Israel must be surveilling and sabotaging the left and libertarians in the USA.


Israel must be one of  many FBI proxies.

The FBI has to be very careful to not get caught interfering with domestic third party politics. Sure an agent might attend a meeting or a demonstration. But far better to rely on a vast infrastructure of informants and technology. Why risk an agent when they can keep their distance, their veneer of objectivism and respect for the Constitution. Want to know where a target is, just ping a signal to his/her cellphone or computer or tv. Or check infrared or satellite surveillance. Want to know the latest tendencies of a target or group, just send in a CI and get a report.

Neither the Green or the Libertarian party supports the Israeli counterrevolutionary theocracy. I myself until recently supported the 2 state solution pursuant to U.N. resolutions. Recently I have been considering the Green party’s one state solution. On the other hand, the American reactionary parties, the democrats and republicans, knee jerk fully support Israel. Obviously it would be in Israel’s interest to support the American reactionaries against the American left and libertarian movement.

This also must be done secretly and by proxy. The simple and easy way would be to enlist American Jews who are naturally sympathetic towards Israel despite being a leftist or libertarian.

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