How could a longtime, respected Judge make such an illegal, immoral decision?

Judge Lee Laskin, Superior Court, Special Civil Part, Camden County, NJ. aka: LT-Landlord/Tenant Court.
He’s been on the bench for nearly as long as I can recall, and I’m almost 62.
I’ve had to take a closer look at him, his Court, his decision.
Clearly illegal. It violates the simple maxim-the landlord wins either the eviction OR the rent. NOT BOTH.
Not when the rent/moneys owed is the only issue.
Clearly immoral. An elderly, disabled, impoverished (SSI recipient) living alone and can’t afford legal assistance. The local Legal Aid can’t take the case due to budget shortages; the Judge was so informed -by me. Required to pay the landlord’s legal services!!!!!!!!!! to effect his eviction. A tenant for over 8 years, stands to lose most of his belongings because he can’t afford a mover-TO THE LANDLORD!!!!!!!! Has no place to move. Looking at instant homelessness. Then to subsidized housing with little or no possessions.
Losing a trailer, 2 Home Depot storage sheds worth about $1000 each. 2 old Ford Econoline vans. But probably managing to save an old Ford Econoline RV.
Remember the commercial on tv about the man pushing the elderly person (a lady) in a wheelchair OFF THE CLIFF? That elderly person is ME! The man is the landlord. And his attorney is closeby. And the Judge is watching. So is everybody else including the press. It is a public hearing.
Yet clearly current in rent. Yet a default was issued. The Absurd Document -simultaneously made me current and secured my eviction.
I was a little behind in rent. The terms of the Absurd Document/Vacate Agreement included I become current and stay current for three months. Then must vacate.
Payment of monies owed as part of an agreement to stay for three months. That is the source of this. This “agreement” and monies owed.
So a few days after getting the default the landlord presents me with The Absurd Document. Catch up on rent now. Then you can stay-for 3 months. Then you “agree” to vacate/move/be evicted.
So, a few days after being a little short on rent AND legal fees, I paid that but was still evicted.
What about the landlord gets EITHER the eviction OR the rent?
It must be that over the years, landlords and their attorneys realized that evicting tenants had its problems. That would include collecting monies owed after eviction. Small Claims Court, collection agencies etc. What a drag! So, they devised this “Document”. Hoodwink the tenant-and the Judge-into paying all monies owed in exchange for staying a few months. The landlord can even claim to being “generous and concerned” about the poor schmuck being evicted. When actually there is -probably- mutual fury going on. Why do you think there are police in the Courtroom? Why are police readily available to the Sheriff upon lockout/eviction?
The whole lockout/eviction system is quite barbaric. We can do better, people.
Anyway, I got caught up in this. And the Judge, over the years, has too.
At the Default hearing, I was short so Default declared. Quite quickly. The Judge didn’t even bat an eyebrow or flinch that I could see. Quite ordinary and common, routine even.
But at the Order to Show Cause hearing, the Judge clearly was conflicted. Here was a pro se in forma pauperis defendant, which by US Supreme Court rulings he is supposed to give wide latitude, making a clear and pursuasive argument. Yet on the other side is the vested interests he has to appease every day, the landlords, the attorneys etc. So, I believe he bowed to pressure, by now tradition, expediency, and upheld the Default Order. The Show-The Eviction, Must Go On!
The roar of the crowds! The Coliseum! Bread and Circuses!

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3 Responses to How could a longtime, respected Judge make such an illegal, immoral decision?

  1. Nice Blog, thanks for sharing this kind of information.

  2. Kim raso says:

    Wish Had seen this before.Judge Laskin has always been of a different species.Thank God he’s retired because that man has ruined many lives..and could ruin Many more.What a damn loser.
    If he’s ever back on the bench,run like hell.Didn’t like him then…don’t like him now.

  3. Myrna says:

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