A Call for Norah O’Donnell et al to come forward.

Recently I have commented on the William S. Saturn blog The Saturnalian about this.
Yes, I have done several things in front of my tv alone in my home over the years. This was in order to experiment with the hypothesis that there could be a method of obtaining images from inside a home via the tv. We know this is possible via a webcam mounted on a computer. This we at least are aware of the technology and deal with it. If we do not want our privacy invaded, we disable the webcam etc. But what if there were a secret method of obtaining images utilizing the tv screen which could be utilized without our permission-or even our knowledge of it’s possibilities? The possible abuses are great.
The breakthrough came a few years ago. I decided to try to provoke a detectable reaction from a news anchor by planting information with the FBI that would get back to that anchor. I decided to plant the information that I was so obsessed with O’Donnell that I actually masturbated while watching her live show. Assuming I was under FBI surveillance, this information should get back to her in their hope of using her or someone against me. Just as they had done with Deborah Knapp years before.
So I started doing that and taking notes. I was amazed to interpret Freudian slips etc that she was actually informed ALREADY and was watching me in real time on her live show as I was watching her! Over the next several months I noted several occurances that verified this. I even noted her guests would also indicate knowledge of my presence. Also I expanded my shows to other anchors and reporters, most notably on local Philadelphia station. Again, many indications of their knowledge of my shows and other instances.
For example, weatherman Bill Henley came close to the camera at a time when I was moving close to the tv screen, even touching it. Also traffic person Jillian Mele gasped aloud when I climaxed one time, saying “Oh my goodness.” There has been many such occurances.
Recently I have come under intense political attack. Supporters disappearing, friends, family problems, eviction when an Honorable Court would have ruled in my favor, political activists I need not supporting PLAS etc. My credibility is at issue.
Therefore I call upon O’Donnell et al to come forward. I suggest a press conference. One in which they explain the technology and their role. And the possible abuses. And how the FBI used Knapp against me in 1985. And they tried again recently. With O’Donnell or whoever they could take advantage of.


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One Response to A Call for Norah O’Donnell et al to come forward.

  1. Dude says:

    Maybe all these people knew about what you were doing in front of the TV because they traveled in time and read this blog about it later, then came back to their time with the knowledg that you are wacking off to them?

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