Going west to investigate deaths and a disappearance.

As soon as I can resolve this absurd lockout/eviction.
How can a person who gets a little behind in rent then catch up but still get evicted?
My friend Mark said he was going to stay with a mutual friend in CA gold area we were in and look for an apartment. I said I would meet him there. We can go gold prospecting/mining/camping while looking for an apartment.
On my way there I am going to investigate the deaths of Nancy Benson and Dr. McFarland in Boulder, Colorado. Then the deaths of David Nolan in Tucson and Mrs. Klinkenberg in Sun City, both in Arizona.
Now, the disappearance of William Saturn is presumably in Bay City, Texas. I will have to decide whether to start there by leaving Philadelphia and going there first, or to backtrack from Tucson.
The first thing I will do upon arrival in these places will be to contact local law enforcement.
What do all these cases have in common? Me.
Friendship with me. Support of me and/or my political campaign.
Now, let’s keep an eye on my father, shall we?
Anyone who can help me in these investigations, please do.


About rwm4prez2012

Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for 2012.
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6 Responses to Going west to investigate deaths and a disappearance.

  1. Isn’t the lockout issue already resolved? What more can you do?

    • WSS/brother/imitator/supercomputer, thank you for asking. You are well programmed.
      No, I don’t think so. Even if I’m successfully evicted, I’m furious and will never forget the injustice.
      The absurdity of being BOTH current in rent and evicted.
      It would be different if I was evicted for something else. Then, the landlord “lets me stay” through the winter as long as I pay rent and abide by the lease etc. But the rent was the only matter litigated. The $1415 paid on Dec. 11 upon signing The Absurd Document made me current. The issue should have become instantly moot.
      To be sure, the landlord has other grievances against me, as I have with him. But none were litigated in this case.
      No, as I said, I consulted an attorney. He said he will speak with opposing counsel and check into the situation.
      Speaking of opposing counsel…how come I cannot afford an attorney and South Jersey Legal services cannot assist me due to budget constraints, yet I have to pay the landlord’s attorney’s fees? I find myself paying the landlord’s attorney to defeat me alone in Court.
      Maybe I wouldn’t have been defeated in Court if I had a paid attorney and the landlord was required to pay his attorney UNTIL AND UNLESS he won in Court.
      At the first arbitration I had a vmoney order that was only $19 short…PLUS double landlord’s attorneys fees(there are 2 lots involved) and the attorney refused to consolidate cases and accept one fee. Faced with $569 short, I opted to make payments. It is my later withholding rent pending a hearing that violated that agreement. I still owed about half, about $275. THAT default was my mistake that got me summarily evicted.
      So the compulsory payment of landlord’s attorneys fees upfront and her refusal to consolidate that made all the difference.

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  3. Dude says:

    Good luck in your jouney out west. I hope you find what you are looking for, or at least what you need.

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