Where in hell is William S. Saturn?

First perhaps we should ask the question: Who in hell is William S. Saturn?

I have never met or spoken with him.  I have come to know him over a few years online. We met through the Boston Tea party. I was a presidential candidate in 2008 then again in 2012. I first noticed William around the end of 2008 perhaps. It is not clear. But over time my contacts with him became more frequent and more positive. As of this past summer 2013 he became my only long term steadfast supporter. That makes him very unique and important. A prime target for reactionary domestic surveillance and covert operations.

I warned him. I said if he was going to do any investigative reporting these are very dangerous people. Actually the mere fact of his support for me is enough.

Then something happened. He stopped contacting me which was quite regular, even almost daily. He stopped supporting me including writing about me in IPR, on his website and on my website which he had become an editor/contributor.

A few years ago when MagicJack-very cheap voip phone service via usb thumbdrive- first came out, it sounded pretty good. So I thought I’d give it a try . It was plagued with problems. It referred a customer with a complaint to a connection to an IT technician. What occurred then was a virtual conversation with a first name only technician/program. It was soon clear that this was not a real person on the other end. Yet, one could type in questions, which it would answer. Type in info.  etc. Complete false human identity.

Is partial human identity theft possible? A real human, perhaps some patriotic IT gifted young man, recruited by, perhaps, FBI, CIA or DoD. Perhaps set up somewhere like J. Edgar Hoover building, Washington, DC or Quantico, VA,  Langley, or some high security military base, like where remote controled drones are piloted from? Has access to WSS computer, email, notes, rolodex etc. Claim to be his brother entrusted with his computer, digs etc while he is on some mysterious trip. Hmmmmm.

More recently I was one of two candidates for the Boston Tea Party presidential nomination to debate online. The other was Tiffany Briscoe. Her manager was Pierre-Alexandre Crevaux. As the debate proceeded I became suspicious. Briscoe’s responses were not spontaneous. Yet when they did come, they were bedazzling. Many complex words related to libertarianism with many linguistic flourishes. I was …temporarily, bedazzled. William Saturn was suspicious. He noted some abberations. In retrospect, after the truth of Briscoe’s meager resume and false representations were exposed, it was clear these were not Briscoe’s responses. Her website evidently was not written by her either. Perhaps by Crevaux. Or..,perhaps by a more advanced, more sophisticated link to a MagicJack type technician/program.

Now we come to present day William S. Saturn emailing me and cc to other dupes like Jill Pyeatt, Richard Winger etc. Paraphrasing -I am William Saturns brother. I have heard about your filing a missing person report to Refugio County, Texas, sheriff about my brother. I have communicated this to him. He told me to write you to explain. He went on an impromptu trip to the UK. He left me in charge of his affairs.

WTF? Are you serious? Nobody would believe such a cacamamie story. OOPS! Jill seems to. Richard. paulie banali and Warren Solomon aren’t even asking questions and that is suspicious.

Saturn’s recent postings in IPR and on his website are lame. Much fewer than this summer. Comments lame. Latest project-IPR header. Lame-o.

And he commented such that he has recently withdrawn support for me and contact with me due to my recent evidence of mental illness. First this doesn’t sound like him. Second, he never said anything negative about my writings about Nancy and Kurt Vonnegut, jr. Actually he may very well be the one who posted my Vonnegut article on the Vonnegut website.

So, I ask, who in hell and where in hell is William S. Saturn?


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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for 2012.
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5 Responses to Where in hell is William S. Saturn?

  1. Concerned Libertarian Citizen says:

    I too noticed a change in him about the same time. He stopped communicating with me. When I was banned from IPR he didn’t even defend me. I disagree with some of the above. William Saturn was not a hobo-follower so I doubt he supported you. He always voiced his support for Phil Davison.

    I propose we work together to get to the bottom of this. Even though you are a hobo and we disagree politically, we have met in real life so we can trust each other genuinely.

    • rwm4prez2012 says:

      CLC, interesting. Agreed, I also noticed that when you were banned from IPR WSS/brother/impersonator did not defend you. A gap in the software program?
      I have no problem with you being reinstated to comment inb IPR.
      Interesting proposal to work together to get to the bottom of this. I am hesitant; you have been an adversary/detractor and very good at it much like paulie banali.
      I do not know who you are therefore I cannot verify that we have met in real life. But even if we have, it does not necessarily follow that is a solid ground for cooperation.

  2. Milnes, how are you any different than Tiffany Briscoe? This article is factually wrong. I was never a “steadfast supporter” or anything else you claim. It also reveals misrepresentation on your part. You wrote on Saturn’s Repository that it’s a great site and then you come on here and trash it? You didn’t think I’d see that?

    And CLC, what are you doing? I just lost a lot of respect for you.

    And what’s the deal with the Kip Lee logos?

  3. rwm4prez2012 says:

    hello. You last contacted me in gmail, remember? Check your memory banks.
    Disagreed. This article is not factually wrong.
    Interesting. I thought it was YOU that imbedded the Kip Lee logos, since you as editor, have access.
    Saturn’s Repository IS a great site. How did I diss it here at The PLAS Place?
    Shall we settle this? Either I am mental or I am MENTAL. Either Nancy is dead or Nancy is not dead. Let’s exhume the casket.
    Either you are you or you are not you.
    So, prove here at The PLAS Place that you are the real WSS.
    I’m open to suggestions as to how you can do that.

    • WSS, so what happened to you this summer? I read in IPR comments in your conversation with paulie in which you were uncharacteristically submissive to him, that you decided to distance yourself from me due to my recent outbursts of mental illness re: Nancy, Vonnegut etc. Then you. Was it you that posted my article on the Vonnegut site? So can you see my skepticism that you are you? The real wss would not have done that with paulie. Recent posts by you are less frequent and lame. Comments also. WSS would not have agreed with paulie on just about anything, esp. Millness. He wouldn’t have been submissive to paulie either. He wouldn’t have judged me pejoratively about mental illness like paulie does and he wouldn’t have dumped me like paulie.
      So I am looking at a paulie that is acting like a pig and an agent for the counterrevolutionary Israelis. And you not acting like you.
      What do you expect me to think?
      So, if you are you, how about reestablishing our relationship?
      If you are not you, then admit that. I’ll do what I can to help you if you help me find out what happened to WSS.
      If anything was done to wss, I’m going to be very mad. So better to come forward now than for me to find out later.

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