What is the matter with libertarians today?

I am convinced PLAS in the ONLY viable winning strategy for libertarians and progressives. Clearly whatever is being tried and has been tried has failed. The closest BY FAR is Teddy Roosevelt’s try in 1912. PLAS would succeed where TR failed.

Yet the present crop of libertarians, AND progressives, are apparently avoiding PLAS like the PLAGUE in droves. WHY? What is their problem?

paulie ridicules me and PLAS. He is wrong. Others include Professor Phillies, who is clearly radical not rightist. He thinks the GOP will fail and the LP will take its place. Not gonna happen Yo. Well actually it could happen, if rightists like Rand Paul abandon the GOP and join the LP INSTEAD of the CP-Constitution Party. You don’t want that, do you George? And Tom Knapp, who has dropped out of LP politics and all politics. Voting is a waste of time etc. Again, just plain wrong in view of the opportunity of election victory presented by PLAS.

Why isn’t PLAS catching on?

Then there is Richard Winger. I have had MANY email conversations with him over the years.  Often it ends when I ask him to endorse PLAS. He politely declines. WHY?

Then there is Carl Milsted. Again, many email conversations over the years. I think he realized how his Libertarian Reform Caucus was a colossal blunder. It just encouraged rightists to join. Recently we have discussed his “new upper left” party. I have said that it corresponds to PLAS and should be formed from the remnants of the Boston Tea Party and called the Lexington Green. It should incorporate into its bylaws that it MUST nominate a fusion ticket i.e. a progressive man president, libertarian woman vice president. Milstead declined my request that he join me in this.

Then there is the lady libertarians! I have cajoled, debated, reasoned, pleaded-all but begged the following to be vp on my ticket: Mary Ruwart, Susan Hogarth, Jill Pyeatt, ENM-ElfNinosMom, Sharon Presley, Karen Kwiatkowski, Christina Tobin, Kimberly Johnson, et al. All the while being ridiculed by paulie. To date, none have been pursuaded. Why?

What IS the matter?

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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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