The possibilities of cryogenics, cloning, head transplant etc.

All humans face growing older and dying. During our lifetimes, which can be from moments to very old age-about 100 years, we face all sorts of health and well being problems. Genetic defects, disease, accidents, violence etc.

We have hospitals. Physical and mental. Which are problematic. We have old age homes. The best we can do is lead a lucky life which is not too onerous and boring-the mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation- into increasingly debilitating old age. Then die of complications of old age.

This can’t be the human ideal. That would be indefinite life in perfect health, phsical and mental and social, free of disease, accidents and violence etc. Not growing old. Not dying. For all. Because certainly a painful part of life is to see others around you suffering in various ways.

To be continued.

About cloning. There is the IVF method. But I believe there is a second possible method.

The stimulation of the reproduction of stem cells. Presently it is used to reproduce specific cell, like heart muscle cells. It recently was used to produce meat product which was then cooked and tasted. It was found to be satisfactory. I believe this could be a substitute source for meat to replace slaughtering animals. The material source was plant protein.

To clone, the entire organism would be reproduced instead of specific parts. This would result in a complete adult human instead of a newborn baby. A decision would have to be made about the brain. Whether to prevent its formation producing an anencephalytic adult body or a completely new person. Further in the case of a head transplant, whether to replace the anencephalytic head which could then be disposed of, perhaps frozen. Or, if the brain is intact, the removed head would then have to be completed again. In order to not commit a murder and to use the body.

This would result in a human with a new body. Without the disease or trauma or old age. Plus a new person-a clone of the original. Starting life in an adult body. Interesting.

A new form of reproduction. A cure for old age as well as many diseases and traumas.


The stem cell method would be similar to the regeneration tub as portrayed in Stormship Troopers. The stem cells, or body, would be placed in a large clear glass/plexiglass tub filled with nutrient liquid. Waste could be removed from the bottom. Open top. Various wires and tubes led in. Oxygen tubes. There might bew some sort of electrical stimulus. etc.

Previously I wrote about the psychoanalytically healthy sexual intercourse would look something like that scene in Star Trek TMP where Captain Decker and Ileya joined via V’Ger.

So I have found science fiction can portray science reality in some cases. More often it is way off or even absurd.






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8 Responses to The possibilities of cryogenics, cloning, head transplant etc.

  1. Thank you for writing this article. Addressing substantive issues benefits your campaign. Now all you need to do is to file with the FEC and you will be an actual candidate.

  2. Why are you so hung up on me filing with the FEC?

  3. Dude says:

    Fuck the FEC. Do your thing, and if you don’t raise $5,000 there is no need to even worry about them. Besides, even if you surprise everyone and raise more than 5k you should practice civil disobedience and not file with them anyway. You’ve already been to prison so what can they do to you?

    A head transplant sounds like a great idea. Maybe you could show everybody that it can work. Just don’t get cloned, because one Robert Milnes putting on a show in front of your TV is more than enough for the news anchorwomen and supermodels of America to handle, and probably all the other countries too. As for cryogenics, I had my fill of coldness this past winter as I am quite sure you did as well.

  4. LOL!
    Hmmmm. I actually like your sense of humor.
    Maybe I have a masochistic streak.

  5. In other words, he’d like Kate Upton to bone him in the anus with a dildo.

  6. shoes says:

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  7. Very good article. I will be going through a few of these issues as well..

  8. Volgograd says:

    Thanks – Enjoyed this post, is there any way I can receive an email sent to me every time there is a new article?

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