchists come to The PLAS Place. Support TPP.  Help start THe Lexington Green Party. Investigate Nancy Benson fake death/burial. Investigate WSS situation. Come to my house and help me personally with rent, security, building RV garage etc.

Contact Nancy’s daughter Susan. Encourage her to contact Boulder County police/District attorney office. Have Nancy’s death investigated. EXHUME THE CASKET IMMEDIATELY. Nancy has another daughter, Amy. Also a surviving brother and father and sister. Contact the local media. Also check into WSS. Contact him. Get some sort of verifiable way to check on his well being. Does anyone actually KNOW him? Where he lives etc? Go to his house. His “brother” has said in emails that WSS is in U.K. and has left him in charge of his affairs. ?????WTF? Call Refugio county police and add your concerns to mine. That a county police officer should go to his house and check on him. Assuming that Warren Solomon is correct that he lives in Bayside, Refugio county, Texas.

You might say, so what? Somebody threw a fencepost against your wall. Probably a neighbor. You probably asked for it. No, even if so, what about all the other stuff? What if it is part of an organized deliberate campaign against me and/or PLAS? By the reactionaries and Israel? And has been going on for DECADES? So it would include the Deborah Knapp conviction. 1985. The Bruce Reilly attempt to assassinate me in a fake barroom brawl. 1984. Perhaps the house fire. 2005. Perhaps some sort of pressure on my father to sell the duplex which was an income producing asset that I wanted. etc. Deliberately faking cancer and death of an old friend and possible asset-a possible EXCELLENT First Lady-Nancy Benson. 2011.  Possible foul play against a brilliant dedicated supporter, WSS.

All you so called friends, political activists etc at IPR etc. I WANT SOME ANSWERS. Quit listening to rightist coddler paulie and do something NOW. You are wasting time instead of working towards winning elections via PLAS. INVESTIGATE paulie banali. And Warren Solomon. Professor Phillies. The LP is NEVER going to replace the GOP. You are a political moron. Investigate TV surveillance. Is it or is it not possible from a physices POV? Tom Knapp, get with it. Jeremy Young etc. PLAS is correct. Get with it. Stop allowing all this spying and sabotage right in front of you.

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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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