Lockout/eviction hearing Thursday, May 1, 10 am./Update.

Can a landlord get ALL the rent AND the lockout/eviction?

AND most of the tenant’s belongings?

In a case where the ONLY issue is the rent?

I have no legal assistance. lsnj/southjerseylegalservices informed me they had limited funds and had to prioritize their cases. They determined they would not represent me.

The landlord has a law firm representing him.

I am on SSI disability for depression.

I cannot afford a retainer for legal assistance.

Is there something wrong with this picture or is it me?

UPDATE. We, like a lot of the country, had a lot of rain recently. A huge storm, a counterclockwise rotating comma shaped storm from about Colorado to Florida. Local news reports flooding, abandoned vehicles, power outages etc. I do not know whether Court will be open today. I will try to call around 8:30 am.

I do not feel secure or safe here. Not just the weather. Where the landlord has blocked me from building a garage to park RV in. The contractor wants landlord consent. Also landlord has tried to tow away/steal my RV. But also crime. I had several juveniles try to rob me, then tried to set me on fire. Right at my front door. Also 2 youths came in my front door, which doesn’t shut/lock, while I slept and stole my cellphone and other items and tried to steal my flatscreen and laptop. Later they returned while I was not home and stole my laptop. The next day they returned evidently for the flatscreen but I and neighbors chased them away. Recently a second laptop disappeared while I was not home. From now on I am carrying laptop with me or hiding it. I reported this stuff to Camden police. No arrests. No return of property or compensation. Even the drug addict stabbing no arrest.

On top of this my landlord is trying to lie to me to evict me and assume possession/steal my posessions. -the present Court case-Including 2 almost new 8×8 storage sheds purchased from Home Depot with my dad’s credit card worth about $1000 each. One stolen laptop was purchased by me from Fingerhut mailorder on credit. About $600. HP Win 8 quad AMD.

On top of this is the landlord’s attorney’s legal fees for false documents billed to me. About $1500. I mentioned this in Court filing.








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  1. Dude says:


    And good luck.

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