Fraud perpetrated in Landlord/Tenant Court in Camden, NJ.

The Absurd Document as I call it, dated December 11, 2013, was not only absurd but fraudulant.
Line 2 stated the tenant shall pay x. In my case it was $1415. It didn’t say what that was for.
Well, that amount, plus the amount I placed with the Court Clerk, $650, made me current up to December 31.
And that was interesting. The Court Clerk sent me the December rent $. I was confused. The landlord “won”. He petitioned for possession of the 2 lots.
He won. He won eviction. Yet the Court Clerk sent me the rent $ And that check written by the State of New Jersey Treasury was demanded as part of the document. I signed it and turned it over to the landlord. Later I realized, yes he won. He won possession. He lost the owed rent. So the Court Clerk quite properly sent me the December rent $. That would include the owed payments of back rent-about $300. That was in the $1415. Also attorney’s-his attorney- fees. Late fees. etc. Everything owed.
He actually was entitled to none of that. It is eviction OR rent. Not BOTH.
Maybe he could sue me later in Small Claims Court. But that is onerous. Anyone who has been there knows that. So why bother with that when you can trick some schmuck like me into giving it all up?
Which begs the question: How many other poor trailer park schmucks has he done that to?
Further: How many other landlords have done this to how many other poor schmuck tenants?
What should have happened is that upon paying the $1415, the eviction becomes moot. The document absurd. We go on with my tenancy with a clean slate-current in rent but both sides with grievances against the other.
That is for other further litigation.
But why bother with other further litigation when you can trick some poor schmuck into giving it all up? Get all the $ and be rid of him also. You don’t have to litigate with the poor schmuck. You might lose.
Circumvent the Landlord/Tenant Court and avoid Small Claims Court altogether.
You must understand, this is a well written document. All germaine legalese. All seems in order. I was stunned at first. Partially suspicious but all seemed in order. I didn’t want to be evicted. Especially at the beginning of what turned out to be the second snowiest winter in Philadelphia history. The landlord said he was actually doing me a favor, giving me a three month reprieve. As long as I continued to be current, which I did. And follow the lease etc. And follow the Absurd Document, which I did not totally do.
Primarily, I did not vacate on or before March 31.
It bamboozled the Judge. Even after I pointed out to him that the $1415 made me current.
He said did you read it? Did you understand it? Well, you signed it, you are stuck with it you poor schmuck. You should hire a lawyer.
In other words.
And it went right over the lawyer’s head who I paid for a consult. He basically said what the judge said.
Does this sound like justice to you?
Well, I’m open to suggestions on how to get justice.
Because I don’t know what to do.
This eviction is going to be a catastrophe for me, in many more ways than one.
Landlord: Newton Creek Mobile Home Park, Camden, NJ 856-962-7554. Ray Michitti, Kevin Vallen, owners.
Landlord’s Attorney: Lori Greenberg & Associates, Marlton, NJ 856-596-9300.
Camden County Landlord-Tenant Court Docket #LT-3580-13, LT-3579-13.
Court Clerk 856-379-2202
Judge Lee Laskin. Room 63.


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4 Responses to Fraud perpetrated in Landlord/Tenant Court in Camden, NJ.

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  2. Robin Rosen says:

    This happened to me same corrupt judge for a fraudulent debt and $12,000.00 taken out of my bank account with fraudulent paperwotk to levy that they gave to my bank. I need help to report this because they are doing it again this time posing as my homeowners attorney. Sending and filing forged documents with the court. I have evidence of who these people are. Everytime try to report, intercepted by fakes.

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