Speculation: Was William S. Saturn kidnapped and/or murdered by British intelligence?

I have visited and commented in Saturn’s new blog. The Saturnalian. http:// the saturnalian dot wordpress dot com. There is a noticible British bent to the content what with the Page 3 girls and the interview of a British model, evidently done in England. Last August there was a flurry of emils to me and others, notably Jill Pyeatt et al from Independent Political Report. From Saturn’s brother relaying messages from Saturn in England. The brother was in charge of his affairs in USA while he was in England. Presumably the brother, who I never got a name, was in USA. Baydside, Texas. All was well except for me disrupting the secret trip and making unnecessary unexpected work for the brother, explaining these circumstances.
I was suspicious. Pyeatt et al, including IPR owner Warren Solomon, seemed complacent, satisfied with the emails, almost apologetic to brother and Saturn.
Fast forward to my eviction in May, 2014. Jewish landlord attorney, Jewish absentee defense attorneys, Jewish Judge. I speculated an Israeli conspiracy.
Looking back, what if something did happen to Saturn in August? What if the cover story was already in place? Saturn went to U.K. Something-if anything-happened there. Ask-plead with-British authorities, if it even gets that far. But obviously the FBI and/or Israel had nothing to do with it.
Just before August Saturn asked me about my suspicions about covert operations. I warned him that these were very dangerous people. Investigative journalism is commendable, but possibly dangerous.
I had special concerns about Saturn. He seemed particularly vulnerable. He was little more than a cyberpresence. No picture that I knew of. Nobody had ever met him that I knew of.He never appeared at a political event as a credentialed media person that I knew of. I couldn’t identify him other than recognizing his emails.
What happened to him last August, if anything? And I stand by my assertions that something happened. Was he bought off? Extorted? Kidnapped? Murdered? And replaced. By a supercomputer program. Run by somebody in Quantico, or England?
Again, this puts a distance, figuratively and literally between anything that might have happened and the FBI. Even I, a main target of the FBI presumably, have not had any direct contact with them for decades. But I am different. I am outspoken in my suspicions about the FBI. But I have very little evidence, do I?


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9 Responses to Speculation: Was William S. Saturn kidnapped and/or murdered by British intelligence?

  1. Dude says:

    The queen of England, the Vatican, FBI, CIA, Knights Templar, Illuminati, Freemasons, Jesuits, Elders of Zion, Ukrainian and Israeli mobsters and the Mossad are all obviously involved in this. You need to stop wasting valuable time and get to exhuming the body immediately to get to the bottom of it all. Too bad you will never get off your ass and actually do it.

  2. rwm4prez2012 says:

    Dude, what would I do without you to constantly bust my balls?

  3. Dude says:

    You’d be exactly the same, but a little more lonely.

  4. So what is your mission, Agent Dude?
    Looks like to me you are a covert operation suicide provocateur.
    Yeah, after a successful mission, like my illegal eviction, they send in a piece of shit like you to try to provoke some schmuck target like me to suicide. Just out of curiousity, ever succeed? You ever push some confused, desperate schmuck from behind over the cliff? How did it make you feel, real good? Like you accomplished something, huh?
    Well, Dude, the shit is going to hit the fan over this No Nancy in her grave fiasco. You & your fellow dudes really stepped into it this time. One by one you are going to roll over on each other. You are all going to jail, dude-doo.
    Why don’t you write a suicide note/confession. & don’t forget the apologies to all the poor schmucks you and your fellow dude-doos fucked over all these years.
    Then eat your gun, you piece of shit.

  5. Dude says:

    Why would you kill yourself just because of some website comments? After all you have travelled in time, so you already know I’m wrong, and thus nothing I say should be bothering you …right?

    My mission? Purely entertainment. Thanks for helping out with that.

    The exhumation….well, first you would have to raise a lot of money (unlike all the other times you have begged for money online) for RV repairs and gas. Then you would have to actually get off your depressed ass and make the trip. Next you would need to have a bunch of people all of a sudden decide to help you demand that some authority should exhume the body. I don’t see any, much less all, of those things happening, but good luck with that.

  6. Yes, you are correct. I already know I’m not going to commit suicide. But I don’t know about you.
    Just like I already know Nancy’s grave will be exhumed and she won’t be in it.
    And a lot of very upset people are going to be asking a lot of Dudes like you a lot of questions.
    Good luck with that.

  7. Dude says:

    You are going to commit suicide? Do you have a day and time picked out? If so, what is it?

  8. You and the horse you rode in on are LAME!
    They shoot horses, don’t they?

  9. Dude says:

    I might anwer your questions if you answer mine first. Date/timeframe for your suicide, or you don’t know?

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