Several Blue Angels Flew Over the Trailer Park.

The Army-Navy game is today in South Philly.

Yesterday a formation of Blue Angels flew right over my trailer. And they were LOW! Quite a spectacular display.

I heard on tv news that they followed a commercial flight pattern and landed at Philadephia International Airport.

But why? Was it purely coincidence that I posted something about DoD misconduct on my website and the next day there is a very showy, loud flyover?

If it was for show, why not fly over the Delaware river? Or over NE Philly>Center City>Society Hill>South Philly, much more directly over the main areas of town. A westward flight over S. Jersey then directly to PIA didn’t go over much.

Was there an announcement of the arrival/flyover by the Blue Angels? I hadn’t heard anything. Why secretly fly into Philly when it could have been publicized?

And why use the commercial flight pattern?; which does indeed go right over the trailer park. Often there are low jets going right over my place every 2 minutes. Loud, interfering with tv, internet signals etc. Surely there are plenty of military installations around to accomodate The Blue Angels.

Here is another coincidence. When they flew over Mark the drug addict-recovering; let’s give credit where credit is due-was there. Mark was involved in the swastikas/yard sale/stealing me blind stuff. Mark is ex-military. Rehab in a military facility. His brothers-cops. Correction officer. Undercover. etc. These are some of dangerous people I was warning WSS about.


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