The biggest bombshell-by far- in the UNITED STATES.

No, not a conventional or nuclear bomb. Or chemical or biological.
Not a part or piece.
Not a sexpot.
“Something or someone having a sudden and sensational effect.”
I could spend years, decades, or a lifetime, politicking, demonstrating, petitioning etc.
Preaching, singing, praying etc.
But one bombshell could make all the difference.
And the BIGGEST bombshell could…accomplish a lot.
What is in Nancy McCusker Benson’s coffin could very well be the biggest bombshell ever. Why?
Because if it is the dead body of Nancy McCusker Benson, well then, all is well. All is in order. All is normal.
But if it is NOT the dead body of Nancy M<Cusker Benson, then it begs the question "What happened to Nancy? Her body? Is she dead or not?
The only explaination is that by me. A covert action designed to remove her from possibly being in my campaign, personal life-First Lady fantasy.
Poisoned to fake aggressive cancer. Kidnapped upon "death". Drugged and held somewhere. Incommunicado.
I've been unjustly evicted. I couldn't get legal help. I have concluded the fix was in. By the FBI/Israel.
I see my best move is to go to CA and hook up with my friend Mark. Camp out. Prospect for gold. Find an apartment. NJ-Co-CA.
I intend to stop in Boulder, Colorado to try to get that coffin opened.
I say what is inside that coffin is the biggest bombshell-by far-in the UNITED STATES.


About rwm4prez2012

Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for 2012.
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