Who are these people?

Let’s assume there has been a longterm domestic surveillance covert operation against me. Leading to the operations against first Nancy Benson then William Saturn.

Who might this involve? Not indirectly like perhaps paulie. More directly.

Nancy’s husband Ralph Vickrey. See previous post.

Nancy’s family.  I see them as dupes. Victims. Susan Horn and husband Brian of Windsor, Colorado. Another daughter Amy and husband of Boulder. Surviving father, brother and 2 sisters. Mostly around Pittsburgh area. Ex-husband Larry Benson. Etc.

Nancy’s main physician involved in the cancer diagnosis and treatment. I will fill in the name here as soon as I find out.

Whoever signed the death certificate. This may be the same person as her main physician.

Funeral director. Will fill in the name here as soon as I find out. Crist Mortuary of Boulder.

IMO in order to accomplish this operation only a certain few would be needed. An inside man. POI Ralph. A doctor. To accomplish diagnosis-poison-, treatment-poison-and death certificate. Funeral director to accomplish the disposal of the dead body. Or in this case, to accomplish-cover up- the disposition of the fake/no body.

So, in addition to the in place surveillance and covert operations personnel,  three people.

Only 3 maybe 4 people.  Seems very possible to me.

Let’s investigate these people. The husband, the doctor, the funeral director.

And let’s exhume the coffin.

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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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