Why isn’t paulie an LP IT technician/webmaster?

Instead of being a paid petitioner? paulie claims to be dedicated to the Libertarian party. And the libertarian cause/movement. His raison d’etre is his petitioning work. His employment. His expertise.

Clearly paulie is IT talented. This begs the question: Wouldn’t paulie’s IT talent better serve the LP if he was working for the LP AS A IT TECH? Granted, petitioning is not as simple as it sounds. But others could do it besides paulie. And is pays fairly well. But I wouldn’t think as well as an IT tech.

What is wrong with this picture? Why does everyone unquestioningly accept paulie?

Why doesn’t he own a laptop or have internet access in his own name? Maybe he can’t. Maybe there is some reason he can’t, like a court order or condition for probation or parole. Or plea bargain or Rule 35 sentencing. etc.¬†Everybody seems to accept his claim to poverty in the face of his possible well paying IT job/career. Why.

He claims to be a left libertarian interested in outreach to the left. Well, Ivam an ideal candidate for libertarian outreach to the progressive left. Yet I get little especially from paulie. In fact the exact opposite, ridicule. And, IF he was Anonymous, banning from commenting in IPR. That is a great accomplishment for the reactionaries-to deprive me of a significant forum. Why would he do that-or at least acquiesce to it?

When is somebody going to do something about this situation between paulie and me? Somebody other than WSS who isn’t behaving like WSS anymore.


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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for 2012.
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