Drunks/drug addicts sell my stuff for booze and drugs; NCMHP sells some, takes some.

I had a suspicion that Ray, the owner, had his eyes on my 2 new storage sheds.
I suspected Kevin, co-owner, tried to legally steal my RV. He has it towed away on false grounds. It accumulates storage fees. File for lien on title.
The maintenance men have a lot of my stuff to sell now. Plenty of $ for booze and drugs.
Somebody must have thoroughly studied my situation. Used my stuff as bait to get the eviction going. Used the false document to befuddle the judge.
This is a well thought out, well executed covert operation.
It has FBI/Israel written all over it.

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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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45 Responses to Drunks/drug addicts sell my stuff for booze and drugs; NCMHP sells some, takes some.

  1. Dude says:

    Why not put it all behind you already and hit the road? What are you waiting for?

  2. Dude says:

    No. Just wondering when you are leaving and what’s taking so long.

  3. Dude says:

    I think the road trip and getting away from NJ would be good for you. BTW what is with your new last name? Don’t get me wrong, I like it.

  4. The road trip will be a quick, boring ride on the Interstate.
    A lot could happen in Boulder.
    Some people may not like it if Dr. McFarland was kidnapped.
    And Nancy was reknown also.
    If there is an exhumation and her dead body isn’t in there, the shit will hit the fan.
    A LOT of people will be DEMANDING A LOT of answers.
    Like, how many other people are not in their graves?
    The name? My nom de guerre.

  5. Martin Passoli says:

    Who is going to allow you to open the grave? Or are you going to do it without permission? Will you be making a stop in Texas?

  6. I’m hoping that if enough people show up with me and support me in other ways, the “authorities” and/or the family will proceed with it.
    Remember, if Nancy’s body is not in there, then something is VERY awry. Further Nancy may very well not be dead, but detained somewhere. Very possibly drugged.
    Remember also that I am accusing the FBI and/or Israel. Israel suppresses third party/independents in USA because they do not support Israel zealously like the democrats and republicans do.
    Why should I stop in Texas?

  7. Martin Passoli says:

    William Saturn/brother/imitator investigation.

    • Yes. Well that is going to have a backseat.
      I am only one person. Looking for one person. In a huge state. In which I am not even sure is his homestate/hometown, Bayside, Texas.
      I’ve never met WSS.I do not even know anyone who has. I have not found a photo of Wss.
      He is/was a cyberghost. Which made him a perfect target for a disappearing act/covert operation. I warned him about that. He may have been kidnapped and/or murdered. There is simply insufficient data to draw any conclusions yet.
      On the other hand, I have met Nancy Benson. And Dr. McFarland. These are well reknown people. Their circumstances-“deaths” have been well documented.
      In Nancy’s case, the body was definitely buried in Green Mountain Cemetary by Crist Mortuary. She had doctors and someone must have signed a death certificate. There was many family, friends, associates i.e. witnesses, involved. If there was a covert operation it is locked in. If Nancy’s dead body is not in the coffin, that is proof that something is very awry. Strong evidence of a covert operation.
      First, many questions for the mortuary, doctors, coroner/death certificate signer and witness husband Ralph Vickrey.
      If Nancy’s dead body is not in that coffin, her body, alive or dead, must be located asap.

  8. Dude says:

    Honestly I doubt you will ever leave on this quest. You’ll probably keep putting it off saying what’s the hurry and there is always time to get to it later. Then some problem will come up like you will get sick or your car won’t run or something. Then it will be one excuse after another, the weather will be bad or you won’t have gas money and so on and on, and in the end you will never go.

  9. No, I’m going. Because I’m going to CA. 8 years ago my friend wanted me to stay in our apt. in Santa Cruz county. But no, I had to go home. I have regretted that decision since.
    So I am definitely going to CA. He is waiting on me.
    It just so happens that Boulder is directly on the way.
    Now, if you are impatient. You want the coffin exhumed asap instead of waiting on me, by all means. Contact the District Attorney. Contact Nancy’s daughters. Family, friends.
    I do not have to be present to exhume the coffin.

  10. Dude says:

    I’m not impatient. We’ll see if and when you actually leave. Right now I am betting against it.

  11. Think about it man. I’m in Camden, NJ. On my way to Gold Country CA. I have an experienced gold mining friend waiting. We have equipment there ready to go.
    You are betting against that?

  12. Dude says:

    Yep. I think if you were really going to go you would have already done it. And right now your only reason for not doing it is that you are not in a hurry. Soon enough you will find additional reasons.

  13. Well, think what you want.

  14. Dude says:

    Thanks! I was going to ask you for permission to think what I want, but now I don’t have to.

