Get Bob to Boulder>CA!

OK everybody. This is getting crazy. I’m homeless-illegally evicted. I’m living in an old Ford RV that is packed with stuff.
The only thing holding me back is a persistent fuel pump problem.
Actually it is the old RV. Just now the mechanic came out to move it. It wouldn’t start. something ABOUT A BAD GROUND CONNECTION. fINALLY IT STARTED.
Then since it was after 5 and he was frustrated with this rv, he floored it out of here in his pickup.
And I don’t blame him.
When I was looking for an old Ford RV, The half decent ones were 2500-3000. Decent 5000. Good condition, roadworthy, everything works, new this, new that, $10,000.
I bought this for 1500. I guess I bought a lemon.
It was May 2013. We had torrential rains for several days. I saw the ad in Craigslist. One in Maryland. So I decided to check it out.
I got there the hood was open with a charger on the battery. It was pouring rain. I had been expected. The guy-Larry an oldtimer with some kind of cancer, said come on in. We talked. The doghouse was off, keys in ignition. He leaned over and started the motor right up. Idled smooth. I asked him to turn airconditioner on. It worked. Not freezing, but cool air came out. We talked. He shut motor off. The title was not acceptable by DMV-there were several things already on it. Signatures etc. But I thought I can take care of it. Maybe I’ll get lucky and everythuing else works. So I said ok. Larry said a tow would cost about 200. he’d take off 100 on price. well, ok. So I had it towed- over 400. Turns out just about nothing else worked. Motor hard to start unless you pour a lot of gas in carb. Which Larry must have known.Idles for a while then stalls. Holding tanks leak. Water lines leak. Brake lines leak. Transmission lines leak. Radiator…doesn’t leak! Fridge doesn’t work. All propane system doesn’t work etc.
So, little by little I have been working on this rv or paying for work on it. Some things work. Some not.
The biggest problem is the stalling. I can’t drive it like that so I have had to have it towed, About 10 times at about 200/tow.
So it would be nice to get it going here and now finally.
The best solution would be for me to get a 5000-10000 rv and sell this one. Move my stuff in and GO!
So, if anybody can help me with this so I can get to Boulder-then CA, please do so!
Email or call mechanic/owner. See previous post.
UPDATE: I was just told there is a fire across from the maintenance building at trailer park. 3 trailers involved.

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