What kind of spook is reluctant to murder?

There seems to be a pattern emerging. It is ok to fuck with Milnes. It is even ok to fuck him up. But don’t murder him or his friends/family.

My friend with very high I.Q. contracted ADEM acute disseminating encephalomylitis in 2006. Coincidence? I don’t think so. I did some research on this disease. It can be contracted from miosquito bites. It seems very possible to just let a few infected mosquitos loose in his apartment. He’s the only person there. They make a beeline to him.

Also this came at a time when we had set up an apartment together and were starting a possibly lucrative business and I had just received a significant lump sum of cash.

But why not just murder him? Spooks-secret agents-have the capability to cover up a murder. Just make it look like an accident. Drug deal gone bad.  etc. But his mind was an asset to me. So, fuck up his mind. Murder is unnecessary overkill.

Hey, nice pun! LOL!

Then about 2010. Decision made to fuck with possible First Lady Nancy Benson. It is not necessary to murder her. Just give her an aggressive form of cancer. i.e. poison. When she “dies”, just put her somewhere drugged up. She is 63. She’ll die of natural causes soon enough. All you have to do is fake the illness- poison-, fake the death-home alone with husband as expected and accepted, then fake funeral-was the casket closed? I was not there. I do not know. Bet it was, though.  The cancer made her face too ghastly the distraught husband says. August 2012.

Then after Nancy is safely put away and forgotten, fuck with his best supporter, William Saturn. 2013. August. This is easy. Nom de plume, nobody knows his real name. No photo. The guy is a self made wraith. A cyberghost. A perfect target. Kidnap. Put him in with Nancy. They can keep each other company.

In this case I am hoping he wasn’t murdered. Maybe he made it so easy for them that they couldn’t resist. The filthy fucking bastards.

David Nolan too? Why the hell not? But in his case I suspect he was poisoned only enough to make him too sick to attend Libertarian meetings. Overdose? Unintended side effects? OOPS!  Dead. Oh well.

The emerging pattern seems to fit with the notion that a murder might be -after a possible PLAS victory-investigated, discovered, prosecuted. And a PLAS victory has been long ago-, researched and found to be very plausible. Just why the present crop of political activists and party pols in the GP and LP haven’t figured it out is a very interesting question.

What kind of godforsaken creature would do this sort of stuff. And be proud?

So, the answer to the question-What kind of spook is reluctant to murder? may be-

One who is spooked!

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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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8 Responses to What kind of spook is reluctant to murder?

  1. I am still alive. I was not a supporter. I tried to help you, but now you’ve gone off the deep end.

    • So you have joined the IPR/paulie parade of losers? Doesn’t sound like you.
      Hey, are you the one who posted my Nancy article on the Vonnegut website? Because I know I didn’t do it.

  2. I did not post it. I’ve been a part of the IPR “parade of losers” since 2011. You were a part of it as well until anonymous banned you. Your campaign is/was interesting when you discussed fun and reasonable matters. Even the time travel discussion was interesting. But now you’re being illogical regarding this woman Nancy. If you truly believed you time traveled, did you ever consider you may have traveled to another dimension, and are now in the dimension where Nancy actually does die and you do not become president?

  3. Ahh, the alternative dimension time travel theory.
    What dimension does Nancy look like Montana Wildhack? Or Kate Upton?
    Yes I was part of IPR losers. But now there is TPP.
    I never said I become President. Or Nancy becomes First Lady. I said over the years I considered her possible First Lady material. From women I have met or known in my life. Anyone surveilling me would gather that.
    Now, can you prove you are you and you are well? Otherwise I am skeptical.
    The whole brother watching your digs while you go to UK story just doesn’t pass the smell test.
    For readers, I was privy to several emails from someone who claimed that he was WSS’s brother in charge of his affairs while WSS went to U.K.
    What is your brother’s name anyway? He never mentioned that. Mystery man.

  4. My brother is in charge of my g-mail until I return later in January. I will not reveal his name.

    • Am I missing something? Before about August your identity was not an issue. Neither was your location. After August you noticiby changed. Your only answer about this change is that is in response to ME going too far with the Nancy thing. Really? What about YOU going too far with secrecy about yourself, your location, etc.
      Why go to U.K.? Why is there no photo of you? Remember how people reacted when they realized there was no photo of Tiffany Briscoe? Even paulie has revealed some info about his past, present location and photo. There was a time a few years ago when paulie asked everyone to not use his last name, photo etc. It all was and still is very suspicious.
      Even I have posted a photo which can then be cross referenced with my appearance at 2 functions which were videotaped. LP state convention in PA in 2008 and debate in Swarthmore, PA in 2011.
      Why put your brother in charge of your gmail?
      Why don’t you admit you are played out? You have taken over the real WSS identity. Now you are talking about coming back from U.K. as if it resets the clock. You have posted on Saturn’s repository uncurrent material. Which could have been material already prepared in some form/stage by the real WSS. Culminating in the lame IPR new header article. Your real time comments in IPR and Repository and here could be replicated based on WSS style.
      Do you live in Bayside, Texas or not? Why not contact Refugio County Sheriff and allow a visit to check on you? Your brother said he contacted them. They told me they couldn’t identify you and hence could not check on you. Was that a lie? By who?
      A few months ago my uncle requested a police check on me. He wasn’t able to get through to me on phone. I hadn’t called him. So the local police knocked on my door and asked if I was ok. I said yes. I assume they either reported to him I was ok or filed a report such that if he called them, they would verify that they checked on me.
      WHy is that a problem for you?
      Don’t you see? You are little more than an internet personality. No photo. Nobody seems to know you or have met you. The internet provides some privacy. Some level of distance and anonymity. But that can be abused and exploited. Someone could take your identity without your knowledge or part of it. Open a bank account or credit card in your name e.g. Or kidnap you and completely take over your identity.
      Can you prove that has NOT happened?

      • I’m not going to go to all that trouble just to appease you. It’s not worth my time or effort. If I didn’t provide any information before August, you have nothing to compare to any information I provide now.

  5. Let’s assume you are a supercomputer program designated wss imitator. Someone programmed you. Someone-probably someone else, did the dirty work to the real WSS. The think tank is supervising.
    You all are in deep do-do. How long do you think this charade can be maintained. You can’t kill me. Or Nancy. It is playing out. If you killed WSS there isn;t anything I can do about that. But I think the same logic applies to WSS. You all do not want a multiple murder/conspiracy rap.
    Sooner or later the Nancy or the WSS cases will be solved. First one, then the other. The investigations will proceed. Grand jury. Congressional investigation. Justice Dept. Homeland security. Investigative reporting. etc. I will get subpoenaed.
    So your best bet is to quit the conspiracy now. See previous articles here at TPP if you already haven’t. Get a good attorney and give it up.

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