Proposal: A Winger/Milnes colaboration could radically alter the political dynamic.

I am a longstanding, well known progressive. Richard Winger is a longstanding, reknown libertarian. Over the years he has published Ballot Access News and has become universally known as a ballot access expert and a legend in the libertarian community. I have seen him called Sir Richard, even Saint Richard!  I share this respect for him.

As I mentioned in a previous post, Winger and I have had a longstanding email conversation. Last year we discussed the governors races in NJ and VA. He explained the ballot access situation to me e.g. there was no Green candidate in VA. I wrote back with a detailed PLAS campaign for all candidates for 2013. I asked for his endorsement of PLAS and to try to get the candidates to try it. He hesitated but ultimately declined.

He mentioned more than once his reputation. Evidently for him to be so closely associated with PLAS-and me, would be risky for him. Besides he was preoccupied with the new menace-Top Two. I suggested PLAS as a solution to Top Two. No, there were other ideas for combatting Top Two. And that ended that conversation.

So now I propose that it might not be necessary for Winger to endorse PLAS. Just support the notion that it deserves a fair try. That try could be the 2014 elections. I propose that Winger and I colaborate on all ballots in 2014. Then ask the candidates to follow our recommendations. We would also ask the 2 parties to follow our recommendations. I know Winger is often frustrated by the parties not listening to him. I am hopeful but skeptical that the 2 parties will liosten to us. But it is worth a fair try.

A number of victories in 2014 would set the stage for a near complete sweep out of all the democrats and republicans in 2016. Generally, replace the democrat with a Green, replace the republican with Libertarian. Many but not all ballots will be contested in 2014.

I call on everyone to urge Richard Winger to join me in such a colaborative effort.

About rwm4prez2012

Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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15 Responses to Proposal: A Winger/Milnes colaboration could radically alter the political dynamic.

  1. The first line is factually wrong.

  2. There you go again! The real WSS wouldn’t write that. He was quite satisfied with me.
    politics1 listed me in 2008 as a progressive activist. I didn’t suggest that to them.
    How-on what basis- did they do that?

  3. What insight does Politics1 have into your life? What exactly have you done to merit that label?

  4. Gee, you took the question right out of my mouth.
    What happened to you around August? Where are you? U.K.? What happened to your brother, Whatshisname? Why is nobody commenting at your website? Why don’t you help me find out what happened to Nancy like the real WSS would have? Why do you keep coming here-The PLAS Place, but are not PLASsing?
    What happened to my friend WSS?

    • What happened?
      1. I am away.
      2. You forwarded a confidential e-mail that was not meant to be forwarded.
      3. You refused to file with the FEC.
      4. You are basing your campaign on pure fantasy.

      Now answer my question since you are the one supposedly running for president.

  5. You say you are away. I’m sorry that whole story lacks credibility/doesn’t pass the smell test. Forwarded email-are you referring to the emails I received from someone claiming to be your brother? Whatshisname? I beg your pardon. We were-and still are-dealing with a missing person report to Refugio County, Texas. YOU, whether WSS or WSS imitator, must recognize that your cyberghost persona come with its problems/consequences. Nom de plume, no photo etc. I have notrefused to file with FEC. I am presently living an existance of extreme duress. 3 emergencies ongoing. YOU could eliminate one of them promptly by proving you are you and are well. But YOU refuse to do so. Basing my campaign on pure fantasy-not engaging in real present issues-like every other schmuch who is denying PLAS and wasting time by doing so. My campaign has become my fight for credibility by getting PLAS some traction and proving I am right about Nancy. Your question- politics1 has become a credible source for such issues. How they got their info about me I do not know. But it is not secret. I was active with the most radical people in Boulder Colorado since before you were a grunt by your father. I did most of the usual stuff, demonstrations, petitioning, letters to editor etc. More recently I have campaigned as best I could in 2004, 08, 12 and now 16. Appearances, articles by me and me interviewed, websites, polls etc. Unfortunately I have not had millions lavished on me by libs like Ron Paul, counterrevolutionary. I was not nominated like republican lite Gary Johnson, or republican heavy Bob Barr. And I am not a billionaire like Perot nior have I won Megabucks lottery. On top of being on SSI i.e. certified broke and depressed living at 79% poverty. So I am limited in what I can do.
    Does that answer your question?

  6. Sounds like excuses & possibly more fantasy. Could you post links of your supposed “activism” in Colorado?

  7. Can you post biographical information about your father’s grunt?
    I don’t think so either.
    What links? This was before computers and online 24/7 news. Portable phones looked like walkie-talkies. Color tv was a rare luxury. I had an 8 track player/recorder and a vinyl lp stereo player.
    I remember petitioning for signatures for an initiative to stop Edward Teller from pressing oil out of oil shale with nuclear detonations.
    I remember going to Denver to protest with a socialist gal I liked. Evidently the feeling wasn’t mutual. Lots of cops there. I forget what it was all about.
    I remember volunteering to clerk at a leftist bookstore-Left Hand Books named after Chief Niwot.
    I remember hanging out with John Davenport and Dr. Mcarland. Both very radical. Both dead now.
    Is that active enough?

  8. So the extent of your “activism” was one petition effort and one instance of stalking?

  9. You definitely are not WSS bitch. Who the fuck are you? Where the fuck are you? Where the fuck is WSS?
    You FBI piece of shit. I’m going to find out who the fuck you are.
    For the reader who would understand, the gal drove me there in her car. She recruited me to attend. She seemed more interested in politics than me I gradually figured out.
    The cops were all over the place at the demonstration. It had nothing to do with me and the gal. It was a very big demo and the YSA was only one of many groups involved. It had nothing to do with stalking.
    If anything, I was stalked-by the FBI.
    A real activist is an activist every day. Every day is largely spent advocating for the cause in some way. One rarely gets acknowledged for it. Quite the contrary. One rarely gets credit for it. Attending meetings & demos & petitions, leafletting, letters to editor, volunteering etc. Basicly a thankless job. And one rarely gets paid. I lived in poverty just about all the time. I had a couple of low paying jobs. Lived in a rooming house for a few months. A student apt. for a couple of months, then in my VW bus in the alley behind the student apt.

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