(2011) Who in Hell is ttuttle12?

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What Progressives Fail to Understand: This is War.
Posted on July 11, 2011 by ttuttle12.
Everyone, please help me find ttuttle12.
Now that the name and article is mentioned on my blog, he/she is in jeopardy of being disappeared.
Unless it is already too late.


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8 Responses to (2011) Who in Hell is ttuttle12?

  1. Dude says:

    Someone clearly more verbose than you.

  2. Agreed.
    But still who is he/she?

    • Say what?
      ok, I’ll save you the trouble. Near the end he/she mentions support of the Nader Progressive Libertarian Alliance about when it came out. Ron Paul was included.
      At the time I was critical but was glad there was at least some thinking in this area. This was about the time I formally named PLAS. Around the time I was unjustly banned from IPR. Shortly thereafter I started The PLAS Place.
      WSS, do you have any idea who ttuttle12 is?

  3. Dude says:

    Didn’t you formally name PLAS years before you were unjust banned from IPR?

    Also, what exactly is your question about (not that I know or really care who ttitle12 is, I don’t).

    I’m sure lots of people have thought and or written about progressive-libertarian alliances. Some of them are better known than you: Nader. Gravel, Paul, there must be quite a few others.

    Do you mean to imply that anyone discussing such a concept must have stolen it from you or even been aware you exist?

    • WSS, No, I did not leave a comment on the blog.
      The question is whether ttuttle12 NOW knows about PLAS and/or might come to The PLAS Place and participate. Which is what I though WSS was doing. Until he had some sort of personality alteration around August, 2013.
      Nader wrote about a possible progressive libertarian alliance. But he was far from PLAS. He included Ron Paul, but I don’t think Paul reciprocated. Gravel I do not think talked plas. I think he was just adjustable enough to try for the libertarian party nomination by being a Ron Paul impersonator. Remember, Ron Paul was raking in millions in campaign contributions at the time.

  4. Also remember in 2008, I was talking after the nomination that a Gravel/Ruwart ticket would have been a fusion ticket. And I had tried to get Ruwart to bolt the LP and join my ticket, which would have been a fusion ticket. Also I complained that Ruwart should have taken the vp nomination with Barr, just to keep it from Root.
    Also in 2011, Milnes/Johnson would have been a fusion ticket for the Boston Tea Party.

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