A Call on Judge Laskin to Come Forward.

We have seen such before. A person held in respect, even esteem, gets caught up in something untoward. Often it is a police officer or politician or clergy…or judge. A person of accomplishment even if that accomplishment is a clean record. A good work record. A good family. Nice house/apartment. Maintained lawn, well dressed etc.
But then something happens. A bad decision. A lapse of judgement. Extraordinary circumstances perhaps. The person is investigated, arrested, declared a person of interest etc. Is involved in something untoward.
A consequence, whether justified or not, all the good the person represents or has accomplished is lost, forgotten, besmirched. A police officer charged with spousal abuse or petty theft while on duty. Loses job, pension reputation etc. The politician, forced to resign. etc.
I suspect that SOMETHING untoward happened in Judge Laskin’s Court in my case. I suspect it involves the FBI/Israel/British intelligence with a longterm surveillance/covert actions against me. How could they NOT scheme against my dwelling? That would be incompetence! So they found something involving the landlord. Perhaps a quid pro quo. Perhaps involving his son. The son, Danny, seemed like the sort to me to get involved in something criminal. Shortly after arriving at the office both the landlord’s son and daughter, the son disappears. I suspected jail but I said and asked and heard nothing further. So the FBI offers Ray, and this is all indirectly, quietly, slowly via intermediaries-his lawyer? a deal. Bob gets evicted, you get something. In addition to the things of value he leaves behind.etc.
Then when the landlord makes the greedy mistake, The Absurd Document, it becomes necessary to get to the Judge somehow.
The Judge is offered something or somehow otherwise influenced. Perhaps a friend lets him know that I am a member of a political party that does not blindly support Israel. Perhaps communicating that more indirectly.
In any event, the Judge knows or suspects something not right has happened. IMO he should state what he knows or suspects. That would be the honorable thing to do.
There are several courses of action. Judicial review. Go to a higher Court. Go to the District Attorney’s office. Hire an attorney representative/spokesperson. call a prèss conference. Conduct an interview etc.
I call on Judge Laskin to right this wrong as much as he can.

About rwm4prez2012

Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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