  15. Because they gave him ADEM. They wouldn’t give one of their own high I.Q. agents a brain disease, would they? And they disappeared his mother hoping for a twofer-that her death would push him to suicide. Almost did.
    WSS imitator, you are in deep do-do. Once Nancy’s body is NOT found, a LOT of people are going to be wondering what really happened to their loved ones. They are not going to be too particular how the answers are found.

  16. Dude says:

    Problem for you, Robert, is that is not going to happen. First of all you will probably never leave. But let’s say you do. You are relying on “I’m hoping that if enough people show up with me and support me in other ways,” and that has not been happening with your campaigns, or any of your other hopes, so why would all of a sudden people start showing up with you or supporting you in other ways? That one I will bet against heavily.

    • Maybe people are a lot like you. Wanting to see more of a direct committment. When I show up, it is more than just talk & theory. There is committment by at least one person.

  17. Milnes says:

    Because they gave him ADEM. They wouldn’t give one of their own high I.Q. agents a brain disease, would they?

    That’s a pretty good cover story, wouldn’t you say? Do you really believe he has a brain disease? Do you really believe his mother is dead? And if you really think I am an imitator/robot for the FBI/Israel, why do you continue to send me information?

    • Yes, pretty good cover story, if that is what it is.
      He was in the psych ward of the hospital for a month until they figured out what he had.
      I believe a lot of people believe his mom is dead.
      I keep sending you info in either case. You are you and we resume our conversations. You are immitator in which case you have access to FBI databases so it really doesn’t matter much what I say.

  18. And how do we know you’re not an FBI/Israel agent and that everything you say on here is a lie?

  19. Disinformation? WSS, you can do better than that.
    Because it would be a logical absurdity.
    Ever see Ice Station Zebra? Oh, you must eliminate me as a suspect. Because I am in charge of this operation/mission. The British agent was put in charge of the U.S. submarine. The mission.
    I am in charge of The PLAS Place. It is my creation. There are no others/similar.

  20. I heard there’s an LP convention in Columbus. Maybe it’d be good for you to go there and win some supporters.

    • No, WSS. The entire movement being under attack by the FBI/Israelis with concentration on me and my campaign and PLAS are my issues.
      I can’t be going around the country begging for support. People are going to have to come to The PLAS Place and organize from here.
      Otherwise it is losing politics as usual.

  21. Martin Passoli says:

    You could probably crash in xaulie’s room if you go. I heard he has a bunch of drunks and drug addicts hanging out in there.

  22. A lot of people already know The PLAS Place exists, WSS.

    • IPR does not have as many visitors as you think, especially since it lost g-news standing. Where else has The PLAS Place received coverage?

      • OK. Maybe not much coverage elsewhere, esp. MSM.
        But, what coverage if Nancy is exhumed and isn’t there?
        With no other explaination other than FBI/Israel domestic covert operation?

  23. So then when do you plan to leave for Colorado?

    • WSS, this is going to be one of the biggest political and scientific stories of the centuries.
      Are you going to cover it?
      Or are you going to get arrested for kidnapping and treason?

  24. Dude says:

    It won’t be a story at all, because you are relying on a bunch of other people to show up and help you (otherwise the body will not be exhumed), and people have a history of not showing up and helping you…so chances are overwhelming that is what will happen again, so no exhumation and no story.

  25. rwm4prez2012 says:

    Dude, you don’t get it. I have time traveled more than once. I already know the grave will be exhumed and the body is not in it.
    So, all rogue FBI agents and Israeli operatives, be advised. Turn yourself in before the shit hits the fan. As I’ve already written, anyone who cooperates before the shit hits the fan, I will be as lienient as I can. After that not so much and it might be out of my hands.

  26. Already have mon ami, in previous posts.
    The psychoanalytically healthy human body is the time machine.
    As you approach psychoanalytic health, time slows down. You become able to stop time and reach into the future. Or rather the future is able to come to you . Think relativity man. The more spontaneous your thoughts and emotions, the more time slows.

  27. Well, that is what I was -inarticulately-trying to say. When it can, the future comes to you.
    We shut out the future when we become psychoanalytically ill. The future is our real selves trying to get back. To become unified, whole.

    • You need to make this more clear because nobody believes it.

      • Who, sil vous plait, is nobody? A random sampling of opinion at the Quantico water cooler?
        Premature Burial! The dirty tricksters are buried by their own dirt. Figuritively and literally. I love the irony! LOL!
        Nancy is calling from her grave. The people are clamoring to dig her up! Tell Tale Heart.
        You can’t kill HER. How would you explain a false/contradictory cause, manner and time of death?
        You can’t kill ME.You don’t know what makes me tick. I AM NOT EXPENDABLE.
        Even I, if I had the full access to the resources of the government, would have difficulty reproducing ME.
        When you recognize and feel your emotions at the speed of light, the future will come to you. You will have become unstuck in time.

  28. Dude says:

    It doesn’t matter what the rest of us believe. In Robert’s mind he has travelled in time, so that’s all there is to it.

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