Hail Mary Pass to Judge Laskin.

On Friday I went downtown as I wrote I would in previous post. It was basically a failure.
I went to the CC prosecutor’s office. I was searched then escorted to an interrgation room by 2 detectives. There was a third in and out. They said it is a landlord tenant matter-a civil matter-and we only deal with criminal law. So we got into a debate about that but it got nowhere. They seemed more interested in the gas station robbery.
So then I went to City Hall. In order to get an audience with the Mayor or a Mayor’s representative one had to get a yellow I.D. tag. Certain procedures. Instead I was referred to L & I etc. It went in circles until I got too dizzy to proceed.
So I thought I’d try one more time with Judge Laskin. He looked conflicted when he ruled against me. I think if I had some more supporting evidence he might be pursuaded. So I wrote on the Order to Show Cause that Court should require the landlord to show what that $1415 was for. There was nothing other than back rent. Also I’ll get evidence that they cashed that money order plus the one for $650 returned to me from the Court Clerk. I signed that over to them too. So what was this over $2000 for? And who paid it-ME. When? AFTER the default. So the Default SHOULD be vacated by the Court forthwith. The landlord cannot get BOTH the rent AND the eviction when that is the only issue. That is absurd. Why bother to have LT Court in that case.
And it was the only issue litigated/arbitrated. Sure there was plenty of other grievances on BOTH sides. But none of that was litigated at that time. And still not. because I think the landlord deliberately figured if he can get me evicted on rent arrears grounds, he didn’t have to deal with me or any other issues anymore. Perhaps like the maintenance man who borrowed $30 from me. Well, if I’m evicted, I go away. So does the debt probably.
I have got to get the Stay Order from the Judge tomorrow or they are going to continue to remove all my possessions left behind. And I’ve got to win against this Default judgement or my life as I know it will be over. Changed into something very bad that I do not want. Homeless or confined to subsidized housing in a studio apartment. My Uncle Bill is in one and calls it a “mausoleum”.


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