The Bob Milnes>FBI>Israel>paulie>Warren Solomon Nexus

I am and PLAS is being very powerfully and successfully suppressed.

By whom or what? How?

The FBI came out of their hiding in order to trump up a criminalcaser against me in 1985. Objectively I have not had any significant criminal history since. Remove this from my record and I am virtually criminal conduct free. Yet I spent 40 months in federal detention. Maxed out-no parole- on a five year sentence-2/3. Further, I believe Henry Bonilla urged the FBI-or the FBI urged Bonilla-to file for an indefiniteĀ involuntary committment pursuant to 18 USC Section 4246. Further, there was an attempt to drug me in FCI Butner-where John Hinkley was and other high profile cases. But I believe that was blocked by a concientious doctor-perhaps others-there. A government doctor does not want to get involved in a possible crime against humanity which drugging a political prisoner would be. This would make Judge James T. Giles who stated in Court that he wanted me sent to Butner, an FBI DUPE, in the least. Just like Warren Solomon owner of IPR is also an FBI DUPE in the least for perpetuating my being banned from commenting there on a false ground by Anonymous-paulie?

So the FBI is longstanding a force involved in all sorts of sordid operations. Up to and including crimes against humanity. Yet they are very secretive and almost always get away with it. Part of how they accomplish this is to get others to do their dirty work. e.g. Israel. And perhaps paulie and Warren. Judge Giles, Deborah Knapp & then husband Bonilla, Jill Porter reporter for the Philadelphia Bulletin. etc.


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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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1 Response to The Bob Milnes>FBI>Israel>paulie>Warren Solomon Nexus

  1. Concerned Libertarian Citizen says:

    God bless Paulie and God bless Warren. They reinstated me at IPR. God bless IPR. God fuck Plasplace.

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