Let’s investigate paulie, shall we?

This evening I made some phone calls. I have unlimited minutes until Dec. 28. I called paulie. I wanted to ask him if he knew William Saturn. I mean know-as in actually met. Such that he could identify him. With certainty. After all, I feel like I know WSS, however I have never met him. Never seen a photo of him. Never talked on the phone. etc. I could not positively identify him. The investigation into WSS as a possible missing person needs someone who can positively identify him.

paulie hanged up on me immediately.

Does that constitute harassment?

Who is harassing who here?

A few weeks ago I had 250 minutes to use or lose in a few days so I called some people.  paulie a couple of times and I left a couple of voicemails. I was asking about William Saturn. A few days later he wrote in IPR comments that Saturn had put me up to calling him and I was harassing him. Really?

Sorry paulie. If you are in the LP party officers and a joiurnalist at IPR and often publicize your phone # and email address, a few legitimate phone calls cannot be called harassment. I also defend WSS. He was trying to help my campaign and also try to pin down evasive paulie re: was he Anonymous, who banned me from IPR on false ground. The only reason I passed on WSS suggestion that I discuss/debate with paulie on phone is that I didn’t think he’d accept. Why waste time trying to convince an asshole to be transparent? He’s clearly not stupid. He is not going to go transparent. He can say whatever he wants in IPR about me evidently with impunity. Just about nobody questions or challenges paulie in IPR. It is disgusting.

So, was paulie Anonymous or not?

Is paulie inappropriately a rightist coddler or not. He is often commenting his approval of candidates that should have been eliminated from radical support long ago, most notably Ron Paul. I deliberately tracked any Johnson 2016 comments after the election and sure enough shortly after someone wrote Johnson 2016, paulie chimed in.

paulie claims to be a radical libertarian who is interested in outreach to the left. Well, here I am, an excellent person for that. Yet I get the exact opposite-ridicule, from paulie-for YEARS! Why?

Everyone says paulie is a libertarian workhorse at IPR and for the LP. What would we do without him? Well maybe that is deliberate. By subsidizing him, perhaps some organization-FBI?-had made him so. He fits the profile of someone who has been flipped by the FBI-see The Age of Surveillance by Frank J. Donner. What with his admitted yet mysterious sordid past. What exactly is in his past? Was he flipped by the FBI then maybe passed off to Israeli intelligence or not?

So let’s investigate this person. And let’s investigate Warren Solomon also while we’re at it.

Addendum 12/24. Let’s take a look at paulie’s present and past employment, or money making/income.

Presently he is evidently working on petitioning. He has been for several years. Evidently nothing else. His efforts, like mine, at internet begging, has been little.

But why isn’t he making a LOT of $ as IT? He clearly is qualified. Perhaps he doesn’t have official education or a great, full resume, but so what? Surely he could get a well paying IT job somewhere. Yet he does not. Why? And he constantly has a laptop/internet access problem. Why? Even I own a high end laptop and have 4G access.

What if he CAN’T? Perhaps there is a court order against him owning a laptop or having internet access in his own name. An internet crime would account for that.

What if he is being deliberately set up as petitioning in order to bolster a claim of serving the libertarian/third party movement when actually he is being set up to spy and covert operation-Anonymous- in the movement?

What might be in it for him? Well, relief from punishment if he ws flipped by FBI. And some sort of reward, particularly if passed on to Israeli intel. Him and family brought to USA and or Israel from Russia perhaps. Good job on the side or in the future. Good house/property. Retirement/pension. Who knows?

Many things about paulie are contradictory or make no sense or are just unknown. An investigation is called for.






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8 Responses to Let’s investigate paulie, shall we?

  1. Concerned Libertarian Citizen says:

    Paulie Frankel is a likely Mossad agent. He banned me from IPR because I said Robert Sarvis would not receive much support because many people in Virginia disapprove of interracial relations. He banned me for stating a fact. It was against his agenda. He tried to frame me as the Nazi troll. He is/was the Nazi troll and is probably behind the swastika attack on your property. He wants to brand us as Nazis so Mossad can continue funding his work.

