What Will Jill Do?

Jill Pyeatt seems to be the only person self identified as a radical to be active in IPR and not compromised in some way.
Think about it. Warren Solomon and paulie are Jewish and have come out against me and/or PLAS. They are clearly part of the FBI/Israel conspiracy against the third party/independent movement. paulie was in the core group that led to the demise of the Boston Tea Party. That included Darryl Perry, Chair and Presidential nominee Duensing. VP nominee Kimberly Johnson or whatever her married? name is, was a clueless sort who still didn’t understand what a fusion ticket was, even after I repeatedly explained it to her. Perry claims to be a radical. But he, along with paulie and Tom Knapp and so called progressive Jeremy Young brag about how they banned my emails. Knapp has sunk from drop out to cop out. Young blithely incorrectly corrected me about Teddy Roosevelt. Young clearly has no comprehension of what the possible consequences of a Wilson/Roosevelt ticket could have beeen-the beginning of the sweeping out of the democrats and republicans-the reactionaries. Prof. Phillies has correctly come out against counterrevolutionary Ron Paul. But then fumbles against PLAS and tv surveillance. William Saturn was supportive of my campaign and PLAS until he was disappeared which nobody seemed to notice. Now he is some sort of lame occasional commenter in IPR and on his blog Saturn’s Repository. New Federalist was an old timer supportive of me. Then he was drummed out of IPR by an FBI/Israeli troll. Now he is back as a lame commenter. He was disappeared I guess. Who cares anymore. Let all the so called radicals and anarchists disappear.

About rwm4prez2012

Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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11 Responses to What Will Jill Do?

  1. NewFederalist says:

    Lame commenter? Geez Bob… thanx!

  2. rwm4prez2012 says:

    Well, yeah.
    Where is the curiousity? The outrage? Like you used to comment.
    Get with the program, man. Find out about Nancy-and WSS.
    Criticize paulie. Find out if he was Anonymous who banned me on false ground.
    Criticize Jill for being complacent.
    Get people to come to The PLAS Place.
    I’m starting to wonder if you have been disappeared-like WSS, not Nancy.
    Have you seen any pods near where you sleep?

  3. NewFederalist says:

    Only iPods.

    • NF, don’t you miss the good old days? When I was commenting regularly in IPR?
      What or who is to blame? Well obviously Anonymous-paulie?. And Warren for refusing to overrule that decision by Anonymous. But also all the rest of the complacent commenters. -Like you for example.
      Are you NF or have you been disappeared-like WSS?

  4. NewFederalist says:

    I am the same old NewFederalist. I have not gone anywhere. I dropped out for a time because several really nasty trolls invaded IPR and really added nothing to the forum. I am very sorry but I don’t remember you at IPR. Did you post under a different moniker?

    • With this comment you are telling me you are the same old NF?
      It is me Bob Milnes. Who did you expect to find at The PLAS Place? Robert LeMagne is my nom de guerre.
      Why did you let some nasty trolls run you out at IPR? What did you do, take up for xaulie banali?

  5. NewFederalist says:

    How was I supposed to know it was you, Bob? You have used two different nom de plumes in this thread alone.

  6. Well, at least you say you didn’t take up for paulie banali.
    IIRC, you live in E. PA somewhere. As you should know by now, I am in S. Jersey near Phila. I am in old RV. Will be very soon heading west to Boulder, Colorado to exhume a corpse a la Edgar Allen Poe. Then on to the vast gold fields of CA where equipment and experienced friend await.
    Care to join me?

  7. Dude says:

    Might a well, since very soon is like “tomorrow…always a day away…”

    And screw that xaulie banali. That guy is a total asshole.

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