Who in Hell was/is Anonymous?

Anonymous was the pseudonym used by somebody with authority in Independent Political Report around July 2011. Anonymous banned me from commenting there. The ground stated was that I had “threatened to spam” IPR.

This was not true. But even if it was, so what? I don’t see the justification of banning someone who says they are going to spam IPR. Perhaps after the fact. But not before.

What had happened was that  had been writing comments which were quickly getting deleted. I was furious. So I commented that -paraphrasing-I was unemployed so had plenty of time and could write a lot of comments which the person deleting them might have a hard time keeping up. Even this didn’t say I would-just that I could.

That is when Anonymous commented that I was banned.

I strongly suspected paulie. But he denied it. IIRC he stated in BTP comments that he didn’t do it but he knew who did.

What is just as important is that very few people stood up to Anonymous and challenged this action. Tom Knapp actually commented-paraphrasing-that he preferred paulie to me.

Interesting that one person who spoke up at the time-New Federalist-has been harassed out of commenting. By who? Someone using a pseudonym.

And the one person who not only objected but actively tried to get me reinstated-William S. Saturn, is now, as far as I am concerned, missing.

I became suspicious that something was awry with WSS around August last year. Coincidentally I visited the Treehouse Learning website around then and was astounded to read the obituary of Nancy Benson. I was trying to arrange for my friend with ADEM to get in touch with Nancy. He had an interest in childhood education and I had hoped something would come of it. Perhaps help his recovery.

I became suspicious about the death of Nancy Benson also.

Actually there are a lot of suspicious things that are going on or have happened.

The suspicious circumstances of the death of David Nolan. He writes a resolution against Root et al which is quickly changed into its exact opposite. Then we hear is is too sick to attend the next Libertarian party meeting. Then we hear he is dead. Murder? Possible manslaughter?

The suspicious circumstances of the ADEM illness of my friend. He has a very high I.Q.-around 170-and contracts a brain disease? Acute disseminating encephalomylitis. If he was deliberately infected for political reasons by government agents, this would be a crime against humanity-germ warfare.

What does all this have to do with Anonymous? Well, if there is a government entity-the FBI?-operating in secret with great assets at its disposal, these suspicious things would be very difficult to investigate. Exhuming Nancy’s body for example. But finding out who Anonymous was/is should be fairly easy. There should be some sort of tracable evidence in the IPR dashboard. In the least paulie knows who Anonymous was/is. We can question this person.

So, I call upon all reliable people to help me find out who Anonymous was/is. And to help me investigate this suspicious action.

Jill Pyeatt, Richard Winger, Tom Knapp, Jeremy Young, Prof. Phillies, Susan Hogarth, Matt Chalko, New Federalist et al. are reliable IMO. paulie, WSS/Imitator/brother, Warren Redlich, Concerned Libertarian Citizen et al are not.

Ralph Vickrey is a very suspicious Person of Interest-POI, IMO.

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6 Responses to Who in Hell was/is Anonymous?

  1. Anonymous has to be the Nazi troll. Unless it’s you, trying to make everyone feel sorry for you. When I left Philly did you ever find your wallet? Or were you trolling then too?

  2. www.robertwmilnes.com says:

    Sorry, CLC, I do not understand this comment.

  3. Dude says:

    “ We [Anonymous] just happen to be a group of people on the internet who need—just kind of an outlet to do as we wish, that we wouldn’t be able to do in regular society. …That’s more or less the point of it. Do as you wish. … There’s a common phrase: ‘we are doing it for the lulz.’ ”

    —Trent Peacock. Search Engine: The face of Anonymous, February 7, 2008

    We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.

    Quinn Norton of Wired wrote of the group in 2011:

    I will confess up front that I love Anonymous, but not because I think they’re the heroes. Like Alan Moore’s character V who inspired Anonymous to adopt the Guy Fawkes mask as an icon and fashion item, you’re never quite sure if Anonymous is the hero or antihero. The trickster is attracted to change and the need for change, and that’s where Anonymous goes. But they are not your personal army – that’s Rule 44 – yes, there are rules. And when they do something, it never goes quite as planned. The internet has no neat endings.

  4. Dude, you are romanticizing the generic term Anonymous, where I am talking about a specific person. even more specifically, someone with editorial authority at IPR. Someone with a specific agenda there.
    Whoever Anonymous is/was, accomplished my banning which benefitted the powers that be.
    Is that what you want?

  5. Dude says:

    That’s interesting. I did not know any of the editors there are anonymous. They have a list of article contributors at “About IPR” and it doesn’t say anything about any anonymous writers/editors. I think it’s cool that you now have your own blog where you can do whatever you want. Who cares about IPR anyway? It seems to be going downhill fast with fewer and fewer articles and especially comments all the time. Redlich was very foolish to pay $10,000 for IPR. I bet he wishes he could have that money back now. Post lots of interesting articles and you could overtake IPR before too long in readership and conversations here.

  6. Well, Anonymous deleted my comments and banned me. That means Anonymous assumed that pseudonym and must have been a writer/editor in order to gain access to the dashboard.
    Yes, I would like to see TPP gain traction. It needs some writers and editors.
    Anyone interested?

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