Emergency assistance urgently needed.

I just spoke with attorney Jerry M. Lonabaugh of Woodbury, NJ. http://www.jerrymlonabaughesquire.com
He said much the same as previous attorney. He was pessimistic that I could avoid eviction. He recommended against trying on the logic that it may very well be good money after bad. i.e. it may very well fail. But yet he did not say no. He said his retainer is $2500 at $250/hour. He said to contact him further next week. Next Thursday is the eviction date.
Evidently it is some sort of grey area in the law. Most tenants seem to just give up and move. I, on the other hand, only have a homeless shelter to subsidized housing as alternatives. I would MUCH rather stay in the trailer park. I’ve heard a lot of negative things about subsidized housing.
I cannot afford to hire a mover and move into an apartment. I’m looking at losing most of my possessions to the trailer park or drug addicts.
So I would prefer to stay and fight this eviction. Did the landlord/attorney deliberately do this knowing it is difficult to fight in Court? Is what they did fraudulant or not? It seems so to me.
Presently I am living in my second old RV. It is being repaired on a service station lot. The owners are allowing me to stay in it, but I do not know how long that will last. I’m quite uncomfortable and would much rather be back home. Things would be a lot better if I could drive the RV to my street in the park.
Also presently there are drug addicts who are going to my home and stealing things. They know I am locked out. However it is easy to get in; my doors don’t close properly. The locks don’t work well. The walls are thin and easily gotten through etc.
I have hired someone to help me move things from my home to the RV. It is getting full and clearly cannot hold much. What I need is to complete the garage and move the RV into it.
I would like to move an RV into a garage on my second lot also for my father. Or my uncle, or his daughter and grandson or someone else-sublet.
Also I would like to build the porch into a greenhouse. And I’d like to try raising bees.
To make matters much worse, my friend, Mark, whose mom recently died, is last reported to be in Laughlin, NV, fallen of the wagon and gambling. We had plans to go to CA and camp and prospect and look for an apartment, which is what we did in 2005. But now I’m stuck in this predicament.
I need some help to get some sort of legal relief. Retainer and rent. And I need some help with Mark.
Please contact Lonabaugh about my urgent legal situation. And contact me with any information about Mark.
Also my political campaign is languishing. I urgently need campaign assistance. go to: http://robertwmilnesforpresident.com/


About rwm4prez2012

Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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