Why has William S. Saturn’s facebook changed to Spanish?

OK. I admit it. I am no expert on facebook and other social media.
But it does seem…different, anomolous. What is going on? Can someone explain this?
This development after I have made several claims of anomolous occurrances with Saturn since last August. Including possible kidnapping, murder and identity theft.
Note that Saturn’s article in IPR which basically called for my reinstatement to comment in IPR was published on July 24, 2013. Posted by Krystof Letziak, who has recently made a dramatic switch from libertarian to nationalist.
Could he have been a nationalist all along and recruited to declare himself a libertarian in order to infiltrate IPR?
Now, why the switch to Spanish? Possibly a second diversion. Bayside, Texas, being so close to the border, could have been involved in something involving Mexico. Then identity theft accusation. Well a Spanish speaking identity thief just might switch over to Spanish! Just to stir the pot, muddy the waters, complicate things, add to the confusion/diversion.
Well, if whatever happened to SAturn had nothing to do with my campaign, there goes a lot of the steam out of my arguments. That would be convenient, wouldn’t it? And foist the blame away from the U.K/Israel/FBI. To Mexican petty criminals. And when I say petty, I’m comparing their power to FBI/Israel/UK. It doesn’t change the fact that they are fully capable of all sorts of crimes in both Mexico and the U.S. Including drug & weapons trafficking, kidnapping and murder/beheadings etc.


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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for 2012.
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7 Responses to Why has William S. Saturn’s facebook changed to Spanish?

  1. ¡Hola! Cómo estás? No tengo ni idea de lo que estás hablando.

    • Say what? Fuck you, man. You are getting to be a pain in the balls.
      Who are you? Positive ID. Photo, birth certificate, history etc.
      Where are you? Include GPS coordinates.
      How are you? You being drugged and held in a U.K. mental ward? Mexicans kidnap you and hack off your head? Or just plain old rogue FBI agents grab you and interrogating you in Quantico? Enhanced interrogation?
      Supercomputer took over your cyberpresence? Where is supercomputer? Quantico? Langeley? Lack;land/JBSA?
      I want some answers, not some Spanish jive.

  2. Before that, I want to do an interview with you about time travel.

  3. Jose Cuervo says:

    Ay carumba, el pinche cabron cuyo nombre es Robert Milnes es muy estupido loco.

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