Evicted to homelessness over about $285?

At the first arbitration, the landlord’s attorney refused to consolidate. This would have cut her fee in half as there are 2 lots involved from $550 to $275. My money order was $19 short. So I owed $275 x 2 + 19= $569. I agreed to payments of 2 x 25/month for about 1 year.
About 6 months went by. The landlord refused to permit the contractor to build the garage and then put a tow away sticker on my RV. Someone stole my laptop etc.
I wrote a letter in October to the Judge asking for a hearing and withholding rent. I need that garage and my RV parked in it. I never heard anything from the Judge.
Next thing I know I’m evicted. Then maneuvered into signing The Absurd Document. That document made me current and locked in my eviction with my signature at the same time.
If the Default referred to by the Judge refers to the payments, the balance was about $285. I believe that was included in The Absurd Document.
Evicted to homelessness over about $285?


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