Anything for Israel.

I’d say about late 80’s, early 90’s Israel took over U.S. domestic surveillance and covert operations from the FBI involving third party/independents. This suited the FBI so as to not get caught directly involved in such clearly unconstitutional, even treasonous matters. Israel probably said, and you don’t have to worry about murder and no statute of limitations on such and murderous crimes against humanity-at least within the U.S. because…we’re religious zealots and “Thou Shalt Not Kill.” So they perfected this catch a cold/cancer and die scenario. Hey, we’re not killing anyone-in the U.S. We just make them disappear. Make it look like they are dead. Detain them indefinitely. Hey if they die in custody, oh well. Drugged. Incommunicado/incognito. Your relatives aren’t visiting you because you have become too much of a burden, etc.
Have you noticed there are a lot of Jews, disparately, in the legal professions, lawyers, politicians, judges, prosecutors? And also doctors. So, the infrastructure is in place. Just say “We think this would be better for Israel.” So and so gets convicted. So and so gets evicted. etc.
The Green and Libertarian parties do not support the counterrevolutionary, theocratic Israel. Like the democrats and republicans do. The reactionary parties.
Now think about how the Green, and especially the Libertarian parties are infiltrated by Jews. Jill Stein, Roseanne Barr, Aaron Starr, paulie, Warren Solomon etc.
Who loses the elections?
Who gets convicted? Who gets Banned? Who gets Evicted? etc.
Why don’t people like Jill Pyeatt and New Federalist see this? Or Tom Knapp? etc.
This is why nothing is being done in my eviction case. It is a fait accompli. They got me.It would be embarassing to Israel and the U.S./FBI to expose these things.
The one thing they did not get-Nancy Benson. A simple exhumation would prove SOMETHING happened to her. Other than what was said. Aggressive cancer. Terminal. Husband alone with her at home when she died. etc. Did you read the obit? Who wrote that mush? Could Nancy have died a sweeter, more beautiful death? No, I don’t think so.
So who is this mentally ill blasphemer? Bob Milnes!
Nancy disappearing and Bob Milnes doing without her and homeless, well that’s in the best interest of Israel. Anything for Israel.

About rwm4prez2012

Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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