Some Suggested Presidential Actions.

The President should take immediate action relevant to foreign and domestic surveillance and covert operations in USA.
This is because the American people want and need to know about it.
He could start with the announcement of the formation of a Presidential Commission/Inquiry.
He could order the Attorney General to announce a Justice Department Investigation.
He could order the AG to order all U.S. Attorneys to conduct investigative grand juries on this matter.
Specifically he could order the U.S. Attorney for the District of New Jersey obtain my testimony.
He could order the U.S. Attorney in Texas-Bayside, nearest cities Corpus Christie and San Antonio-to conduct an investigation of the alleged kidnapping of William S. Saturn, a radical libertarian, for political reasons. That allegation was made by me.
He could order the exhumation of Nancy Benson. BTW it will be politically embarrassing, even incriminating if she is exhumed and found to be not there by some other authority. Benson is alleged to be under surveillance and poisoned starting at least in 2011, well within the President’s terms. That allegation was made by me.
He could order that I be returned to the residence I was evicted from pending an investigation of that eviction. I have alleged that eviction was for political reasons. That the landlord was approached and assured it would work and offered a quid quo pro. Possibly some deal involving his son. That the Judge made a first year law school mistake, that The Absurd Document made me current in rent hence the default should have been vacated. Further, that the Judge was compromised-corrupted, possibly involving Israel. I am a candidate for the Green and Libertarian parties presidential nomination. These parties do not support Israel, certainly not to the degree that the Democratic and Republican parties do. I believe the Judge, the landlord’s attorney and the 2 attorneys from which had represented me are Jewish. They told me there was a lack of funding and could not represent me. I countered that could win my case and be better able to represent their clientele. Also how is it I could not find an attorney to take my case? In fact I have had difficulty finding good, compatible legal help for decades. Why is that?

About rwm4prez2012

Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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