This morning I’m going to Prosecutor’s and Mayor’s offices.

After I stop by the Court Clerk’s office for the April rent check which I deposited. The landlord refused to accept it on April 10. You see, in LT Court the loser gets the check. The winner gets possession of the rental property. I never got the first check mailed to me May 9.
After that I’m going first to the Camden County prosecutor. I’ve complained that the document upon which my eviction is based is fraudlulant. I’ve heard NOTHING.
I’ve sent emails to the Prosecutor AND Mayor begging for help. After this robbery right in front of me, I’m getting a lot more desperate for help.
What kind of City/County is this?
The Court failed. The landlord and his lawyer are vicious money grubbing liars. Yet the CITY licenses them to run that trailer park. the MAINTENANCE BUILDING, you know, where the MAINTAINEERS work out of, is a run down mess with broken windows and the glass laying around-SINCE I’VE BEEN LIVING THERE at least. The City police failed. Even when supported by the State police. Now there is a new Metro Division which I must say appears to be trying.
Then I’m going to the Mayor’s office.
Wake up, Madam Mayor!


About rwm4prez2012

Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for 2012.
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