What is an “Unburial”? What is an “Uneviction”?

Hopefully we will find out soon.
If Nancy is found and rescued, would that be that? I don’t think so. First there would have to be some sort of press conference/release by SOMEBODY! The family/friends/coworkers etc. The agency that found/rescued her etc. Then there would have to be some sort of celebration. Then some sort of recovery period for her.
Likewise, if my eviction is investigated, there almost certainly is some sort of involvement by the judge. The eviction could not have been carried off without court orders. Somebody, somehow got to Judge Laskin. So, if this is exposed and the Court Orders reversed/overturned/ injunction, restraining order etc. something, would that be that? I don’t think so. For one thing, I would want to return. Maybe some tenants would not want to return, but I would. And I would want my stuff returned. Things to be as they were. As much as possible. Sure a lot was stolen and a lot thrown away. But the main trailer is still there, gutted. I still have one of 2 rvs and one of 2 vans. Both storage sheds are nearby, evidently sold to tenants. The garage, well it was ramshackle built by me and a helper. It could be rebuilt. There are still several cats hanging around. Unfortunately the shade tree was uprooted. But it was put nearby. Could it be replanted? Maybe somewhere else. I do agree it was a little in the way. I had to adjust to it. But it was a great shadetree. The whole area around it was noticibly cooler. Perhaps it could be replanted in the riparian area next to the trailer park.
A recovery period would have to include prosecution and justice for the perpetrators of these crimes.
Anyway, unburial and uneviction involve righting the wrong, announcing same, celebration and recovery. I would like that.

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