Bernie 4 Prez?

I note in IPR a post about the possibility of Bernie Sanders for President 2016.

I have said many times I would support another candidate-under certain conditions.

Bernie/other would have to:

Be a bona fide progressive.

NOT run as a democrat, republican or centrist i.e one of the reactionary parties.

Run as an Independent/GP or LP.

Select a bona fide-NOT a rightist-libertarian-preferably a woman-to complement the fusion ticket.

Endorse PLAS.

Hire me as special consultant. In matters of PLAS I MUST be consulted and listened to.

Then after winning the election, I MUST be appointed special consultant in ALL policy matters, AND listened to.

So, yes, Bernie is a possible. And I am not an impossible.






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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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6 Responses to Bernie 4 Prez?

  1. Antirevolutionary says:

    Who might be a female libertarian candidate for Sanders? It would be better for this lady to be most interested in peace and civil liberties issues rather than economics.. by the way I’m Catholic Trotskyist from the old days of IPR. Glad you’re still out there.

    • rwm4prez2012 says:

      Hey AR/CT. A female lib vp for Bernie would be the same as for me. I’ve been looking and asking for years. Just ask paulie who thinks that is hilarious.
      Presently Susan H. is top on my list. Jill P. was second until she made it clear paulie is her bud, to hell with Bob. Slim pickins from there. Mary Ruwart is too good for me. Karen K. would rather run as a republican. etc.
      Glad to see you here.

  2. Antirevolutionary says:

    Thanks Robert. I was thinking of Jill P as well, but yes she might not be the right fit, and she does get quite frustrated with economic progressivism. The problem is that most of the reason Sanders is interested in running, is to directly oppose libertarian economics on most issues except for federal reserve. We would have to have a libertarian woman whom Sanders would actually get along with. She would have to appeal to libertarians and show them she is still truly libertarian, while not contradicting Sanders’s socialist economic policies. Will have to think about this. Elizabeth Warren could have been good 20 years ago since she used to be a libertarianish Republican

  3. I have discussed vp position with Jill. She has rejected me in favor of paulie. paulie has made it an either/or thing. Either choose paulie and IPR or me and IPR. You see where Jill is.
    Neither a progressive or lib. has to change their positions. Only cooperate and coordinate the votes and ballots. That sets up a winnable three way race. In order to vote out the democrat and republican reactionaries.
    If Bernie is a socialist and refuses to endorse PLAS and accept a lib vp, then he is not a PLAS candidate.
    I did not know E.W. used to be a libertarianish republican. How did she get to be a high ranking democrat?

  4. Antirevolutionary says:

    Elizabeth realized that government spending was very necessary to get people out of poverty, and that the government can afford to spend on social programs if Wall Street wasn’t grabbing so much of the money.

    It is hard to coordinate votes if the running mate has a different position than the main candidate. too many extremists will not understand the strategy. Look at all the libertarians who wouldn’t vote for Gary Johnson because they didn’t like his position on one issue. The libertarian female will need to convince libertarians that she will actually be influential in a Sanders administration. Sanders will have to convince the progressives that they’ll still get most of their economic agenda even with a PLAS strategy. Otherwise most progressives will just go back to Hillary Clinton unless their priority is foreign policy or civil liberties issues, on which Sanders is more libertarian and Clinton is not.
    The libertarian woman needs to be at least somewhat well-known at least among political people also.

  5. AR, do I detect a leftist pining for EW?
    The female libertarian vp WILL be influential in the administration of a plas progressive because 1/2 of the Congress will be libs. And 50% of appointments, including judiciary and Cabinet.
    I do not think pre nomination name recognition is all that. Immediately upon nomination and growing poll numbers, her name will be in the headlines.
    What single Johnson issue made many puke? I think he had several.

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