  2. CLC, I do not think you have cited anything conclusive that proves paulie is a mossad agent. perhaps evidence that he might be. Come on. We need better than that for evidence. Much more and better for proof. A confession would be nice.
    I personally believe the swastika attack on me can be traced to IPR comments. But Tom Knapp’s comments. He smart assed spinned my discussions about positive eugenics into neo-Nazi positions. sure paulie then chimed in but it originated with Tom.
    We need evidence. Someone must know something. I think the entire lp/ipr/media is heavily-but not completely, controlled/manipulated by reactionaries/Zionists. Whatr can be done?

  3. I get the feeling CLC is not being serious here.

    Robert, if you want my advice, you need to stop the whole bit about me being a robot/dead/kidnapped. I am here typing this right now. If you want verification, look at my last comment on IPR: http://www.independentpoliticalreport.com/2013/12/american-freedom-party-northeast-december-appalachia-clothing-drive/ My style cannot be replicated. You also need to drop the bit about your friend Nancy. All evidence suggests she is dead. Your fantasy about traveling through the future to meet her is nothing more than fantasy. It is not evidence she will be alive in the future.

    I am glad you are posting regularly on here, but you really need to stop basing your politics on fantasy like Ogle. At least Ogle filed with the FEC as a candidate. At the moment, he is a more viable candidate than you. I hope you decide to file with the FEC and begin discussing actual campaign issues.

    • Concerned Libertarian Citizen says:

    • WSS/brother/imitator,
      “My style cannot be replicated.” Yes, I believe it can. A good think tank, a good imitation team & access to a supercomputer, could replicate your style. Your comment in IPR proves little. “I am here typing this right now.” Who is “I”?. Where are you? WSS in Bayside, Texas on his computer? Or some FBI tech plugged into a supercomputer in Quantico?
      “All evidence suggests she is dead.” No, there is my statements that she is not dead.
      You know little/nothing about human time travel. I have time traveled twice. Therefore I am in a position to tell you about it, not you tell me about it.
      I have already considered the political consequences of writing about WSS/Nancy here at the PLAS Place, rather than “actual campaign issues.” If I am wrong, my rep/cred is mud. My campaign is over. I may have to get therapy and meds. etc. But,,,if I am right, WSS and Nancy get rescued from whatever has happened to them. And I will have caught the filthy bastards-finally-red handed.

  4. Your credibility is already mud. You have not time traveled. You have no tangible evidence of it. It appears to be a delusion of your mind. Your friend Nancy is dead. You have no tangible evidence that she is still alive. Your delusions are not evidence.

  5. I say This is definitely not WSS writing this.
    I am a witness. My statements are my testimony. You have no proof my statements are delusional. You have no proof Nancy is dead either. Yes, there is a lot of evidence she is dead. Ralph has stated he was with Nancy when she died in her home..No one else was there. No one else reported they saw her die. A well done covert operation.
    I have offered a definitive proof. Exhume the casket. I say the dead body of Nancy is not there. And it is too late to kill her and put her dead body there. An autopsy would determine approximate time of death. She has supposedly been buried there over a year.
    It boils down to my testimony v Ralph’s testimony.
    A possible covert operation v my testimon/possible delusion.
    Readers, what do you think?
    Here is a clear opportunity to catch the government red handed in a very nasty covert operation.

    • Ralph stated he saw Nancy die in her home which is in Boulder, Boulder County Colorado.
      I say Nancy is not dead. Therefore Ralph’s statement is a lie, or at best, a huge mistake.
      I call for an investigation of the alleged death of Nancy Benson by Boulder County District Attorney Office. Immediatel;y.
      If she is not dead, where is she and under what conditions is she? Kidnapped? Drugged?
      By who? WHY?

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