I signed an absurd legal -landlord/tenant document-under duress.

It is titled- Consent to Enter Judgement (Tenant Required to Vacate)

I managed to scan it to my computer. I also managed to email it to myself then forward to 2 others. I am presently trying to publish it here at The PLAS Place. This demonstrates my  IT limitations. If anyone can help me get document onto this post I would appreciate that help.

It was either sign the document or be locked out THE VERY NEXT MORNING. Dec. 13.

Basically it forces me to get and stay current in rent. Follow lease and many other stipulations. I and all possessions must be gone by March 31, 2014.

I do not want to leave. I do not feel I deserve to be evicted. It will be very difficult and expensive for me to leave. I do not have anywhere to go. Knowing this, the landlord stands to gain most of my possessions. RV, 2 vans.  2 new storage sheds worth about $1000 each. My old trailer which I want to tear down to flatbed. The maintenace does that for a fee. They will tear it down for scrap. Tools, materials, furniture, appliances etc. The maintenance crew are well known scrappers, hagglers and scrounges. Thieves, drunks and druggies too.

Basically I get a reprieve from lockout for 3 1/2 months in the dead of winter. The landlord gets everything including RENT! It is absurd.

Keep in mind that I am on SSI disability. I am certified by the U.S. government to be disabled and dirt poor. SSI income is 79% poverty level. How I managed over the years is an amazing story in itself. Basically I am in debt and have been mooching off my dad for decades.

All while precious few supported my political campaigns and/or endorsed PLAS. Further, while libertarians fawned over and lavished support on Ron Paul, counterrevolutionary. To the tune of about $35 million in 2008. Further while I was BANNED from commenting in IPR by Anonymous-who I suspect was paulie-on false ground. Very few people defended me.

All this is absurd and disgusting.

The landlord’s name is Ray Michitti. Newton Creek Mobile Home Park. 856-962-7544. I ask people to call him to try to get this off my back. Also his attorney refused to consolidate the 2 lots into one case so therefore can justify doubling her attorney’s fees which I have to pay. That is somewhere around/over $1000 and will probably be more.

I am presently CURRENT in rent.

Defendant may not live in the shed or bring electricity to it. The RV REQUIRES an extension cord. That was previously approved. Further there is no electric service to H9, adjacent to H5. At the time I rented H9 it was one of some that had not had electric box put in. The others have since been put in and rented. So I am paying for full service-water, sewer, electric, yet have not had electric on H9 for years. I have relied on extension cords originating on H5. Even if I had electric service on H9, the RV still gets electric service via extension cord. The cord comes out from the interior electric box, some of which gets inverted to 12v dc. The service box has a plug for exterior extension cords. The one on H5 is too far away to directly plug in. So I do run an exterior cord from H5.

Further, when I bought another RV to replace the run down first one, the landlord declared it an unauthorized vehicle parked on the street and sticker said it would be towed away. I had it towed to a repair shop because it has some sort of electrical problem. It runs for a while then stalls, the battery runs down. Yet the dashboard meter says it is charging. The landlord I suspect deliberately tried to tow it away in order to eventually put a lien on it for storage charges, then get title. This is all part of running a trailer park. People, basically poor, loose their cars, possessions, trailers, routinely. Taking advantage is dispicable.

The other major disagreement was that I wanted to build a storage shed large enough to park RV in. That would help with weather and be a barrior to crime. I have been vandalized, including RV gas tank siphoned,  intimidated e.g. swastikas, burglarized, attempted assault-set me on fire, attempted robbery, theft, laptop etc. If my RV was in a secured shed/garage, that would be a very big help. But no, forbid it and try to steal RV. That was the response. Landlord refused to put in a surveillance camera yet there is a surveillance camera near the office to watch for unauthorized trash being dumped in dumpsters. Which are out front, by the way- a colossal eyesore.

Speaking of eyesore. The maintenance building. It has 40 windows around the back. 31 are broken. And one maintenance man, a drunk, got kicked out of his brother’s trailer, then my cousin’s trailer and is now living in the maintenance building. Electricity by extension cord from the back, which used to be a laundromat, to the front. Heaven only knows how many code violations are going on there!

Man, I’m just getting started with complaining about things around here!

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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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