Leaving for Boulder Soon IV

Well, the last obstacle holding me back has been resolved. Not what I wanted but it leaves me free to go.
Oh, I was hoping something would happen so I could stay and fight the eviction. Maybe the judge comes forward or resigns or is indicted. Or the landlord arrested etc. But no, nothing like that has happened. My two lots have two trailers on them waiting for new tenants. My trailer has been torn down and scrapped. The shade tree stump is gone I think. Most of the cats are gone. There is about 6-7 left. I would like to take “Mom” with me, but she is very skittish. I don’t know what will happen to her. I guess that’s it.
So I should be leaving within the next 2-3 days. Maybe sooner. I’m heading for CA via Boulder. I can use all the help I can get, especially when I get to Boulder. Someone should contact Nancy’s family. If they will not help/cooperate, at least they can stay away and not interfere. Remember, if I am correct, Nancy is being held somewhere. As are several others. Maybe drugged. Maybe lied to, brainwashed etc. We just do not know. Ruth Blumenstein might be in Israel. They all might. Perhaps an English speaking isolated ward has been set up in some institution. We just do not know.
After I leave NJ I will post that I am on my way.

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18 Responses to Leaving for Boulder Soon IV

  1. Dude says:

    So you have enough money for gas in an RV to go across country (RVs eat a ton of gas and it can cost thousands to go coast to coast) and food for the trip? Where are you planning to park? Will it cost money, and if so you have it? Showering in the RV, or will you be paying for showers or going without showering? I guess you wlll be able to get electricity, running water and internet in the RV also and can fix it if it breaks down? And how have you been surviving the last few months? Didn’t the RV need some work done? I guess you must have had the money?

    It sounds like maybe you are not really as broke as you say you are. I am beginning to suspect you may be one of those people that has a lot of money stashed away that claims to be poor and everyone thinks is poor….

  2. Dude says:

    “Someone should contact Nancy’s family.”

    You are probably right. They should be informed if you are really going to come out their way and try to exhume her grave. What is their contact info?

  3. Dude, Dude, Dude, relax.
    For DECADES I’ve been on SSI and Food Stamps and a few other programs/charity. I assure you I am who I say and under the duress I say.
    My father helps me out also, but it is not game changer amounts. He is in difficult circumstances himself.
    In fact that is one reason I had 2 lots. So that my dad might decide to leave my sister who has him electroshocked occasionally, and come with me who would never do that. etc. But no. She has some sort of hold over him. Or I was hoping my uncle would move back.
    I think I have barely enough to make it to CA. You mention several things. I have been homeless, hence not paying rent. Living in RV which most things do not work. I have a small flat screen tv, i5processor laptop and Clear wireless internet. And a digital tv antenna. I do have a solar panel. During the summer on sunny days it will run tv and computer, charge batteries. Night light by flashlight. Water system, holding tanks leak so I do not use them. I need an rv in better condition.
    There are various places I can park for free. However hopefully my friend will find a place for us.
    Again this winter the issue comes up of parking rv in a garage and heating virtually for free with a wood stove and cooking on it too. The landlord didn’t want me to do that and I insisted. So I started to build garage. But that was not the issue in Court. Only whether I paid the rent, which I did catch up.
    Nancy has family in/around Pittsburgh. Father, brother, sister. I did not contact them. 2 daughters/sons in law in/near Boulder. I spoke to Susan and Brian. Did not speak with Amy or husband. She also has a husband who claims to have been present during her illness and death. This is in the obituary. She also has an ex-husband, Larry. I never met or spoke with Larry over the years.
    If the grave is exhumed, it will be via lawful means. I’m not going to play Dr. Frankenstein or Igor. Or Mr. Sardonicus.

  4. Dude says:

    It takes several thousand dollars to take an RV coast to coast -maybe a dollar per mile for gas- plus you have to eat and perhaps shower. Presumably you will spend some time in Colorado, not just make a quick stop, so that adds to the cost.

    And I seem to recall you had to spend money to get the RV into shape for the trip.

    Then you would need some money in case it breaks down or blows a tire or whatever along the way.

    If you have that kind of money you already have more money saved than a large percentage of Americans (never mind the rest of the world, Americans live like kings compared to people in most countries). Even in the USA though….Lots of people live paycheck to paycheck and have to make regular payments on their car, phone, utilities, house/apartment and even furniture or lose them, with literally *nothing* to spare.

    Your definition of destitute and poverty would apparently be different than a lot of people.

    Glad to hear you will not be digging up the grave illegally.

  5. I’d say closer to 50 cents/mile. If I get 8mpg and gas is about $4/gal. Which it is less than. True, if there is a big problem, I’m screwed. Hopefully there will not be.
    No, you are way off. This is a really rickety old rv. However it has a good motor. The rest is good enough or not needed. e.g. It would be nice if the refrig, heater or ac worked, but oh well.
    Hopefully, I’ll make it to Boulder. Then get help to get to CA.
    Or if there is an exhumation. That would be a game changer, wouldn’t it?

  6. Dude says:

    How long will you spend in Boulder if the exhumation is not happening? Is there a point where you will give up on it of it still hasn’t happened?

  7. Dunno.
    Yes, there is a point that I would leave Boulder if the exhumation is not forthcoming. I have a friend waiting in CA.
    But that doesn’t mean I’m giving up. It is not necessary for me to be in Boulder for the exhumation.
    Tested rv yesterday towing van. Pass/fail, it passed.
    New fog lights in rear. Power steering fixed. New safety chains.
    3 spot beams. 6 flashlights. 2 power packs. All batteries rechargeable.
    4 battery chargers.
    All running lights work.
    Chomping at the bit, baby!

  8. Dude says:

    I think you mean champing at the bit. Chomping at the bit would take out your teeth.Common mistake…

  9. Actually both are acceptable English. Common mistake.

  10. Dude says:

    Bits are made of metal. You’d want to be careful about chomping on them.

    • Dude, you are taking the phrase way too literally.
      What I am actually saying is something like I am chomping at the bit… like a racehorse at the Kentucky Derby. i.e. I am eager, ready and able, only one or two things in the way, frustrated, anxious, excited etc.- it is not me actually chomping but the horse.
      Now, can we discuss what is really important here? Is Nancy in her grave or not? Is Bob in his trailer in the trailer park or not? If not, why not?

  11. Dude says:

    ttutle12 is in Nancy’s grave. As for what horses do to bits when they are eager and impatient, it’s champing (gnawing), not chomping. If they chomped down they would lose all their teeth. You are not in the trailer park, but that’s OK, because hpefully that means you will get to California before it gets cold and snowy in the mountains along the way. I don’t think you will get Nancy’s grave exhumed but good luck.

  12. Why don’t you tell your attorney you want to trade info for leniency?
    Before your info is worthless. And your name is Mudd?

  13. Lazarus Mudd says:

    My name is Mudd and I would like to sign up to post for PLAS Place.

  14. Dude says:

    I consulted my attorney. He says I have nothing to worry about and that my info about ttuttle12 being in Nancy’s grave based on my travels in space and time is not worth anything. I don’t have any other info tho so I am not too worried.

  15. An insanity defense usually doesn’t work.

  16. Dude says:

    I guess you would be the expert on that. Luckily I don’t need a defense, insanity or otherwise, since there is nothing to defend myself from.

  17. Lazarus Mudd says:

    When will you sign me up?

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