A call for informants/agents to come forward.

There is no doubt in my mind that I have been under domestic surveillance/covert operations for years, decades. Since probably the mid 1970’s when I first became politically active in Boulder. By who? Certainly the FBI. Others perhaps. DoD. Israel etc. I just do not know for sure; it is after all secret, illegal and/or unconstitutional.

Also there is no doubt the third party/independent movement is surveilled and infiltrated. Probably even controlled. Certainly the Green and Libertarian parties. Independent Political Report is owned by Warren Solomon who is at least a dupe. And paulie banali is in control/dominant and very possibly an operative of some sort, judging by his treatment of me over the years.

Now comes the cases of Nancy Benson. And William Saturn. Whoever did whatever was done is now boxed in. In imminent jeopardy of being exposed because they made the mistake of not outright killing Nancy. If they had done that, I may very well have never found out. But now it is too late. The fake death/funeral/burial I know is fake and I have publicized it. The absolute proof is in the casket. Either Nancy’s dead body is in it as would be expected. Or something else is in it. Perhaps it is empty. The point is it is a simple and definitive matter to exhume the casket and find out. Sooner or later that will be done.

The case of William Saturn is more complicated. I might be wrong about him. I suspect he has been kidnapped or murdered. I hope I am wrong.  If anything such as this has happened to him I will be very mad.

Now, I call on anyone who has any knowledge of these 2 people to come forward. Further, any knowledge about surveillance/covert operations against me. My family, friends, the LP, GP etc. Better directly to me. Get a good attorney and come forward. I give my word to be lienient towards anyone who comes forward in the early stages of these cases being outed. After that I will be far less lienient towards anyone who has to be rooted out like a pig/rat/traitor.

Addendum. If this sounds like I am calling for a purge, yes. Once we out whoever is behind this, and the tactics used, it will be easier to go on to others and other situations. I suggest starting with the FBI>paulie>IPR>Warren Solomon nexis. Then perhaps the Alicia Mattson turning David Nolan’s resolution against Root and rightists into its exact opposite-paulie rightist coddler’s Big Tent circus. Milsted’s Frankenstein Monster-LRC. Milsted corrected his mistake by calling for a New Upper Left party=Lexington Green party. Then let’s see if someone was poisoning Nolan in order to get him to skip the Lib. Convention. Then check into the Starr chamber etc.

And what is with the Jewish domination of the GP, Jill Stein et al? Israel is probably down with that, meanwhile making sure to keep the GP down. After all Israel cannot have a one state solution, can it? It doesn’t even allow a two state solution. No state for the Palestinians. And the socialists & communists in the GP should be assigned a caucus, not dominating the party. The genuine progressives should dominate.

Purge of informants/operatives and reactionary/counterrevolutionary covert operations. Instead of purging IPR, abandon it in favor of The PLAS Place. Anything IPR can do The PLAS Place can do better. And political purge-against reactionaries and counterrevolutionaries. I’ve been calling for these things for some time now. The formation of The Lexington Green party with guarantee the nomination of a fusion ticket regardless of what the LP & GP do.

Exhume the casket NOW!

Purge, baby, PURGE!

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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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1 Response to A call for informants/agents to come forward.

  1. Concerned Libertarian Citizen says:

    The Functional Fillmore Frugal movement would also like to get to the bottom of this. Two questions:

    Is Nancy Benoit really dead?
    Is William Saturn buried in her grave?

    We demand answers NOW!

    I have more questions:

    Where is Retard Party leader New Federalist?
    Is Paulie Frankel rather than Robert Milnes the best representation of an LP hobo?
    Is R. Lee Wrights hobo campaign designed to embarrass limited government enough to hand Texas to illegal alien socialists or is he just a hobo who “lost all his money in a crooked poker game” ?
    Who kidnapped Don Grundmann and is holding him prisoner?
    Is Jim Burns more functional than Warren Redlich?
    Am I Judge Jim Gray?

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