Exhume the coffin NOW!

I do not believe Nancy Benson is dead. Therefore her dead body cannot be in her coffin. Her live body is somewhere; I do not know where.

Here is what I think happened. Over the decades illegal surveillance found and pursued me. Followed by covert operations. The first may have been the Bruce Reilly incident. See NJ v.Bruce Reilly 1984. Basically I was supposed to die in a barroom brawl. Followed by the Deborah Knapp Debacle 1985. FBI spins fan letters into threats by mail. 18 USC Section 876. Followed by an aborted attempt to involuntarily committ me-forever. 18 USC Section 4246. While in showcase Federal mental health prison FCI Butner, which Judge Giles specifically sent me to, attempted drugging me. However I was rescued by a reluctant doctor. About 1987. And so on.

By 2008 I had run for president as Independent, Green, Libertarian, Boston Tea party. Running again in 2012. I developed PLAS which the reactionaries knew was possible. I had been following Nancy over the years. Anyone surveilling me would learn that. She would make an excellent First Lady. I was pondering over the years about how/when to approach her. I was hoping she would approach me.

A plan was devised to dispose of her. But murder was ruled out because of hesitance. After all, I could win. There would be investigations. Prosecutions etc. And He who hesitates is lost. Something else was done with her. A death by an aggressive form of cancer put out. Fake funeral. Fake burial.

Whoever is behind all this is now in a difficult spot. Take a chance and go ahead and kill her. Or bail. Give up her location in exchange for leniency.

We do not have to wait. Whether or not Nancy’s dead body is buried in Boulder can be proved or disproved by exhuming the casket.

I call for the immediate exhumation of the casket of Nancy McCusker Benson.

Addendum. re: William Saturn. Either something happened to him or he became alienated towards me due to evident “mental illness”. About late August.  He has definitely decreased his rate of posting on his blog Saturns Repository. And his comments and postings in IPR. He didn’t react negatively about the Nancy Benson posting. In fact he evidently reposted it on the web on a Kurt Vonnegut, jr. website. If he didn’t post that then I do not know who did. Also he has not participated as editor on my blog for some time. Nor posted anything by/about me on his blog for some time. Both he was doing quite regularly.

Plus his story, when pressed by my contacting Refugio County sheriff was dubious. An email sender claimed to be his brother. Relayed the message that he- unannounced- went to the U.K. ? He- unannounced- placed his brother in charge of his affairs.? So, has he, again- unannounced-, returned from the U.K.? Resumed his affairs? Thanked his brother for a job well done? It just sounds fishy and doesn’t pass the smell test.

If they faked the Alicia Bonilla birth, the Nancy Benson death  etc., then they are capable of foul play against WSS, one of my very few supporters.

Evidently they are capable of long term operations. Campaign of surveillance/covert operations against me. Infiltration of the LP. GP. BTP, IPR, etc. If paulie was flipped by the FBI, then handed off to Israeli intel., his campaign of LOLing me has been long term.  Since about 2008. If there has been a covert operation against Nancy involving Ralph, he reportedly met her about 2000. Her aggressive form of cancer (poisoning) reportedly started about 2011. Just in time to interfere with any possible involvement in my 2012 campaign. Was he assigned to her around 2000, or was he recruited after becoming intimate with her? 2000-2011.  And who was in a position to possibly poison David Nolan? On the other hand, the ADEM attack against my friend in CA could have been a quick release of a few infected mosquitos into his living/sleeping area.

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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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