Add Ruth Blumenstein to List of the Disappeared.

Ruth Blumenstein died recently. Cancer. She was 80 something I believe.
She was my uncle Bill’s mother in law. Without the marriage. Bill lived with Ruth’s daughter Patti. They had one child, Aleasha. She has 2 children I believe.
Aleasha moved from PA where her husband is to NJ to be near her grandmother Ruth and her father Bill upon leaving her husband who was in prison. Mother Patti is in FL and wants Aleasha and her grandchildren to move there. Patti is some sort of college level teacher.
Ruth and I of course met via my uncle. We became much more acquainted when she asked me to help her set up her computer. Over the years we became closer and more frustrated with each other I think.
Ruth had some ailments and took several medications. So when I heard she was diagnosed with cancer this winter, I was not shocked. Then I heard she died. I wanted to attend the services but at the time I was so depressed and preoccupied with my eviction, I decided not to.
Then I began to think about another coincidence. Ruth dies at about the same time as Doris Klinkenberg, both from cancer? At about the time I am under attack with eviction proceedings? Which both were in a position to possibly help? Hmmmmm….
Ruth is Jewish. What would the FBI/Israelis/British have done with her? How about fake death/burial. Then awaken in Israel. Convince her to remain quiet there. Some sort of story about secret experiment or something in which she was needed by Israel.
I think Ruth is being held in Israel.

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