Albert Einstein/Wilhelm Reich, Richard Winger/Robert Milnes.

see: Libertarian Party: Hall of Liberty Announcement posted on Independent Political Report April 29, 2014 by Jed Zigler.

Albert Einstein, Time Magazine Man of the Century. Whenever I see his name I thuink about Wilhelm Reich. Why? Because I think they should share the title.

Reality consists of the physical and metaphysical. The person who was exceptionally gifted in the area of physics in the 20th century was of course Einstein. Although there were many others who were not quite so gifted. And Einstein got the recognition, accolades, perks and fame.

On the other hand, the person who was exceptionally gifted in the area of metaphysics, psychoanalysis, in the 20th century, was Reich. Freud was a pioneer worthy of acknowledgement, but it was Reich who moved the ball almiost all the way downfield. And quite the contrary to Einstein, and Freud, Reich got initially recognition. But later, the farther downfield he got, he got the opposite, ignominy. Prosecution by the U.S. government; destined to die in the Federal Pennitentiary at Lewisburg, PA. in 1957.

Then came  Richard Winger, Sir Richard to some, the darling of the libertarian movement. In matters involving ballot access, he is recognized as top in the field.

But…despite his expertise, virtually no libertarians or greens or other third party/independents are getting elected.

Recently the big exception was Perot. But he was not a libertarian or green. He formed the Reform party, a center/right reactionary party. The Reform party eventually nominated Buchannan, a well known republican rightist/conservative. The party is presently in disarray.

In the past the big exception was Teddy Roosevelt. His Progressive party very nearly swept out the democrats and republicans. But eventually failed.

Unfortunately, the historic lesson seems to be that no matter how much ballot access you have, without a winning strategy, you will virtually certainly lose.

Now comes Robert Milnes. Short said, ignominy.

Physics/metaphysics and ballot access/strategy represents the ONLY 2 possible nonviolent access to a revolutionary social/political/economic transition for humanity. Metaphysical/psychoanalysis could possibly be used in a treatment program for mass neurotic disease which Reich called “the emotional plague of mankind “.

A winning election strategy is necessary for a possible nonviolent political revolution.








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