Update on Eviction/Lockout.

Evidently this is scheduled for this morning. So is a snowstorm.

UNLESS my landlord calls it off. Or my legal aid files some sort of emergency stay.

Landlord: Ray Michitti /856-962-7544.

lsnj legal aid: David Podell /856-964-2010.

UPDATE: 11 a.m. I talked with landlord about a hour ago.

He said he is willing to let me stay till March 31. Pay rent. Clean lot etc. Document to be signed tomorrow. I owe a further $639, mostly doubled legal fees as there are 2 lots.

That is enough time for me to pack my bags. But where do I go? I have no other prospects other than subsidized housing like my uncle. He calls his apartment complex a “mausoleum”. I’d have to divest myself of most of my possessions; tools, equipment etc. Solar panels, vehicles, furniture, clothes etc. In order to fit in a studio apartment. I really do not find that very appealing. I would much rather stay here and try to build some sort of life here. Cottage industry, solar, wind, greenhouse etc. My porch has 10 south facing jalousy windows, iodeal for a greenhouse. I could do auto repairs if I had a “garage” to park RV in, which the landlord has rejected. etc.

Maybe I could even get a social life & online dating. To live in a decent place, have a decent vehicle, clothes, job. A viableĀ political candidacy would be great also. I see that possibly happening here. I do not see that happening for me in a studio apartment in an elder/disabled complex.

I need all the help I can get. I’m presently short $639. I need help cleaning the yard although I have found a good helper. a resident of the trailer park who does odd jobs. Bill and I seem to get along well and he is a good worker.

I also need some help with my political campaign. William Saturn was helping me; a dedicated supporter. Something happened with that. Either he changed from a dedicated supporter or something happened to him.


About rwm4prez2012

Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for 2012.
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